A lengthy summary explaining why I hate Kate

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A lengthy summary explaining why I hate Kate

Postby Zarti1 on Tue Aug 14, 2012 12:03 am

Having rewatched Lost again, my hate for Kate just keeps getting bigger and bigger. She's annoying in the first three seasons, but in season 4 she takes it to a whole new level. After that she gets featured less and ends up just being useless.

In her flashbacks, she manages to get her best friend killed, leaving his wife and child, because she wouldn't give herself in, and knowingly placed him in danger. On the island, she tries to talk Jack into mercy-killing the agent to save her own ass. A few episodes later, when Jack is doing all he can to save Charlie, she tries to stop him, starts crying, and gets angry with Jack who kept trying. If it were up to her, Charlie would've died then already. Then she poisons Michael, keeps insisting to Jack that she didn't do it, but then it turns out she really did do it, and even worse, she manipulated Sun into doing the dirty work for her.

In season 2 she follows Jack and the rest who were going after Michael for no apparent reason, gets caught, and ruins the plan. When Libby tries to help Claire remember things and Claire starts screaming a bit, Kate immediately almost threatens Libby when she has no idea what's going on. She kisses Jack, then completely blows him off and immediately starts cuddling with Sawyer right in front of Jack's eyes. In season 3 she sleeps with Sawyer out of guilt in the cages, then Jack makes her promise not to come after. Of course, she doesn't listen and ends up bringing Locke to some C4 and the sub, ruining Jack's chances of getting off the island. After being abandoned by the others, she gets jealous of Jack and Juliet and uses Sawyer as an outlet.

In season 4, she suddenly leaves Jack behind once more, again without any kind of explanation. The real reason however, is to ask Miles if the people on the freighter know her. To get her way, she uses sex to get Sawyer to help her, slaps him, and as soon as she got what she wanted, dumps him and is on her way back to Jack. On her way she meets Charlotte and Faraday, and is rightfully suspicious. Even though they're clearly lying, she's stupid enough to turn her back on them and of course, gets knocked out. After waking up she immediately starts semi-flirting with Jack in front of Juliet, resulting in Juliet getting away. When her and Jack finally arrive at the tempest, too late, she starts waving her gun around like an idiot and keeps Charlotte under gunshot while she explains the whole thing, despite they obviously were just trying to help. On the way back, she gets jealous of Juliet some more, so when she gets to the beach, she immediately goes to Sun to talk behind her back. Despite the fact that she knows Sun is obviously distressed about her pregnancy on the island, she keeps badmouthing Juliet and convinced Sun to leave the only doctor on the island, Jack, and the only gynaecologist, leading her to John Locke, the crazy murderer. If Juliet's quick thinking hadn't been able to persuade Sun to stay, Kate would've been responsible for the death of Sun and her unborn child. And for what? Just cause she was jealous of Juliet.

In her flashforwards they show her trial. She wants to go away a free woman. Yet she does not want to get Aaron in the trial. She does not want Jack in the trial. She does not want to discuss it with her mother. She gets angry with Jack when he's lying to save HER ass, like Jack was the bad guy. So basically, she wants her lawyer to fix everything for her, and he has to do it without her having to maky any effort whatsoever. Then when Jack finally goes to live with her and Aaron, she starts acting suspicious, and she keeps lying to him. When Jack asks why and forces her to be honest, she somehow gets angry with Jack. She acts as if she is Aaron's real mother, and when Jack rightfully brings up the very valid point that she isn't even related to Aaron, she gets disgusted with Jack... For telling the truth.

After some more whining, she eventually sees no other option than to leave Aaron with Claire's mother, because she sees no way out. She acts as if she's the hero for going back for Claire, but only comes to that "epiphany" when it's clear she doesn't have much other choices. Once there she's on her moral high horse, and is the one saving Ben and leading him to evil, while Jack had the right idea. On the island she also persuades Faraday to bring a gun with him. This results in a shoot-out, that might as well could've killed Jack. Faraday, the guy who probably never even touched a gun before, goes to the others with a gun and gets killed because of it. Then she gets on the sub with Sawyer and Juliet, who were leaving to a long happy life with each other. Her presence makes them go back to the island, with Juliet eventually falling down the hole. Instead of trying to save her, she stands around a bit, and when she finally gets there she's too late and Juliet dies.

