Official Episode 16: Blood on the Scales - Discussion

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Official Episode 16: Blood on the Scales - Discussion

Postby The Strog on Sat Feb 07, 2009 5:13 am

Here's the thread for tonight's episode!

I believe you lot know what to do... ;)
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Re: Official Episode 16: Blood on the Scales - Discussion

Postby Nick on Sun Feb 08, 2009 5:26 am

THANK GOD Gaeta is finally dead. He's been annoying me all season.

Good episode. Not quite as good as last week's, but still very good.
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Re: Official Episode 16: Blood on the Scales - Discussion

Postby Simply Kimberly on Sun Feb 08, 2009 7:22 pm

I've got so many thoughts about an absolutely stellar episode.

Starbuck/Apollo. Kara/Lee working together as full on action heroes with a side of snark thrown in is such a welcome sight again. I hope Apollo is back full time for the duration of the series. They can swear him in as president in a closing scene or something. The exchange about Apollo not pulling the pin on the grenade was classic!

Kara and Sam! :wub: I've had my Kara/Lee moments but Sam has won me over. He is the guy for Kara because he is into her. He truly does love her and doesn't have the pomposity that overwhelms Lee so much that he continually walks away from her. I am happy that in Sam's darkest hour he has Kara there for him. He better live though. Sam has been through enough. I want to see him happy for a change.

Romo Lampkin. Oh how I <3 the hades out of him. He is my favorite guest star on this series. He is smarmy and sexy and snarky and evidently quite the bad arse with a pen. I hope this isn't a one shot and we have more of him as it winds down. I loved his "field trip to justice" line.

Aaron. It was really great to see Aaron again after he was assigned to the Brig when he tried to kill Lampkin during Baltar's trial. The conflict that he faced over carrying out the orders to harm Adama was really well done. And his moment of choice when he had The Chief in his sights was one of my favorite scenes of the episode.

The Chief. John McClain in space pulling out all the stops to thwart the coup is The Chief I know and love.

Zarek. Wow! What a frakking monster he truly turned out to be. I didn't see the massacre of the Quorum coming at all. He never changed his spots at all.

Gaeta. So long, farewell. I'm glad to see you go. Gaeta always struck me as a wormy sort of fellow. He got exactly what was coming to him. Although he was in my favorite scene of the episode when he and Baltar have the final chat. That was so intense!

Gaius Baltar. Is it my imagination or has Gaius Baltar actually become a grown up? Is he putting the needs of others before his own personal comfort?

Random Thoughts.

Zarek's and Gaeta's worst mistake in the failed coup is that they didn't take out Lee and Kara first. Did they not know that these two would be their downfall? Did they really think that locking them up was going to do the trick?

What was that on the wall that The Chief was looking at after he pulled the FTL drive? Was that a crack or an image? Why was it so fascinating to him?

Roslin loves her some Bill Adama and nothing is going to stand in the way of her keeping her man.

Is Gaeta missing from the table in the Last Supper pic because he is the Judas? Or is that the space for the final Cylon?

The Agathons survived! And it looks like they have a permanent baby sitter in Caprica Six. She is totally into that child. It is kind of spooky.

Hot Dog letting his conscience be his guide! Awesome.

Leoben, with the little part he played in this episode, is still my favorite of the original model skin jobs outside of the Natalie Six.

Judging from the previews for next week I think I am going to be thrilled with it as well. It looks quite Sam centric, steeped in Cylon mythos and I am guessing one ticked off model in particular and I am all good with that.
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