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Re: [OFFICIAL] Spoilers and Speculation Thread - Season 7

PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:43 am
by 4815162342execute
Oh and how beautiful is prego Emily (see pic above)! Soooo excited!! :w00t:

Re: [OFFICIAL] Spoilers and Speculation Thread - Season 7

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:45 pm
by 4815162342execute
New Squintern Cast for Season 7
No Ordinary Family and Gossip Girl star Luke Kleintank has been cast in the potentially recurring role of young genius Finn Abernathy, has learned. Described as brilliant, sweet and a bit rough around the edges, Finn earned his college degree at 16. However, his braininess is balanced with redneck charm. (Think Doogie Howser with Larry the Cable Guy's accent.)

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Bones - Episode 7.04 - The Male in the Mail - Spoiler Snippets
Episode Title: “The Male in the Mail”
Victim: Male/ found at a post office warehouse / worked at a shipping store
Squintern: Clark
Agent Genny Shaw is back
Booth & Brennan – HOUSE HUNTING

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Re: [OFFICIAL] Spoilers and Speculation Thread - Season 7

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:56 pm
by 4815162342execute
Latest from Ausiello - Various Shows - 9th August 2011
Question: Have any other spoilers about the new season of Bones? Please? I’m dying here! —Cassie
Ausiello: Mom-to-be Brennan and new-mom Angela finally have something to talk about besides unrequited romance, and Michaela Conlin couldn’t be happier. “There’s been a lot of scenes with the two of them talking about strollers and baby gear,” offers Angela’s portrayer. “I’m really glad that they’re getting a chance to talk about something other than Brennan and Booth getting together. Instead they’re talking about hormones, sleep patterns and names.” Conlin is also pleased that her onscreen son, Michael, is getting a nice chunk of screen time. “I like that we’re seeing the baby a bit,” she says. “I thought maybe he would just be in day care all season. It’s been fun for me to have a real, live child in my arms after so much talk about it.”
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Mega Buzz - Various Shows - 9th August 2011
What's the latest on Sweets and Daisy on Bones? — Megan
ADAM: "Daisy is definitely a part of Sweets' life," John Francis Daley tells us, and we can confirm Daisy will appear early in Season 7. But Sweets may have bigger fish to fry. "He is more active in the investigations because Brennan is slightly less able to go on the scene and get herself into dangerous situations," Daley says. "So, you're going to see more of Booth and Sweets working together as FBI agents." Even better, creator Hart Hanson tells me that for the first time ever, Sweets will be packing heat! [Cue the Aerosmith song.]
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Latest from TV Line - Various Shows - 11th August 2011
Bones | With Brennan quite pregnant at the time the new season arrives, watch for Booth to acquire a somewhat unlikely partner in crime solving. “Since Sweets is the only other FBI member of the team, that’s kind of what they’re setting up,” says John Francis Daley. “And Sweets is delighted about that, because he gets to play tough guy.” More practically (since Booth is frankly tough enough for the two of ‘em), Daley says that where Brennan focuses more on the anthropological side of interrogations, “Sweets deals with the psychological. He’s good at telling when people are lying.” Turning to truths, here’s a big one: “David [Boreanaz] is so great to work with, and we have so much fun working together,” effuses Daley. “We’ve had the great pleasure of being able to do it a lot this season so far.” I smell a spin-off: “Sweets & Sour”!
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When Hart Hanson told me before the end of last season that the show was going to somehow circumvent the Moonlighting curse, I was skeptical. Then, boom! Bones is with baby. So when I caught up with Hanson at Fox’s TCA party last week, we chatted about the cost of bypassing what some think of as the best part of TV couples who finally get together: Actually seeing them being a couple.

“I really feel like we got to jump the part where the Moonlighting curse could get its teeth in. I always thought the Moonlighting Curse was when two people have sexual tension and then everything’s [suddenly] fine and the world looks the same. What do you to then? We don’t have that. The world does not look the same,” he says. “They got together and we get to start again from a different place.”

