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Tim Tim & Squirrelio (Updated to 1.07)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 3:40 pm
by SmokeyD
I am putting this in spoilers since it came from the Flashcards/Podcasts, and not the show directly.

TPTB said in the the first podcast that not only did they make up the cartoon "Tim Tim & Squirrelio" that Charlie watches (And her stuffed animal is from), and uses the FF actors as voice artists, but TPTB have specifcally said that they are putting 'clues' about the story line into the cartoon. And if you watch, you will get information regarding the show...

Has anyone been following the times when the cartoon is shown during the course of the show???

So far the only thing that sticks out to me was a shot of a Sea Monster/Dinosaur/Dragon with a dome around his head. A little girl with red hair and pigtails holding a stuffed animal.. (And the squirrel of course)

What else has anyone else gotten? (I will try to do screen caps for every time I see it, as I have the time...)

And, if I missed any please let me know and I will update this...

Ep 1-01:



"Just because I'm a squirrel doesn't mean I like acorns."

Ep 1-03:


Dialog from 1-03:(Para)
"We're trapped, and have to get out of here"
"I'm freezing!"
"At least you have fur!"

Ep 1-05:


Dialog from 1-05:(Para)
"Super Shark has Monkey-See and Monkey-Do in his helmet!"
"He's trying to eat them"

Ep 1-07:


Dialog from 1-07:(Para)This one was tough, as I think the guy selling the book must talk like Yoda, please let me know if you can make it out better than this...
-"Give you twenty Bucks for it"
-"Thys pages blank this tome,
This its magic is beyond all comprehension,
It surges with power, unimaginable,
It seeths cosmic energies not meant for the hope of mortal men,
Thus then crumble the senses, shattering omnipotence."
-"Uh, make it 30"

Link to the page on it in the FF Wiki:

Updated to 1.07, "The Gift"...

Re: Tim Tim & Squirrelio'??? (Updated to 1.06)

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:51 pm
by otherfather
I think you are missing some, but I am not sure.

Re: Tim Tim & Squirrelio'??? (Updated to 1.06)

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:12 pm
by SmokeyD
If you can tell me where I would be happy to update it. Let me know when you find it.

One thing I have noticed is the way TPTB are using white tape to cover over any brand identifcation or logo's on the monitors that Charlie is watching the cartoon on...

Kinda cheesy for a show with this kind of budget...

Re: Tim Tim & Squirrelio (Updated to 1.07)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:39 am
by kellerco
Ok this week on the cartoon we see a magician saying that there is a magic beyond all comprehension and that it is not meant for mortal men - this i believe is reference to Simon since he clearly thinks of himself as a God - or at least he thinks he qualifies as a God - see ABC sneakpeak of episode 8.

the cartoon also shows a man and a woman - this may be Mark and his wife since there is a link between her and Simcoe and subsequently Simon and Mark... and Mark and Simcoe. Also we are assuming that Simcoe was in the house because he had replaced Mark in the family but it may even be that they find out that he is Mark's long lost brother ?!!!

In the other cartoons we saw a shark with a protective helmet - i think this was showing us a big villain character - which may or may not be Simon - i don't know if the cartoon references the whole story - many seasons - or just one or two eposodes ahead, though i am guessing it's the latter.

The cartoon also talks about the Monkey-See, Monkey-Do characters which i believe are representing the fact that there is some deception being worked by Simon and he is manipulating people - or perhaps he is being manipulated - we'll have to see other cartoons next week or whenever. It can also be a reference to the fact that he is acting upon what he saw in Somalia and in his other Flash Forward - like everyone else.. ?

Re: Tim Tim & Squirrelio (Updated to 1.07)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2009 3:39 pm
by SmokeyD
I've been trying to put the dialogue under each set of screen grabs, but ABC.COM doesn't seem to do the close captioning for each episode until much later.

If you can make more of it out I would be happy to change what's with each set. This one was pretty tough, and I have a feeling they will get harder to hear as time goes on...