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Re: [Official] Chuck Ep. 3.14 Discussion

Postby DharmaLager on Wed Apr 28, 2010 5:55 pm

saabwiz wrote:good ep 3:14 made me smile all the way thru but still ep3:13 was the one everybody needed. Shaw is gone, Chuck and Sarh are finnally a couple, with Sarah almost saying I Love You, and Morgan being used to inspire Casey. I'm sure all the ep's we get from now on will be stellar but Chuck vs. the other guy will be very hard to beat.

I'm confident that whatever the season finale is will be on par with Chuck Vs The Other Guy. We have to keep in mind that was originally a finale...potentially the last episode ever, so they certainly wanted to be on the ball on that one.

I think this episode was a perfect follow-up, however, as it wasn't a let down and used the momentum from the previous episode. I do agree Casey's reaction was a little harsh considering the agents were the reason he's back in the game, but I won't nitpick about it too much.
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