So does that mean we’ll never fill in the blanks? Never get a taste of the gooey center of this plot candy? Not necessarily… “I want everyone to tune in to see that. I don’t want to say it’s going to happen, but I do believe people will be pleased with what they see,” he says with a smile. “I think the first images of the new season will explain a lot. I don’t want to blow anything, but people will be as interested and excited as [the creative team is] in where all these characters are.”
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:07 am
by 4815162342execute
Latest From Ask Ausiello - Various Shows - 16th August 2011
Question: Will we see Booth’s Grandpa (Ralph Waite) on Bones this season? —Sarah
Ausiello: You sure will. Gramps reappears in Episode 4 when Booth “is faced with a family crisis,” teases exec producer Stephen Nathan. And guess who else is set to return in that very same episode? Go ahead, have a guess. [Beat] Forget it, you’re taking too long. It’s Tina Majorino’s Special Agent Genevieve Shaw!

Question: Is Carla Gallo going to be back on Bones as Daisy Wick? —Ed
Ausiello: Yes, but the status of her relationship with Sweets will remain “ambiguous” in the early going, according to John Francis Daley. “They love each other very much,” he adds. “I have the feeling — I don’t know this for a fact — that their [relationship] will be unpredictable.”

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:45 pm
by tashayar333
Alright, so there is a brilliant thread on the Bones forum that pretty much lists all the spoilers for season 7. I absolutely love that thread. However, I thought that we needed more of a discussion thread for those spoilers. Here is where to do that. This thread is meant for your own personal speculations based on the spoilers that have been circulating around. I'll go ahead and start this off...

So from what I've heard, Bren will be uber preggo when the show returns on Nov. 3rd. I personally think thats way too far away from now, but I also understand that with Emily pregnant and HH trying to start up The Finder, thats the best they could do. Anyway, when the show returns, our favorite couple will be living together!!! And its a girl!!!! I'd love to see what kind of baby names B&B come up with!!! Wow, that was a lot of exclamations...
I also can't wait to see baby Hodgela around the lab. OOH and the new squintern!! Personally, no one can take Vincents place as best squintern ever. But the country boy I've heard about sounds like he could be fun...
Thats all I got for now. What do you think? Agree/Disagree with me? Have a totally different spin on these spoilers? Go ahead and tell me 'bout it!!! :thumbsup:

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:01 am
by 4815162342execute
We have some videos!!!!

via The Offcial Facebook page for Bones.

and this one: ... promo.html
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Woo hoo!! So it seems like they are both from the same scene- but very cute. How excited am I for this to come back on!!?! :w00t:

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:20 am
by 4815162342execute
Latest From Mega Buzz - Various Shows - 23rd August 2011
Is it true that Ralph Waite will be back as Booth's grandfather on Bones? — Liza
ADAM: Indeed it is. In fact, he'll return in an episode that will feature three generations of Booth men. We'll actually see Booth's dad via an extremely emotional flashback to Booth's childhood. (Hint: It has something to do with those baseball stadium seats Booth moved into his apartment last season.)
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Former "Boy Meets World" star Ben Savage Tweeted that he's on his first day of shooting a Bones episode.
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Latest From Ask Ausiello - Various Shows - 30th August 2011
Question: I’m really disappointed that we’re not going to get to see Booth and Bones tell everyone about the baby on Bones. I want to see everyone’s reaction to the news! —Natalie
Ausiello: Use your imagination, Nat. Tamara Taylor did, and here’s what she came up with. “I think Cam was shocked at first,” she speculates. “But also pleased. It was kind of about time.” Taylor adds that the Brennan’s baby bump hasn’t impacted life at the Jeffersonian too much. “Temperance is rolling with it,” she notes. “She’s very technical about what she’s going through with the pregnancy and a little less sentimental. And Cam is mostly dealing with the newest interns. And her daughter’s coming back, so she’ll be in and out throughout the season.” Speaking of Bones, Emily Deschanel has a message for you!
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Latest from TV Line - Various Shows - 1st September 2011
Bones | As we all know, Booth this season will be vexed by a new recurring villain, before the Fox series breaks for Emily Deschanel’s maternity leave. The foe has previously been summed up as a “tech-savvy” adversary, but now I’ve got new, juicy details. Pelant, as he is called, fancies himself a “hacktivist,” and is currently under house arrest for — among other techy transgressions — shutting down the DoD’s communications network, putting soldiers’ lives at risk. But as testament to his craftiness, even though an ankle monitor keeps him from stepping past his front lawn and despite the fact he’s got no Internet (the horror!), Pelant is somehow carrying out a murder spree. Sounds like more than enough to keep Booth busy when he’s not shopping for a pram.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:30 am
by 4815162342execute
Not really a spoiler but should be good!
David Boreanaz is is putting his director’s hat back on — but it won’t be the Bones cameras he’ll be stepping behind.

