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Re: [Official] Fringe Ep. 3.13 Discussion

Postby real1 on Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:30 pm

JacobsMom wrote:
supermodel wrote:I didn't hate this ep, but I see where JacobsMom is coming from. As it stands right now, this is a variation on a standard soap opera storyline. Guy accidentally sleeps with the wrong twin, she turns up pregnant, and he has to decide between the twins. (OK, usually on soaps one twin is evil and gets pregnant on purpose, but whatever.) If we were in Port Charles, the next step would be for the evil twin to lose the baby but pretend to be still pregnant. Lots of fake lab tests and possibly a kidnapping ensue.

But have faith! The Fringe writers are a lot more talented than soap writers, and they might have an interesting twist up their sleeves! I do recall a time when I thought parallel universes would be a stupid storyline, and I was 100% against a Peter/Olivia romance until Sam Weiss' comments about the machine. You never know what could happen, we're not even sure Fauxlivia wants this baby. She doesn't seem like mom material.

Thanks supermodel! :) I do have faith in these guys and don't plan to quit watching anytime soon. I just hate that the story line had to go the route of a pregnancy and couldn't use some other plot device to bring Peter back to his old universe. I feel that tptb have tried to change what we saw from the beginning of the season with the red universe and it's militaristic Fringe unit. Now the Red Fringe team seems more like a bunch of school kids joking around. We still see fun sides of our Fringe division but at least they aren't acting like this!

I know that tptb are trying to raise the ratings here on Friday nights but this episode didn't help from what I saw. :(

I said no comment ..... I was trying to recovery from this ep , but it was strong one that's what i can say .

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