[Supernatural] Getting Through Hellatus - Episode Contest

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Re: [Supernatural] Getting Through Hellatus - Episode Contes

Postby Mia494 on Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:44 pm

Thanks!! So I guess that would be our perfect season - those 22 episodes (or some more) we have chosen :thumbsup:

In general I like the results and mostly I agree with them, but I just cannot believe Bad Day at Black Rock didn't make it. It is one of the best SPN episodes ever - and by one of the best, I mean one of those few the best of the best, if that makes any sense :P Meaning the episode is perfect. And it lost to an episode about Mary's life? Really? I mean, it was cool to find out it was Mary who grew up as a hunter, but BDABR is just EPIC!!!
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Re: [Supernatural] Getting Through Hellatus - Episode Contes

Postby Dahne on Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:57 am

I love BDABR too but I also loved In the Beginning, Dead in the Water, and Bloodlust. That was a hardest vote for me because all 4 of them are in my top 15 episodes of all time. It was a shame that some episodes had so many good ones and others had a bunch of middle of the road episodes. The two that hurt me a little that they didn't win are Faith and A Very Supernatural Christmas, but they were beaten by other episodes I really liked too. In fact, Faith was up against Nightshifter and Jus in Bello, making it the second hardest vote for me. AVSC lost to Changing Channels which I also adored, just not quite as much. We'll have to think of a different contest for next summer. Any thoughts?
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