The actor has signed on to direct an episode of The Finder, the Bones spinoff that will launch at midseason while the mothership goes on a break to accommodate star Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy.

“David’s directing one of our episodes,” says Geoff Stults, The Finder‘s titular crime solver.

Not only that, but Boreanaz — a four-time helmer on Bones — is also expected to pay an on screen visit as Booth. ”It’s going to happen, for sure,” maintains Stults of the possibility of Bones actors crossing over. “We’re not exactly sure who and when, but it’s happening. … David’s going to be there. I think honestly the only one that’s for sure not is Emily because of her pregnancy.”

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:43 am
by 4815162342execute
Sorry it's been a while folks. Got some spoilers and a couple reviews though- I am so ready for the season to begin!! :D :D

Emily Deschanel gave birth to son Henry on September 21, but we'll have to wait until April for her Bones character to deliver her baby. "Brennan is going to be in prison when she goes into labor," reveals exec producer Stephen Nathan. "Booth and Brennan are investigating a prison escape when they get locked in."

The writers have already decided on the sex of baby Bones, but Stephen is keeping that top secret. My guess: a girl, considering Booth already has a son and Angela delivered a boy last season. "That's one assumption," Stephen says. "But maybe we're going for My Three Sons."

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Latest from Ask Ausiello - Various Shows - 4th October 2011
Question: Please tell me Brennan doesn’t actually give birth in prison on Bones. —Sam
Ausiello: Brennan doesn’t actually give birth in prison on Bones. While an upcoming episode is set inside a jail, that is not where B&B will welcome their son/daughter into the world. A source tells me the setting of the delivery is “much better than that.”
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Premire review- This made me REALLY excited!!
Found here: TVline via Spoiler TV

Latest From Kristin - Various Shows - 10th October 2011
Clarissa: I know the Bones premiere is floating around, so spill! How cute are Booth and Bones?
So adorable we want to punch ourselves in the face. Our favorite scene is at the very end, when they're both lying in bed talking about finding a house and basically promising each other a wonderful future together. Plus, Booth uses the cutest baby-talk voice to speak to his unborn child, and then he goes and tops it off with a kiss to his gal's pregnant belly. If that doesn't melt your heart, please go see someone about not having a soul.

Marcia in Tallahassee, Fla.: Do Angela and Sweets help Bones and Booth in their preparation for baby time?
And how! In fact, Sweets does more than just tell them how awesome parenthood can be…he shows them. Basically, the season premiere is packed with amazing moments for both couples, and we were smiling so big when the episode finished.
via: Spoiler TV The second one makes me wonder if they meant Hodgins and Angela not Sweets- but who knows :S

Awww! :wub:

Latest from Ask Ausiello - Various Shows - 11th October 2011
Question: Any scoop on Bones? —Mahika
Ausiello: I’m a little behind on my Bones screeners — in case you didn’t hear, I visited the Smurfs’ homeland last week — but TVLine’s Matt Mitovich just watched Episode 2 and filed this report exclusively to AA:
“As much fun as the season opener is, I have to say that Episode 2 is even better. For one, the case of the week is much stronger and more compelling (and much more icky-gooey). Plus, you’ve got the addition of Luke Kleintank as Finn Abernathy, a good ol’ boy squintern whose scientific brilliance — a seeming clash with his omnipresent baseball cap and shaggy hair — drops even Brennan’s jaw, and who proves to be a very fun foil for Hodgins. Then, add on top of that even more sweet moments between Bones and Booth? Simply said, this pregnancy twist is the best thing to happen to the show in recent years. What we’re looking at is perhaps Bones at its very best. Oh, and did I mention the part where Temp discovers that years ago she helped prevent a murder? Cool stuff.”
Taken from: SpoilerTV

Bones at its very best?!?! How excited are you guys for the premire? Me? November can't get here soon enough!!