In season 6 Sawyer asks her not to go after him, but yet again, that's exactly what she ends up doing. As for the rest, she's completely useless in the final season, as always. At the end she does the one thing she actually did right, shooting the monster. After that she went home, and we can only assume it didn't take long for her to sleep around with Sawyer some more. Probably got him killed at one point as well.

This is how frustrated I was with Kate after rewatching Lost :D . I just had to type up this rant here. And it's not like I'm lying about anything here, this is her character and everything she did. I probably forgot a lot of stuff as well. All I want to say is... I hate her. She's the only tv character I hated through and through.
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Re: A lengthy summary explaining why I hate Kate

Postby DarthLocke on Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:50 pm

I don't hate Kate, because she is the unusual female protagonist. What one may want to consider is that James and Kate both convey adolescent criminal behavior prior to coming to the Island. Together they promote "more of the same". That is why Jack and Juliet are better for them, because both are good people in the sense that they are STRONG leaders and intend to SAVE LIFE (not destroy it). Jack despite not understanding Kate, comes to accept Kate for whom she is as best he can (although she does hurt him, but really Jack is mad at himself), and Jack gives Kate a sense of security, because he doesn't just abandon her. She is able to admire and learn from him, but Kate's progression is also about becoming a mother. James progression is also a bit complicated because he takes on a persona of someone he really doesn't want to be and he can't move on from it until he confronts the man he let himself become, an image of Anthony Cooper/"Sawyer". The minute James kills him, is the minute James really becomes James and let's persona(s) of Sawyer(s) die. It allows him to become heroic and leader in his own right.

In a multiple universe dynamic you may also see how the characters could be filling in roles (which is also manifesting with in the timeline simultaneously as other evolving time lines). Claudia + Mother + twins ---> Danielle + Ben + Alex------->unknown mother + Cindy + two children -----> Claire + Kate + Aaron ----> 'the creation of David'.

What Kate "does" is reflective to what Kate "has been doing" over the course of several life times and may not understand the state of her own nature, but by the end of this iteration we see she breaks the cycle (one reflecting in the time line by children being raised by other people) by coming back and saving Claire just as Jack may not know why he deeply needs to save life so bad, as the two must choose others in order to actually save themselves and not deal with the Island directly in the next iteration. The reward for the foursome is David. There's loves sacrifice creates new life, which is proof of Jack coming to terms and under standing his father and his fear of death. Daniel Faraday cries when he witnesses 815 crashing. It suggests that he is having visceral (emotional) transference from a previous time line (his current version had yet to understand why), as he might have trying to stop 815 from crashing a bazillion times. (His mother, like Desmond, and Daniels rats, and John Locke have all at times received memory transference)

The situation is written to convey the idea that there are things beyond our immediate selves playing a role in the universe(s), but that there might be people that come into our lives and give us an opportunity to become better people. Kate isn't useless. Kate is lost, because she was living with an abusive (physically/sexually) step father, who actually turns out to be her biological father. Her reaction to his abuse towards her and her mother was extreme, but the real problem was she wasn't expecting her mother to reject her for it. She couldn't understand how her mother could love such an abusive person (which is another reason why James really wasn't initially good for her...as "Sawyer" oftne had objectised women). Kate's mom becomes some-what Stockholm syndrish when it comes to Wayne and fears Kate instead, as Jack and Kate both have a weak parental figures which also ties them together. Kate's choice to choose Claire over Jack and to let Jack die (let ack do what he believed he had to) and help rehabilitate Claire to reunite her with Aaron was a huge step forward for her changing her habits (which her habits reflect a person who suffers from emotional abuse). She proved she was able to understand and accept the choices of others, to finish what she started, and to sacrifice for an innocent person. That doesn't sound useless to me.

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