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Re: [OFFICIAL] Spoilers and Speculation Thread

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by Sandiwich11

Re: [OFFICIAL] Spoilers and Speculation Thread

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by Sandiwich11

Re: [OFFICIAL] Spoilers and Speculation Thread

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by Sandiwich11
Episode 9.22 - Salvation
Cast Details ... -more.html

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:25 am
by DarkUFO

Re: [OFFICIAL] Spoilers and Speculation Thread

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by Sandiwich11

Re: [OFFICIAL] Season 10 - Spoilers and Speculation Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:00 pm
by Rodders
Lots of news for season 10! ... -news.html
Firstly, some names have been announced for the premiere ... Nancie, Liam and Shayera... Hopefully we'll have more information soon :) ... ppets.html
Episode 2 will be called 'Shield', several snippets...
- A really annoying-seeming character named "Nancie" who has a son is in this episode. She comes to work at the Daily Planet, and she seems to be filling in while Lois is... where? We don't know. At one point she listens on the radio to someone named "Godfrey," which could be a reference to Glorious Godfrey of Darkseid lore. The radio "Godfrey" has a thing against "the hero menace," much like he did in the 1980's Legends comic book series.
- The episode also includes a modern day cowboy named Liam who's gunning after Clark Kent - and a woman with the ability to teleport.
A character from the comics who works at the Daily Planet and at one point had a young son is Cat Grant. Could "Nancie" be a "Cassie/Zatanna, Melissa/Maxima" like diversion? ... turns.html
Laura Vandervoort will be back to reprise her role as Kara Kent in season 10 :D I'm quite excited about this. I thought her story wasn't 'wrapped up', and so it'll be good to see her again! ... isode.html
The episode she appears in will be called 'Supergirl'

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More season 10 snippets! ... zarus.html

The presence of Jonathan Kent is just one of the big surprises planned for the episode.
- Chances are good that we will find an answer to whether or not Lois figured out Clark's "other identity" in this one.

I wonder what other suprises there are? Lex? Lana? Braniac? Jor El? A new Kryptonite? Krypton itself? Kandor in a bottle? Yes... I have a lot of ideas :P ... isode.html

The 4th episode of the season, the 200th Episode in the series, will be called "Homecoming". As its the 200th episode... mabye some old characters are going to return?

Read more: ... z0tpeArMbf

This means that Kara's return episode, 'Supergirl', will be either episode 03, or 05... Or possibly later on in the season...

Re: [OFFICIAL] Season 10 - Spoilers and Speculation Thread

PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:53 pm
by Rodders
BIG backlog of spoilers to post...

1001 - Lazarus - Snippets

- An enemy from Clark's past factors heavily into this story.
- There is a visit to the JSA brownstone in the season premiere.
- The show's producers have hinted that a mysterious "Skeleton Key" also is a part of the episode.
- The presence of Jonathan Kent is just one of the big surprises planned for the episode.
- Chances are good that we will find an answer to whether or not Lois figured out Clark's "other identity" in this one.

I'm looking forward to this season more and more with all these suprises

Mega Buzz Snippets

Carter Hall (aka Hawkman) will return in Season 10's second episode, presumably to help Clark & Co. fight this season's big bad. And there will also be a new face, as Clark gets assigned a new partner at the Daily Planet when Lois takes a temporary leave. The character, who seems to be hiding something, is very vocal in her disdain for masked superheroes.

I like Hawkman so it'll be good to see him again :) And new enemies always sound good :)

Ausiello Snippets

Question: Any intel on Smallville’s big bad this year? —Mitch.
Ausiello: No, but I think I have something better: Clark’s getting a new partner at the Daily Planet this season, and she’s got some major DC Comics cred. The character’s name is Cat Grant, and my good buddy Walter Wikipedia has all the deets on the currently-being-cast character. (And no worries Clois fans; Cat will serve solely as a comedic foil to Clark. I think.)

Same partner mentioned above... Sounds intriging... But I like the comedic style on Smallville, so.. :D :D

200th Episode News!

