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Amber Season 4 Into: Words Discussion

Postby DarthLocke on Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:24 am

Existence - To be, and to be able to survive (usually relates to physicality of existence)
Quantum Entanglement - To be related/connected to something or someone else in the universe or universes.
Philosopher's Stone -Alchemy term --an item or element that can make one live longer or forever (preservation)
Psychometry - from Greek "spirit/soul" -- paranormal activity
Viral Therapy -To treat a virus
Ethereal Plane - Can refer to a light, subtle, spirital place for one to exist in some way (usually referred to other worldly, outside the body, or conscience planes of existence)

Gravitations - looking at gravities effects (but it's interesting because it's plural)
Time Paradox - A way in which time seems to contradict itself, but may not actually do so depending on perspective.
Psychogenesis - "mental development"

Bilocation - Can be in two places at once
Psychic Surgery - is a procedure typically involving the supposed creation of an incision using only the bare hands, the supposed removal of pathological matter,
Transgenetics - To transfer and/or share/and/or rearrange genes (aka genetic engineering)

Pretty cool ones!

I think AMBER is the philosopher's stone...(Think Value = Health and Material Value-Gold-precious metals/resources)

When we are first introduced to a form of it in "The Ghost Network" it killed everyone on the bus, but it uniquely "froze" the people and their effects in time...

We later discover at the beginnings of season 3 that the red universe had what might be considered an upgraded and more perfected version of it. We see this is the only thing that can stop the chaos of an engulfing vortex/black hole and that the red universe uses mass amounts to seal these holes, but sadly some people get stuck inside during amber quarantines...

The Rose Brothers come along and prove to us that in the red universe, with their amber, a person actually don't die when contained in Amber --your body is just frozen in time, but you are conscience...

The First People are explained as yet other previous existing versions of our characters who in their universe' future used the black holes with other technology (electrolight bombs) to time travel back at the beginnings of their time line to create and alternate reality (have trouble with this? - think J.J. Abrams Star Trek) -Specifically it was said to be the time of the dinosaurs, the Paleolithic Period. (There have been hints to this all along Fringe comics "It Runs in the Family", Peter's own line about discussing with Olivia when did she know she wanted to be an agent, "I think I wanted to be a brontosaurus when I was 9.", "Beyond the FRINGE" comic series, Sam Weiss' and William Bell's collection) all point to the importance to the beginnings of time in these time lines...

It automatically makes me think of Steven Speilberg's upcoming "Terra Nova" (which is Latin for "New Beginning, or new land, and or new earth" and refers to the idea of starting over from the beginning, which is not unlike like the possible intentions of the first people, but it's also like Speilberg is putting his own film series (based on Michael Criton Novels) "Jurrasic Park" on tv every week....

The film "Jurrasic Park" really highlighted what some archeologists, cryptozoologist, and/or paleontologist, or genetecis might consider a break through as natural amber can encase mosquitoes (or other insects) which then in turm the mosquitoes may contain blood, which contains DNA...

About our real Amber: (From Wikipedia:

The English word amber derives from the Arabic anbar, via Medieval Latin ambar and Old French ambre. The word originally referred to a precious oil derived from the Sperm whale (now called ambergris). The sense was extended to fossil resin circa 1400, and this became the main sense as the use of ambergris waned.[4] The two substances were confused because they both were found washed up on beaches. Ambergris is less dense than water and floats; whereas amber is less dense than stone, but too dense to float.[5] The word "ambar" was brought to Europe by the Crusaders. In French "ambre gris" was then distinguished from "ambre jaune": ambre gris (gray amber) was ambergris; ambre jaune (yellow amber) was the fossil resin we now call amber.
Amber is discussed by Theophrastus, possibly the first historical mention of the material, in the 4th century BC. The Greek name for amber was ηλεκτρον (electron) and was connected to the Sun God, one of whose titles was Elector or the Awakener.[6] The modern terms "electricity" and "electron" derive from the Greek word for amber and come from William Gilbert's research showing that amber could attract other substances.[7] The word "electron" was coined in 1891 by the Irish physicist George Stoney whilst analyzing elementary charges for the first time.[8][9]