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:38 am
by 4815162342execute
Latest from EW - Various Shows - 14th October 2011

So, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of good stuff about the season premiere of Bones. Well, I can confirm it’s all true. Proof, you say? Well, here’s what I can tell you about the Nov. 3 episode…
* ‘Shipper dreams come true
Allow me to point to a line in the episode description that has been released: “…Brennan and Booth acclimate to their new life as a pregnant couple.’ And they’re not joking around. In the first five minutes, there are no less than two gasp-worthy moments for any longtime fan of this couple because the extent to which their world has changed is immediately apparent. This is coming from someone who openly wept the first four times I rewound the 100th episode — I appreciate quality moments. And there are plenty quality moments.

* No sex scene? No problem.
As one of those who was a little sad we didn’t get to see Bones and Booth have a little sexy time last year when they finally hooked up, I can tell you that I walked away from this episode feeling satisfied — but not necessarily because they gave me exactly what I originally wanted. Let’s just say there’s a nod to nakedness that left me with a visual that was as good or better (in my weird opinion) as seeing them have sex.

* It’s still Bones.
So, some of you liked how Bones was. I get it. Change is scary. That said, the first five minutes aren’t just schmoop. There’s a truly disgusting thing involving an eyeball that I was happy to see because I love Bones — the gooey, fun crime show as much as I love the characters. And while much of this episode introduces this new journey for our main characters, there’s still a case, still a twist, and still a show about two people who work together to solve crimes. The rest is just gravy.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2011 2:32 am
by 4815162342execute
Latest from Kristen - Various Shows - 17th October 2011
skagengiirl: Anything that you can get on Bones, mainly Booth and Brennan? What is in their future?
Oh my, there is quite a bit ahead for these two. Within the first five minutes of the second episode, we learn that Bones (Emily Deschanel) didn't tell Booth (David Boreanaz) about a very important ultrasound, aka the one where you learn the sex of the baby. Not to worry, Brennan tries to make up for this oversight by attempting to see things through Booth's eyes, so she can better understand his emotional reactions.

Jennifer: Thanks so much for the Bones scoop! I'm pumped for season seven!
Hold on there missy, we're not done dishing out season seven treats just yet! There's a new intern at the Jeffersonian who is absolutely brilliant at forensic science, but ain't real keen on fancy words or nothin'. While Brennan is pleased to have the new team member, Dr. Saroyan (Tamara Taylor) is having difficulty seeing beyond his criminal past.

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Latest from Ask Ausiello - Various Shows - 18th October 2011
Question: I have a Bones Q. Does Brennan really have an ultrasound where she finds out the gender of the baby by herself and without informing Booth until after the fact? How could she take that moment away from him? She knows what being a dad means to him. I swear the writers want me to hate Brennan. She does this? Seriously heartless. —Danni
Ausiello: Simmer yourself. It’s more complicated than that. Besides, it all leads to one of my favorite B&B moments ever — one that would not have been possible had Booth been on hand for the initial reveal.

Question: I’m counting down the days until Bones returns on Nov. 3. Anything you can give me to tide me over? —Lauryn
Ausiello: There’s a scene in Episode 6 (a.k.a. the midseason finale) that was so revolting even exec producer Stephen Nathan couldn’t stomach it. And it takes a lot to gross out that guy. As a result, it was cut from the episode. “It was the body of a victim that was murdered,” he explains. “There was one angle where it looked like something from a medical journal. Totally gross. Not like our entertainingly revolting remains. It just looked too real. But never fear, there is much to close your eyes and shriek about in the episode.”

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Latest From Mega Buzz - Various Shows - 18th October 2011
Bones baby: boy or girl? — Rita
ADAM: The show won't drag out the reveal — you will know whether the nursery will be pink or blue by Episode 2. (Booth won't exactly be thrilled by how and when he learns the news, especially since he wasn't even invited to the ultrasound!) And as for that nursery, there may not be one if Booth and Brennan can't get their acts together enough to decide where they want their family to live.