James Masters A.K.A BRANIAC (!!!) Will be returning :D

I love Braniac and Masters is a great actor :D

Big Tease - Snippets

Do you have any ‘Smallville’ scoop regarding its final season? – blackdashund via Twitter
Mine own scoop? No. But here’s a summary of some of what’s to come, as spilled at Comic-Con: Lois knows but Clark might not know that Lois knows Tom Welling directs again Darkseid is the big baddie but in a form we might not expect Justin Hartley will direct Chloe won’t get a “send-off” per se Brainiac in 200 Geoff Johns bringing back Blue Beetle and Booster Gold John “Pa Kent” Schneider has one of his best scenes ever and… Erica Durance in 22 episodes.

A lot of what we already knew, but still sounds good :D

Mega Buzz Snippets

Any scoop on Smallville's final season? I can't wait to see Clark become Superman. — Zach
ADAM: Well, wait you must, it seems. "We've got 22 episodes to do it," says executive producer Kelly Souders. "[Clark] has a few more obstacles and lessons to learn. When you look at the show right now, he's definitely not the Superman — the bright light, the inspirational guy — that he will be by the end of the season. He's still in sort of a dark hour. There are things that he's internally wrestling with, and he really has to get over that in order to become that inspirational hope."

Personally, I dont wan't Clark to become Superman untill the end... Last couple of episode should be his complete transformation into the man. Hopefully they pull of the transformation well.

Latest From Kristen

Justin Hartley is hopping on the Tom Welling bandwagon and taking a stab at directing an episode later this year. "I'm directing episode 20, I think," he told us in SanDiego. "That may change, but it's what I've been told. It's really late in the game so I couldn't really mess things up at that point, right? Or I could ruin it. People might say, 'What is that?! Oh it's Justin's footprint, great. '" Um, we doubt that, but it's cute to know he's a little nervous. And Tom's directing another ep this season, too, so good things are happening all around!

I've liked the episodes Tom has directed, so I hope Justin does well. Good luck to him :) But episode 20 of a 22 episode final season is going to be an important episode, so one again, I hope it's done well.

Latest from Fancast

Could you ask the ‘Smallville’ producers about Clois from Clark’s POV? – ginnytwin via Twitter
I hand-delivered your question to Brian Peterson, who noted that now that Lois knows who The Blur is, “For the first time Clark doesn’t know everything; Lois has the secret. So that dynamic will flip everything in that relationship, and it really brings those personal feelings to life.” Kelly Souders echoed that sentiment, saying, “All those scenes we’ve seen Clark play over the years – going all the way back to Lana – literally get flipped.” Flippin’ cool!

I like the Clois chemistry, so this new dynamic should prove interesting :D

Did you ask the ‘Smallville’ producers about Allison Mack’s exit storyline? – Celine
Ha, trick question – Chloe isn’t getting an exit storyline. “Allison created this character, brought her to life, and wants to make sure she has a part in the final season. So she’s not really being written off,” says Kelly Souders. After taking some time off early in the season to do a play, “Allison comes back and has a really strong storyline, and I think fans will be very happy with it. They will not have seen the last of Chloe Sullivan.”

It sucks that she's leaving for a bit, but as long as it's done well, I'll roll with it.

Casting News

Don't look for Smallville to slow down at all when it comes to adding characters from the DC Comics universe. has reported that actors have been cast as notable DC characters Floyd Lawton and Shayera – AKA Deadshot and Hawkgirl... [[More at link]]

I like them bringing back original characters for the comics, so I look forward to this :D

Re: [OFFICIAL] Season 10 - Spoilers and Speculation Thread

PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 2:37 pm
by Rodders
Here's a collection of spoilers from the last 10 days

Set Pictures of Erica Durance in #200 - Homecoming

[/i]Clark appears to be back in his Crows jacket... School reunion mabye?[/i]

TV Guide Mega Buzz - 18/08/10

How will Smallville deal with having less Chloe this season? — Greg D.
ADAM: As we previously reported, Chloe will give herself up in a trade to save Oliver, who was taken in the season finale. That will keep Chloe off-screen and give Oliver lots to do as he searches for her. Or will it? "Hunting [for her] may not really be a good thing He's got to weigh that decision," executive producer Brian Peterson tells us. Adds fellow EP Kelly Souders: "Giving up is maybe not quite the way he would look at it, but letting go might be part of his scenario."

