Creating The Perfect Soldier: The Evolution of the Observers

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Creating The Perfect Soldier: The Evolution of the Observers

Postby DarthLocke on Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:27 pm

Creating the Perfect Soldier:
The Evolution of the Observers

I propose that there are several iterations of these pairs of parallel universe, and that the law of physics and genetics, like that of creating new life, the passing on of DNA, allow for traces of the original andor parent(s) to continiously pass on, but also provide variation in species. I believe that many Fringe episodes deal with a presentation of how MAN once made/created the Observers in some long lost early timeline or parallel timelines....

1. Psychokinesis (Telekenesis):

a: Cortexifan (and some other drugs).
In “The Road Not Taken” it becomes clear what Walter Bishop and William Bell had been working on in the early 1980’s. Creating soldiers to one day help save their universe from an impending other universe invasion! Children were believed to have natural abilities to see other universes/realities, but they just needed something to help them tap into that potential. The sets of trails that Bell and Bishop preformed also lead to the discovery that their drug, Cortexifan, also allowed the children to be able to attempt to control matter with their minds! Many Cortexifan subjects have been seen over the course of the series with unique abilities, including the blue Olivia Dunham. In some cases the abilities were reversed and/or out of control for the subjects. Some abilities include reality travel, pyrokenesis, astral projections, healing properties, controlling another’s feelings, ect.

b: In “The Arrival” is the first time we get wind of the Observers and some of their own abilities. The episode opens with the Observer, September, at a dinner near a construction site. By eating an array of first extremely hot foods, including peppers and Tabasco sauce, followed by ice-cold water and all the while looking at his notebook of almost alchemical-like text and a pocket watch used as a timer, he is able to cause a piece of unknown technology, the beacon, to come the surface of the earth.

c: In another episode, “Inner Child” fans are introduced to who we refer to as ‘the child observer’. Besides the episode credits list that actually cast the actor as “the child observer”, there are his abilities and his appearance that also lead fans to this conclusion. Walter refers him as an empath. It becomes clearer that in some way that he can “feel” Olivia’s thoughts and or emotions, as he finds a way to get some information for her about a case she is working on. Additionally he makes a telekinetic bond with Olivia, as he becomes chilled when Olivia goes into a meat packaging plant that is cold. They also make point to discuss his skin condition, suggesting that being underground and not exposed to light caused him to be extremely white, which is how the other adult Observers appear.

Note: Like the beacon, the child observer becomes unearthed (from the underground).

2. Higher Brian Function: (Detachment and Projective Time)

a. In Season 3 episode, “The Plateau” we are introduced to an ‘over there’ Fringe case of Milo Stanfield. Milo, who not unlike the cortexifaners, was apart of a new experimental drug trail to help him increase his low IQ. The trials become very effective and prove in Milo’s case to have enhanced his brain function to such an extent that he could not only see the unfolding of the immediate future, but also he is able to use an inanimate object, such as a ball point pen, to cause a chain reaction to get the outcome HE desires. One backlash however, is that unlike before the trials, Milo’s higher brain function caused him to become more and more emotionally detached from his sister.

b. This relates first to Observers in “The Firefly”. September explains to Peter that he can see many futures, suggesting that many futures already exist and are in progress, but he says there are just too many variables for him to know which one of those futures will come to pass [for Peter’s timeline].

WALTER: Yes! He is course correcting. (gets it. understands the master plan) I don't know how, but he's done some kind of... a chain reaction that started from the moment that we walked into that nursing home to meet Roscoe. Everything since has been the sequence culminating in this very moment, and if I save this woman and let you go, then I'm afraid the consequences... you're gonna die, Peter. They're gonna take you from me.

OBSERVER: There are things that I know. But there are things that I do not. Various possible futures are happening simultaneously. I can tell you all of them, but I cannot tell you which one of them will come to pass. Because every action causes ripples, consequences both obvious and... unforeseen. For instance... after I pulled you and Peter from the icy lake, later that summer, Peter caught a firefly. I could not have known he would do that or that because he did a young girl three miles away would not. And so later that night, she would continue looking, trying to find another one. I could not have known that when she did not come home, her father would go out looking for her, driving in the rain, so that when the traffic light turned red, his truck skidded through the intersection at Harvard Yard, killing a pedestrian.

c. This also relates to the Observers in “August”. In the episode we learn about the Observer named August and his attachment to girl he knew for a long time named Christine Hollis. In the episode Christine is “suppose” to be on a plane in which she is meant to loose her life in a crash. August chooses to intervene and kidnap Christine to prevent her death. It becomes clear in the episode that this behavior is frowned upon by the other Observers, suggesting that they are not to become emotionally attached to humanity, because they are attempting to get a certain outcome, as changing these events is considered an “irregularity”.