NOTE: Sun God Reference and or Electron may be another Reference to Violet Sedan Chair: Seven Suns (Peter's Time Machine--can HEAL and PRESERVE LIFE)

The presence of insects in amber was noticed by Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia, and led him to theorize correctly that, at some point, amber had to be in a liquid state to cover the bodies of insects. Hence he gave it the expressive name of succinum or gum-stone, a name that is still in use today to describe succinic acid as well as succinite, a term given to a particular type of amber by James Dwight Dana (see below under Baltic Amber).

Heating amber will soften it and eventually it will burn, which is why in Germanic languages the word for amber is a literal translation of burn-Stone (nl. barnsteen, de. Bernstein, the latter of which the Polish word bursztyn derives from). Heated above 200°C, amber suffers decomposition, yielding an "oil of amber", and leaving a black residue which is known as "amber colophony", or "amber pitch"; when dissolved in oil of turpentine or in linseed oil this forms "amber varnish" or "amber lac".[citation needed]

Note: Fire (which ties to the color and traits of red universe: Rapid Burning Oxidation = "out of control") is a metaphor for "Knowledge" -which is why ancients praised the sun --which they weren't wrong. --Last year we could play game on FRINGE's webiste and with Sprint costumers we unlocked additional content from typewriter transactions and learned more things about the red universe...once it was exposed that Darpa (part of the department of defence) made "invisability cloak", but it was stolen. --This term, like philosopher's stone is no stranger to modern pop culture as both are Harry Potter references in whcih Harry Potter is essentually about wizards which could be interprested as super human abilities and/or alchemists...Recently I just read how close we are to making an inviability cloak --by playing with gravity -which Gravitations is one of the words in this opening sequence, but over all a cloak of invisabilty is also thematic in finction -which mirrors our "white tulip" concepts (loosing origin, but still passing things along in time) and a missing Peter--it's sometime is about what we can't see...)

FRINGE is constantly on the brink of explaining what what could be a version of Astronaut theory and M Theory comprised, as some speculate that the ancient civilizations may of had advance technology from "elsewhere" - the first people go back in time, leave their timelines futuristic technology.knowledge (scripture/manual/machine parts) behind...(they disappear at some early point in the blue's history)...which makes them some other timeline's 'last people'?!

Additionally I have also felt that the yellow dots itself was metaphoric for a persons "soul" -as seen in pop culture, His Dark Materials has "DUST" as the essence of life (The Golden Compass/Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, and The AMBER Spyglass) -The Subtle Knife makes me think of "psychic surgery" and Olivia (she makes cracks in the universe --we might assume that blue realities cortixifan was yellow and not red because Olivia says yellow M'n'M's remind her of medicine and doesn't eat those) and "Grave of the Fireflies" -the fireflies were a motif of all of the LOST souls of Japan after the bombing of Hiroshima...If what we heard in the 2021 timeline is correct that Peter's conscience had to be "pulled out of the machine" in order to materialize (aka exist), then perhaps the machine or machines are like a network of soul magnets (Bell wanted to try and put himself into a computer and it didn't work--but this is like the same idea)

The Olivias hair colors (and Nina's -you all know what I think about her-a third Olvivia of some sort) if mixed, might also make the color amber and therefor it might be quit essentual they work (as one) together....perhaps they need to go back to being one person in one timeline...

I am not sure what the final show down with the Amber is going to be, (put everyone in an amber time capsule (try to put everyone to "sleep"), put the machine in amber and burn it down??? (peter's smoldering eyes?) --whatever it is I feel pretty certain it's what's needed to save everything...

Yet for all their evolution, they form no bonds.
Love does not exist for them. They are incapable of dreaming,
Of contemplating beauty, Of knowing something greater than themselves.
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