I'm still unsure of Chloe leaving... But if the story works, I'll enjoy it... I hope :P

Episode 6 Title + Clois news! - Ausiello - 19/08/10

Episode 6, titled “Harvest,” contains some good Clois action. “It’s a creepy ghost town episode, and Lois and Clark find themselves forced together,” reveals exec producer Brian Peterson. “He doesn’t have his powers, and she finds out a lot more about him than she thought she knew.”

I'm all for Clois action, so I like the sound of them having to team up... And episodes where Clark is powerless are always exciting... Bring it on :D

Episode 200 - Homecoming - BUGBOY RETURNS!

Guess who is coming back?? In the 200th episode "Homecoming," will have bugboy aka Greg Arkin back for a return. He was last seen in the show's second episode, yes can you believe that?? From the 2nd episode of the first season. He was the first ever villain so it's going to be great to see him back. He hasn't been heard since then so who knows how it'll go.

Ooo... this should be exciting :D Reinforces the idea of a school reunion... Mabye Pete will return? *enquires hopefully*

Episode 200 - Homecoming - Lois Set Pics

Yeah... I'm going with the School Reunion theory...


This may be the closest thing to a Michael Rosenbaum comeback we get, so enjoy it people: John Glover has signed on to reprise his role as Lex’s late pa, Lionel, for multiple episodes during Smallville‘s 10th and final season, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Glover last graced the Smallville canvas at the end of season 7 when Lex pushed his father out a window to his death. (He appeared briefly in season 8 via archival footage.) The actor is booked for at least two episodes, both of which are expected to air in November.

Glover joins a growing list of Smallville alums rejoining the show in its final season. That list includes John Schneider (Pa Kent), Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl), James Marsters (Brainiac), and Michael Shanks (Hawkman).

Yeah... So I'm pretty excited about this... Lionel was, and still is one of my favourite characters... I'd still like Lex to make a reappearence though.

First Look At Kara's Return!

Smallville offers an exciting glimpse of what's to come for Clark Kent in the show's final season with the October 8 return of V's Laura Vandervoort as Clark's cousin Kara, who has been MIA for almost two years. "Kara returns in a very heroic way," Laura tells me. "When I found out this could be my last episode, I thought it would be great to see a quick glimpse of her in the uniform before she takes off." Lucky Laura's getting her wish!

"You really see her as Supergirl," says exec producer Kelly Souders. "Not the whole outfit, but her wardrobe will have evolved even a little more than Clark's. She's less Kara and way more Supergirl." Watch for Kara to don her new look for a photo shoot after she becomes a media darling following a heroic save that reveals her flying capabilities to the world. To protect her superhero identity, "You'll see Kara in the [brunette] wig and glasses [as] a bit of an homage to her other identity from the comics, Linda Lee Danvers," Laura says.

Might Clark be inspired to further define his own blurred personas? Souders hints, "Kara has a lot of input down the road in Clark's transformation into Superman.

Sounds like her return is going to work well... I look forward to it :D

Fancast - 24/08/10

Matt, I was hoping for any scoop on the ‘Smallville‘ episode “Isis.” – Chrisluvstom via Twitter
As revealed by Kryptonsite, “Isis” is this season’s fifth episode, and there’s been speculation over what/who exactly the title refers to. I have confirmed this much: Although DC lore does boast an Isis character (born of a live-action Saturday-morning series I was addicted to as a lad – “Oh Mighty Isis!”), ‘Smallville’ is serving up a non-branded Egyptian goddess – though the eagle-eyed may catch a wink-wink to the DC heroine.

Ooo... more DC characters... :D :D Need I say more? :D

Can you confirm that Allison Mack will only be in five episodes of ‘Smallville‘ this season? – Jessica
At first glance, that tally seemed skimpy, but it’s the real deal. As Chloe’s portrayer – now starring in the Broadway play ‘Love, Loss and What I Wore’ – told the New York Post, “I didn’t feel comfortable walking away from the show, and my character, without a completion. So I committed to doing five episodes to giving her the ending I think she deserves.”

