Some Thoughts: And Those We Left Behind

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Some Thoughts: And Those We Left Behind

Postby DarthLocke on Wed Sep 26, 2012 6:10 pm

So I was discussing some things with a friend and what came out me was a little suprising and something I didn't consider till now...

This was an argument about Peter's failure or not being able to meet Olivia's expectations...

And Those We Left Behind:

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We get the sense that Peter "left" Olivia behind, according to Walter
So to some degree myrtus is right, because part of Peter's story is about him rising to the occasion to meet [his perception of] Olivia's expectations. Peter(s) have been fighting endlessly to keep Olivia(s) alive.

He kept bringing the machines back in time and choosing Olivia and her universe, until this last time, where he chooses balance, where he was percieved by the Observers to 'die" and no longer to fully incarnate into adulthood in the new time line....But everything leading up to using the machine was about the idea that Peter failed Olivia by not recognizing her, which lead to unknown (and seemingly bad) child from the other Olivia...He first makes it up to her in "LSD", proving he knows the difference between her and other Olivias...

-but when he emerges in season 4, in the new time line, Lincoln (who plays to the voice of reason) accuses Peter of being the one to basically kill the off the current Olivia, by bringing his forward and replacing her. Additionally at the beginning of the season, Peter himself thought maybe he was causing some of the "time displacement" events. That idea gets dismissed, or rather not fully explored, as David Robert Jones and William Bell emerge being behind some the events...What's unclear then is if there is a reason Peter was brought back to life and needed to pull "his" Olivia's conscience to him for William Bell to fulfill his plan! But ultimately, looking at the concepts presented in "6B", there is a moral implication here about Peter existing and not "letting go" of Olivia. In the other previous future "The Day We Died" the little girl Amanda drew her wishfulment (and for the audience foreshaddowing) the little girl Peter and Olivia will one day have. Their daughter (Etta) is holding Peter's hand and not Olivia's.

Olivia really kind of is a 'blue' and depressed or "re-pressed" kind of character. But the story might be about this idea that either Olivia and Peter never had kids, and so Olivia basically represents the fate of death before doing so and Peter keeps fighting for it, as having kids is a mean to save her, something Olivia has opposed in the past (The Day We Died)...But Fringe could turn this on it's head, because what if in the time line of the Observers creation Olivia and Peter had children and they all died....What if this is about Olivia morning for her children, who died at the expense of Walter, and Williams research and Peter's failure to stop them ??(observers, drugs, experiments, war) Olivia then keeps dying as a metaphor/block for Olivia not wanting to see her children die again...Then the story is about fighting to get them back, which restores Olivia's faith and will to live or be sacrificed for a better tomorrow. What if Etta is their balance?

More conversation:

But what I am trying to say is that things may 'happen' this way because they are 'repeating' things that happened, in some way, before (in other time lines), so all of the current events are due to everything that is "underneath" these current personas...So Peter and Olivia's "separation" goes back to those things I mentioned above, because Olivia may have "innately" (unknowing the reason why - white tulip) NOT wanted 'a future' to begin with, because of what happened in another one, one we may perceive as an origin...and that's why she had been dying in the more recant previous iterations, because the Story is about Peter not letting go of her (and by extension their children), because for some reason (because maybe she lost her children in some other future), she just keeps reverting back and letting it all go, because she doesn't want to go through it AGAIN!...(It's also similar idea to Elizabeth Bishop who committed suicide for what Walter did...maybe originally Olivia commits suicide too and this is what prompts Peter to make the machine and start making new time lines???)

Additionally this might be further expanded on with the red universe. I have always said the blue is like the aftermath (redemptive, introverted), and the red is like the before (adolescent, extroverted) some big bad event in terms of how they have been presented to us...Last night I watched "World's Apart" agian, and I was SO torn up by the machine overload scene, because of Blue Olivia's unwillingness to really "love" and show deep affection for red red Olivia, who had become SO sweet. --IMO is shows me that Olivia can't be happy, she has yet to forgive herself for something, and is unable to going back to maybe someone she once was when she was young in that long lost original time line.

Yet for all their evolution, they form no bonds.
Love does not exist for them. They are incapable of dreaming,
Of contemplating beauty, Of knowing something greater than themselves.
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