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The end S5 , we need movie !!!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:28 pm
by real1
I can't believe that this wonderful show is ending after 5 years from role coaster , as a real fan I'm very thankful for all the cast and crew Fox and every one else , it was really amazing show Sci-fiction .. they let the one think differently , thank you really :thumbup:

The story line which i care the most about did take so many direction , from an FBI agent which was dealing with a strange cases to a parallel universe to the war between human and mutation human :w00t: , While in fact at the course of the show we were following that the observers were not human they are not thinking as us according to Walter in S3 now and suddenly we are facing the bitter truth that they are a future human ?? :sneaky: ,

well and even if they are like that we haven't knowing how they become the way they are .. which for me still there is something missing in there , and why they are concerning about the blue universe not the red ones ?? :sleep:

by the end Walter faced the same thing when he was breaking the universal taking red Peter with him .. now he is taking the child observer to the future :huh: ..

They closed the cold war between universes by letting blue Lee in place of red Peter ?? :sleep: , while I was thinking that Walternat may has something with the observers ..and wait ... when the observer did developed a feeling .. they developed "Hate" ?? :sneaky:

For a show maybe that's sufficient but I think we need movie to tell a long term story ... I can't believe that it's done :cry:

Wonderful show .


Re: The end S5 , we need movie !!!

PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:49 am
by DarthLocke
In a lot of ways, your response also sums up some of my emotions, including confusion. :lol: I whole-hardedly agree that I would feel better with some kind of additional material that says something about 'post finale'.

Don't get me wrong, I still think the show is fantastic, but I just wanted something a little more definitive to push me to a real conclusion that I can stand behind or fight for.