I'm glad they're not just... getting rid of her... but it won't be the same without her... :/

Mega Buzz - 24/08/10

What more can you tell me about the Smallville premiere? — Allen
ADAM: I can tell you that it ends with a twist that executive producer Kelly Souders says "rocks [Clark's] world and sends him on a different trajectory. ... He realizes that he's not the guy that everybody looks to when they think of Superman, an inspirational totally pure-hearted guy. That's not who Clark Kent is right now, and that becomes very clear to him."

I look forward to the moment that Clark 'becomes' Superman... So I enjoy set-up bits like this.

Ask Ausiello - 25/08/10

Question: You tell us that Erica Durance is playing Isis on Smallville and you don’t elaborate? WTH? —Steve
Ausiello: Do you still not understand how this works? Ausiello TV is where the seed gets planted, and Ask Ausiello is where we watch the flower grow. Put another way, Ausiello TV is the foreplay to Ask Ausiello’s full-on shag. So whaddaya say we get down to business? “It’s an inhabitation story,” explains exec producer Brian Peterson of the Lois-Isis connection. “Lois is actually going to be possessed by the spirit of Isis.” Was it good for you, Steve? BTW, quick clarification: Smallville‘s Isis isn’t the DC Comics character Isis. It’s the Egyptian goddess Isis with a nod to the DC Isis. Understand? Good, now explain it to me.

So... Faora Zod all over again? Meh... I trust the writers... Sounds good :D

Question: Anything on Chloe’s return yet on Smallville? —Maria26
Ausiello: Allison Mack will appear in the premiere and then return “in the middle of the season in a very impactful way in Clark’s life,” reveals Peterson. “It’s a great wrap-up to her character, and it also dovetails into the Chloe/Oliver relationship.”

Once again... Sounds good :D ... They're really trying thier best to make her departure work... I hope it pays off :)

Season 10 New Promo Pics!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:17 pm
by C.A.B1992

More Lois images from Premier

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:32 am
by Kal_85 ... rance.html

The girl sure does seem to get herself in some hot bother

Spoiler (Click to reveal/hide)

Some BTS from an extra

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:54 pm
by meijiOrO
Here's a blog post from an extra for the episode Homecoming.

On Monday and Tuesday I was booked as a featured extra on "Smallville" which was fun and a great introduction to the world of on-camera acting and of being an extra. The days were VERY long and tough. There is a lot of sitting and waiting, and you get fed constantly (to keep us underlings happy!), but there is also a lot of standing for long periods of time. (Sidenote: I never knew what a problem flat feet were until this past week. My big toes are still numb. Hello, orthotics?) So, what exactly is a featured extra? I am not just a background performer. I was selected to be a "Nerdy Woman Alumni". Thanks to my glasses, I am sure. Personally I don't care what they 'cast' me as, as long as I get paid! There is a moment were Lois Lane addresses me and the other nerdy women and we ignore her.

I met Erica Durance, aka Lois Lane, who is very nice and impossibly thin. And Tom Welling, aka Clark Kent, is very pretty (almost too pretty) and buff up close. I also was within whispering distance of James Marsters, aka Brainiac, who you may remember as Spike from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". The down side is that the Wardrobe people put me in two layered sweaters where it was over 35 degrees on-set. I was constantly melting off my makeup and having to be re-touched. I was on-set for 10 hours on Monday and 14 hours on Tuesday. The episode is called "Homecoming" and I am all over (the background of) it. It is scheduled to air in October. Will keep you up-to-date on this and we will see if I end up on the cutting room floor or have my 2.6 seconds of glory! ... leted.html

Ausiello 9/1/10

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:39 pm
by meijiOrO
More spoilers from Ausiello. ... s-1st.html

From what I've heard from another first hand source I'm betting the big moment will be the iconic scene that the person saw the filming of. Here's hoping for little bit of a Clois flight. :thumbsup:

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by Sandiwich11
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Season 10 - Spoilers and Speculation Thread

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:51 pm
by Sandiwich11
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More Season 10 BTS Photos!!

PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:09 am
by C.A.B1992