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Welcome, Please Read Before Posting!

Postby CJ Sonic on Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:30 pm

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the Spoiler Free Discussion forum. Please make yourselves at home and have fun discussing all things related to LOST!

Please keep in mind that this is the NO SPOILER section of the forum. What is a 'Spoiler' you ask? Previews, Sneak Peaks, Podcasts, Interviews and the like which reveal information that has yet to air in an episode is considered a 'spoiler'. Once an episode has aired in the USA (EST) revealing your information, it is no longer considered a spoiler. Speculating can have gray areas sometimes. If you create a topic on speculation or a theory, please label it as such; ie. '[Theory]Time Fluctuation Explained' or '[Speculation]Is Ben an Alien?' but once again, do NOT include spoiler information as the basis of either.

If you're looking for the SPOILER section, you will find it here.

Please take note:
  • Posting of spoilers in this section are not allowed
  • Do not post hyperlinks which take someone directly to a spoiler
  • If you have a doubt, feel free to ask one of the Spoiler TV Moderators
  • Please follow and respect the Forum Rules and Guidelines here.

Thanks! 8-)

Welcome, Please Read Before Posting!

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