AUGUST: I have observed this woman for much of her life. She is unique.
THE OBSERVER: They are all unique. That is not reason to interfere with the course her life was meant to take.
AUGUST: We have interfered before.
THE OBSERVER: Only to correct a mistake of our own making. She has no future.
AUGUST: Then why do I see it? (looks at July) Why do I see that she is important?
DECEMBER: Your perception must be in error.
AUGUST: Perhaps.
DECEMBER: Your oversight will be forgiven, But Miss Hollis must be corrected. We've already seen to it.

Observers believe to fulfill their desired outcome that Christine must die. The rest of the Observers then hire a hit man to track down Christine Hollis. August is so desperate that he goes to Walter for help. Walter explains to August that all he can do is find a way to change the others perception of Christine Hollis, make her important to the other Observers.

WALTER: (sitting at a table near the windows) What is it that requires my help?
AUGUST: I have interfered in the natural course of events. To correct that, the others will try to kill Christine Hollis until they succeed. If we run, they will find us. If I stop the assassin, they will send another. I cannot see any course of action that will prevent... (upset) her death.
WALTER: (eager) What makes you think I can help?
AUGUST: Because you have solved such a matter before. You saw beyond the limitations of your problems.
WALTER: (confessing) Not really. I just missed my son. May I ask what is so important about Miss Hollis?
AUGUST: I cannot explain the reason. I merely see it. I have never experienced such... certainty. But the others, they say she is of no consequence.
WALTER: Well, in that case, if you cannot persuade the others of your conviction, then you must do something to prove it. You must make her important. And of course whatever you do, you must be prepared to face the consequences.

By the end of the episode August’s love of Christine is evident as it his life that is taken, instead of Christine’s. For some reason, this exchange, or reciprocity, is acceptable to the Observers and has made Christine important to the other Observers.

3. Shapeshifters: Identity Crisis - The Struggle to be Human

a. Mercury Based - And the Unique Newton.
In season two we are introduced to Walternate’s mercury-blood-based Shapeshifters who can use certain technology and transform into the appearance of their latest victims! It becomes clearer through out the season that these shape shifters are his soldiers and spies and go on military missions to complete special tasks. The viewers come to meet a leader of sorts who is uniquely created, as his technology is faulty and he is assembled by attaching a famous scientist’s cryo-preserved head onto a random body. He goes by the head’s former name, Newton.

By season 3 we get to an episode named after a famous Philip Dick novel, called “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?”. By this point the alternate red Olivia has infiltrated the red Fringe team and with the help of Newton has been able to better pretend to be the blue Olivia! But the episode itself sets up two stories. One about the rivalry between the Shapeshifters and humanity as Newton expresses doubt in red Olivia fulfilling her mission and another about a Shapeshifter who became attached to his new family and identity to the point where he tells Newton, he doesn’t want to be a soldier and go on missions anymore. Newton threatens him with the lives of his human family and so the other Shapeshifter reluctantly follows orders. Newton’s arguments with red Olivia seemingly become redundant, as clearly to be a real soldier, who wasn’t attached to anything but the job, wouldn’t care about proving their point to another living being.

b. Humaniod Shape shifters - Nadine Park.
Season 4 begins in another set of parallel universes much like ours with the exception that neither of the Peter’s had survived to adulthood. We come to see similar events, but in many ways they happened differently and for different reasons then the reasons we had come to know in our previous set of parallel universes. We instantly learn in the first episode “Neither Here, Nor There”
that not only did Walternate still create hid mercury based shape shifters, but that
A new type of humaniod shape shifter has appeared. It is still unclear where and whom is responsible for their evolutionary progression, but the season uses them as a subplot not only to go back to the idea of comparing them to humanity, but also to show by their one major flaw, a skin disease/disorder, in which they can not stablize to a human appearance, exposes the idea that they want to be human, and that maybe anything “man” has ever created, should be regarded as human, or at least a child of humanity.

Once again these ideas go back to “August” and his defection to effection. (see 2c.)
To add onto the idea that the Observers despite their seemingly emotional detachment to humanity, we see that they meet and drink tea in China town, that August had his own apartment and kept a few sentimental objects, drinking slushies outside of the movie theater almost suggesting they watched “Back to the Future”,
and that clearly September himself keeps trying to find a way to save Peter’s life. And even their business like attire and social behavior still embellishes human-social qualities amongst themselves.

4. Time and/or Reality Travel (Shape Shifters - Peter and the Machines)

a. This relates again first to the shape shifters and there ability to be transferred across parallel universes in birth pods, as seen in “The Man From the Other Side”.