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Re: [OFFICIAL] Spoilers and Speculation Thread - Season 7

PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:03 pm
by 4815162342execute
Latest From Kristin - Various Shows - 21st November 2011
Via: SpoilerTV
Wes in Los Gatos, Calif: Bones!
The Dec. 1 episode, "The Male in the Mail," will be a real treat for longtime fans of Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz). There is a scene at the end between those two that is so moving and so touching, if you aren't at the very least tearing up, you are a robot and we must find and kill you before you take over the planet! And then of course there is this line: "Do you mind if I spend the whole evening naked?"

Latest from Ausiello - Various Shows - 22nd November 2011
Via: SpoilerTV
Question: I know Tina Majorino’s Agent Shaw character returns in the Dec. 1 episode of Bones, and the press release mentions that she will learn the importance of teamwork. Does that mean that we are going to see her work with Sweets as well as Booth? —Rex
Ausiello: Agent Shaw does indeed return on Dec. 1 (sporting a cute, new haircut!). And in her quest to help/impress Booth during a rough time, she works with quite a few of the other characters on a case. In addition to bouncing ideas off of Sweets, she gets to watch Angela do her thing, prompting the newbie to gush, “I can’t believe I’m getting to work with you people!” Aw, shucks.

Question: Any chance we can get some Bones scoop about Angela/Hodgins? —Shelby
Ausiello: Hangela is relegated to the backburner in the aforementioned Dec. 1 episode, an hour that mostly belongs to David Boreanaz’ Booth. Ralph Waite returns as grandpops to deliver some big news to Booth about his father. By the end of the episode, you’ll be looking at those blue Veterans Stadium seats in Booth’s apartment in a whole new light.

Latest From Mega Buzz - Various Shows - 22nd November 2011
Via: SpoilerTV
Can you tell us anything about next week's Bones? I heard that David Boreanaz killed it! — montgomerysloan, via Twitter
ADAM: How did you hear that? (Do tell.) I can confirm that Booth will receive some very tragic news from his grandfather, and Boreanaz's performance is pretty devastating. Fortunately, Booth has a great support system in Brennan, who will keep her usual iciness in check. But will she be able to keep her bangin' new pregnancy body in check??? Yeah, the episode won't be all tears.

Latest from EW - Various Shows - 23rd November 2011
Via: SpoilerTV
Hi Sandra. I’m loving Bones and Booth as a couple, but are we going to see flashbacks? When they first got together? When everyone found out they were having a baby together? Booth being naked and cooking an omelet? — Megh
Um, I second your desire for an omelet flashback. Too bad for us, there isn’t one in next week’s episode — but what you will see are some really adorable peeks at Booth’s childhood (which is a flashback of sorts, right)? And there’s more naked-around-the-house talk — but this time it’s Brennan! (Do these people ever wear clothes at home? Is this just something attractive people do? Discuss. Or not… Let’s not.)

I know that the abbreviated Bones season means that we’ll focus on the main characters more, but I’m dying to know if we’re going to see Parker this season. I would love to know his reaction/how he deals with getting a little sister… or have we forgotten that Booth already has a kid? He’s adorable, but even we don’t see him, will this get addressed? Thanks! — Ruth
He’ll be back — but later. This week, however, he does come up in a truly touching conversation between Booth and Pops. In fact, the episode is full of really amazing scenes between them both, as discussion of fatherhood takes center stage after Booth receives some news about his own dad. You’ll be in tears by the end of the episode — as will Booth.

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by 4815162342execute
Sorry it's been way so long since anyone has posted here guys!

So how cute are the new parents?!?

I for one am very excited for the Hollywood episode7.12- The Suits on the Set
“The Suit on the Set,” one of the episodes to air during the procedural’s springtime run, revolves around the production of a movie written by Brennan and featuring the characters “Dr. Kathy Reichs” and “Special Agent Andy Lister.”

via SpoilerTv

And yay for the season 8 renewal!! :D