Erica Durance Interviews about season 8

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Erica Durance Interviews about season 8

Postby supernatural66 on Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:49 pm

Scanned by Kelly1142 on DI- transcribed by me! ... big-scoop/

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Sept 14, 2008 NYC Daily News VUE
Lois & Clark Expedition
by Richard Huff

Midway into a sentance, Erica Durance is interrupted by her 9-year-old stepson looking for help with his video game. The youngster is not the only one enthralled with Durance , best known for playing Lois Lane on the CW's Smallville.

Since hitting the small screen as the reporter made famous in the Superman comics, Durance has appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine, in layouts in FHM magazine and of course, made Clark Kent's heart go pitter-patter.

And this year, Durance promises Kent and Lane will heat things up.

"This year, we'll actually see Clark being more of his own man,"Durance says,"He's so heroic. I just think it's lovely what they've done for him."

"For my own character," she adds, "there's a lot more of the Lois and Clark they're looking for, a lot more fun with that interplay."

In short, Lois is coming to terms with how she feels for Clark and how he might be different from the rest.

"Smallville" heading into its eighth season, revolves around Tom Welling's playing Superman as a young man. For the past seven seasons viewers have seen him grow as a budding superhero.

Fans often pepper Durance with qeustions about when Clark is finally going to be Superman and when Clark and Lois will realize they're in love.

"People ask, 'When is he going to wear tights or the cape?'"Durance says. "I'm sure I make people very frustrated. In this business, they don't always give an actor a big map for the season."

Clark's new gig at the Daily Planet has him working right across from Lois, which leads to more interaction.

"I've had some really wonderful scenes with Clark, some great, great moments seeing these individuals coming together," Durance says.

Away from "Smallville" this summer, Durance shot a movie for Lifetime called "Final Verdict," while also balancing her family life.

"I always try to go out and try something new," she says. "There is that comfort of having that role [on Smallville] to play for five years, but it's nice to try something else."

She says lately she's drawn to similar roles with similar color schemes.

"They're female leads that are strong and decisive," she says. "The last one I did was very cerebral....Each of these characters has a flip side,you see a lot of vulnerability."

Three-dimensional is a term she returns to a couple of times.

"Perhaps it's because of my own life," she says. "I'm very career-driven, but I always have to come back and put my son's [video] game back in."
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