We have seen the Observers in more than one reality and/or time period. They appear ‘over there’ in 1985 both in Walternate’s lab and outside the movie theater in “Peter”, In the past of [some previous] 1985 in the blue universe to retrieve Bobby Joyce and bring him to the current blue reality and back in “The Firefly”, over there in several episodes such as “Bloodline”, and “Immortality”, and most FRINGE events in the blue universe. The mercury based shape shifters are sent in pods and they emerge from them once ‘over here’. It’s unclear how the humanoid shape shifters travel universes and if they can go beyond that.

b. Many, including Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop) had speculated that Peter is an Observer. Sadly the writers have debunked the theory, but IMO I think they may mean in the very literal sense, because there are definitely elements to Peter’s capability with his telekinetic connection to the machine(s) that allow him to also attempt to play “course corrector” by seeing, traveling to, and existing in various time periods.and/or time lines/realities. In some ways Peter’s dilemma is much like both August’s and Christine Hollis’. In the episode “Peter” the viewers learn that September’s presence is what caused “a mistake” that allowed for Peter to stay alive and cross universes. Peter almost instantly dies after he crosses Walter’s door and they fall through the ice at Reden Lake. September again saves them both and puts them in the car and tells Walter he will have to return him after Walter cures him…but later September changes his mind and tells Walter that he must not let Peter return to the red universe. It seems that September wants to give Peter a chance to find a way to live.

We also haven’t seen the outcome and/or have learned exactly why Peter has come to exist in the season for reality, but I speculate that he either can change something here that can help change his timeline’s/realities’ own future, either by his own physical experience, (reciprocity = variable exchanges/rearrangement) or just with the knowledge he gains from seeing the immediate outcomes from here.

5. Pigment Diseases ( A Metaphor For Dying Universes) Finding a Cure.

a. Peter may parallel further. Since the beginning of the series we know Walter has been concerned about Peter’s health. It is eventually revealed that Peters suffered from . One noticeable difference between the sets of histories of the Parallel universes is that Nina helped raised Peter in his timeline, where as now the other Nina raised Olivia instead. The episode in which we learned this about Peter was in “The Cure”, which also featured a company, Intrepus who used people with a certain disease in order to test their deadly radio active isotope drug…strangely “INtREPUS” with out the “t” is a theory that relates to “LSD”. Some speculate this in an indicator that Mr. X (x = t -tilted on it’s side) will relate to the company Intrepus and/or the episode “The Cure”. I speculate that Mr. X will appear in the newly presented timeline in the form of someone we know---but actually not, as I think he may be one of these new shape shifters, whom also suffer from a pigment disease, which than also extends itself to the chemicals presented with John Scott and the Stieg brothers in “The Pilot”.

b. U-Gene is introduced to us in the other set of parallel universes in “Wallflower”
His story IMO also relates to the Observers, as U-Gene had a very complicated pigment disease where he had to steal the pigments of others in order to even become visible.

Note: This is also similar with what we have seen with ZFT activations of cortexifaners such as Nick Lane, James Heath, and Susan Pratt

Walter comments that he is albino. The whole point of the episode related to love and the idea that we all just WANT TO BE SEEN by somebody else. (we want to be remembered, and/or loved). This compliments the concepts of an Observer, someone who watches and who, just by existing, can have an effect. (Observer Effect) and the defection of August.

Additional Theory: The idea of reciprocity leads me think that perhaps the problem of the universes, and the fate of Peters, may stem from the Observers existence. I speculate that they, or specifically September may have to ‘disappear’ in order for the universes to survive at some point.

6. Clones!

a. The subject of clones has been a very small aspect of what most Fringe cases reveal. In the show we really only have one for sure conferment and that comes from “Of Human Action” where it is revealed that Tylor Carson, who can control the movements of people with his mind, is a cloned son of Dr. Carson, a scientist at Massive Dynamic, is proven to be part of “Penrose-Carson Experiment”

NINA: "William, I don't know if you've been receiving these messages, but I continue to hope. I wanted to update you on the status of the Penrose-Carson experiments. One of the Tylers did, in fact, display a rather dramatic ability for mind control. But before we became aware of his ability, there were some unintended consequences. Among them, he was able to locate records of his surrogate mother, and, unfortunately, made a misguided attempt to reunite with her. In light of this, I am suspending the experiments indefinitely. You were right -- mind control is possible, given the right conditions. So despite the unfortunate circumstances, we can consider the project a success. As always, I hope this finds you in good health. Warmest Regards, Nina."

The episode with Penrose ties back to “The Same Old Story”, about Penrose’ son who needs pituitary glands to stay alive…In the episode Walter reveals that he and William Bell while in working for their 1970’s company, Kelvin Genetics, had been approached by the U.S. to build accelerated growth clone -soldiers.

b. There is also a comic book issue apart of the prequel comic series that also tells the story that Massive Dynamics took out real people and replaced them with a clone…the indicator is being “odd-eyed”, one blue and one green.

