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Rank The Seasons!

Postby Devil's Arcade on Wed Dec 22, 2010 1:06 am

What are you favourite seasons of the show?
For me, against popular opinions, is this forum anyway;

3&4 are the best, 2 is really good and season 1 is the worst.
Season 1, for me, was far too cheesy and had terrible acting, especially from the guest stars.
Season 2 got better, and more emotional, kind of. Guest starts started picking up a little, kind of.
Season 3 has me tearing up a few times and laughing so hard, the same for season 4.
Only 4 episodes of season 5 watched, can't comment.
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Re: Rank The Seasons!

Postby Two Sides on Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:19 am


Bare in mind I'm only 7 episodes through season 3. There is never a dull episode! Granted some stories are less interesting, but it's always made up by being hilarious :lol: Also, the mere sight of the characters, and their interactions is now enough for me to enjoy an episode. Each season so far has been pretty much as awesome as each other for me, but if i HAD to separate what i'd seen so far, you'd get 3,1,2.
HannaK wrote:I've found my Sawyer to Juliet tbh :wub: :D
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