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[Official] Bones Ep. 4.21 Discussion

PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 10:32 pm
by Joshua
Mayhem On A Cross


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Stephen Fry Guest-Stars

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When a real human skeleton is found being used as a stage prop for a death metal band in Norway, authorities determine the victim was an American citizen. The Jeffersonian team tracks the skeletal remains to an underground U.S. death metal band and identifies the victim as a bassist named Mayhem from a band called Spew. As Booth and Brennan venture into the unfamiliar world of death metal music to search for the killer and a motive, they learn about their own team’s surprising musical preferences and gain new insight into Sweets’ past. Meanwhile, when Sweets asks Dr. Gordon Wyatt (guest star Stephen Fry) for input on the book he’s writing about Booth and Brennan, Dr. Wyatt lends Sweets an interesting perspective on the pair’s unique relationship in the “Mayhem on a Cross” episode of BONES airing Thursday, April 16 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (BON-415) (TV-14 D, L, V)

Cast: Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance Brennan; David Boreanaz as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth; TJ Thyne as Dr. Jack Hodgins; Michaela Conlin as Angela Montenegro; Tamara Taylor as Dr. Camille “Cam” Saroyan; John Francis Daley as Dr. Lance Sweets

Guest Cast: Stephen Fry as Dr. Gordon Wyatt; Eugene Byrd as Clark Edison; Greg Roman as Murderbreath; Frank Pacheco as Mayhem; John Thomas as Wrath; Michael William Freeman as Grinder; AJ Trauth as Pinworm; Tania Raymonde as Lexi; Frida Farrell as Dr. Solberg; Thor Knai as Delta Unit Commander

Re: [Official] Bones Ep. 4.21 Discussion

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:38 am
by bloo98
It was a good episode... had some nice Sweets moment where we learned a little more about his past...

The ending was great... I just love how Bones finally showed some of her scars and Booth got all worried over when he saw her becoming teary eyed...

I'm glad they both dragged Sweets out of his office so he could have dinner with them... Hehe! :thumbsup:

Re: [Official] Bones Ep. 4.21 Discussion

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:16 am
by 4815162342execute
Yeah I really liked this episode!

I love Gordon Gordon and was glad that he was back. I also liked that they found out a little about Sweets and how Bones just opened up. When he said that one of them did have feelings for the other but hid it everyday I thought he was talking about Booth but at the end it made it look like Bones. Maybe its both :)

Tania Raymonde as Lexi
quite a nice surprise for us LOST fans although I admit I did check the credits to make sure it was her b/c she was so different!

Re: [Official] Bones Ep. 4.21 Discussion

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:03 pm
by kristy815
So, that was Alex? I thought so but she looked so much more grown up.

That one was really good. I missed the first half. . .I really wish that Bones came on at 8:00 instead of 7:00.

Re: [Official] Bones Ep. 4.21 Discussion

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:37 pm
by 4815162342execute
Yeah Kristy, that was Alex - it took me a little while to recognize her too. You should try to find the episode online and watch the whole thing- it was good ;)

btw- I love your avitar :D