Now that “Back to When You’ve Never Been” has aired, I can now attach the new shape shifters to this comic, and either part of this other Massive Dynamic’s Nina Sharp and/or an offshoot created by Jones leading us back to another version ZFT. Not to mention the flash to a bunch of clone-like tanks we see.

c. One can argue however what a “clone” actually is. We could say that all counter parts from various parallel and sets of parallel universes are clones with different experiences, but at their core they share the same DNA and therefore the same immediate origins. However, being able to appear like another could be considered a clone too, and there for shape shifters would also have to be taken into account. Additionally even a shape shifters may start out being the same (birth/looks), until they become ‘other people’.

d. "A Better Human Being" added a new type of clone, or clone group -one that acts as a collective conscience (Bee Hive Mind) and in which share only a specific genetic trait, making them not identical in appearance, but similar. It gives a sense of telepathy (a ghost network) and by extension may relate not only to the Observers, but also the cortexifan properties of the collective conscience of 'The Olivias' through out several life times/time line iterations.

September Gets Shot and Bleeds:

"Back to When You've Never Been" not only shows us a wounded and possibly dying September, who seemed to continue to "interfere" with the repeating destiny of the universes in which his own existence like August's is the price of change, but much like LOST's Desmond to Charlie Pace, does he give this timeline's [blue/green] Olivia an awareness to it!

I always believed that September was the child observer and that Olivia was the one he wanted to live and this is why Peter has been written in parallel to him. That helping Walter save Peter, could maybe save Olivia and their set of parallel universes...

At this point is unclear if these Observers in this other timeline are "current" with our Peter (If our Observers have followed Peter 'here', or if they are Observers of the past), or if September is dead, and/or if he can survive this, let alone what really happens to an Observer's body when are so severely there a time period and timeline they can go to?

We know to some degree what September knows is truth, as blue Olivia mentioned being killed by the illusive Mr. X after her William Bell body-snatching-LSD experience, as I argue that our blue Olivia is connected to many versions of herself via cortexifan, and that this timeline may be the one she saw in "The Road Not Taken". --But we also know, as stated above, that September doesn't know for sure anything ("The Firefly") and therefor, besides changing relationships with people he couldn't in his timeline (his father, Walternate), Peter may be able to save this Olivia (like he did with yet another incarnate in the comic book "Peter and the Machine", and in effect be able to save his own should he ever return home.

References to Battlestar Galactica and Caprica!
Some may have noticed some rather blatant references to the re-imaged version of the SyFy Television series Battlestar Galactica and it's prequel Caprica.

Battlestar tells an epic story across space and eventually time in which the universe has been repeating events and roles of people over and over and over again ("It happened before, and it will happen again."). Upfront, it deals with war between man's own creation of super humans, including centurian robots and "skin jobs"-cloned humoniod-robot-people called Cylons. In retrospect the story of what a cylon is, is WAY more complicated than this, but one can get the idea, that man's own creation turns on them and starts a war and a race with time for humanity to survive and find a long lost planet Earth as written about by their ancestors....the series includes astral projections--including elegid messengers of God and a shared vision of an OPERA HOUSE, but becomes more about family and saving a little girl--the future of both races by breaking the old cycle--The Law of Averages.

Even Caprica star Paula Malcomson guessed stars in "Stowaway" which her character's name Dana Gray, fits within her Caprica character's name, amANDA GRAYstone, --and the episode fits in with Caprica's premis and ties together with FRINGE's "the Day We Died" as cheating death and terrorists achieving apotheosis and getting one's loved one's back are shared themes and plot lines of both series.

Additionally the game BSG appears in "Subject 13".

"A Better Human Being"'s title meaning also plays into "creation process"

All in all I conclude that the FRINGE events and the problems of the looping universes may lie with purpose of the initial creation of the Observers...
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Yet for all their evolution, they form no bonds.
Love does not exist for them. They are incapable of dreaming,
Of contemplating beauty, Of knowing something greater than themselves.
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Re: Creating The Perfect Soldier: The Evolution of the Obser

Postby WJames on Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:46 pm

Nice job! You recapitulated all of the past events and presented them in a very interesting way. Very well written. :thumbsup: Thanks for refreshing my memory on some of the stuff that happened before! I just hope the show gets to explain what are the Observers, what is their purpose and who created them before it ends.
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Re: Creating The Perfect Soldier: The Evolution of the Obser

Postby DarthLocke on Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:23 am

Thank you for taking the time to read it. I know it was a long one :scared:

Yet for all their evolution, they form no bonds.
Love does not exist for them. They are incapable of dreaming,
Of contemplating beauty, Of knowing something greater than themselves.
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