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[Official] CSI Miami Ep. 8.07 Discussion

Postby PandaVamp on Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:10 pm

"Bone Voyage"


Discuss the latest CSI Miami episode here.

Laurence Fishburne ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation") Guest Stars as Dr. Ray Langston, Who Follows the Evidence from Las Vegas to Miami, then to New York. Part One of a Three-Part CSI Trilogy Crossover "Bone Voyage — Horatio Caine calls Las Vegas CSI Dr. Ray Langston to come to Miami when a severed leg found in the Everglades is discovered to belong to a girl who went missing in Las Vegas a week earlier, on CSI: MIAMI, Monday, Nov. 9 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Laurence Fishburne ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation") Guest Stars as Dr. Ray Langston.

Horatio Caine David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne Emily Procter
Eric Delko Adam Rodriguez
Jesse Cardoza Eddie Cibrian
Ryan Wolfe Jonathan Togo
Det. Frank Tripp Rex Linn
Natalia Boa Vista Eva La Rue
Walter Simmons Omar Miller

Ray Langston Laurence Fishburne
Tom Loman Christian Clemenson
Michael Travers Christopher Redman
Dave Benton Wes Ramsey

Ashley Tanner Danielle Savre
Brenda Tanner Dendrie Taylor
Jimmy Burris Louis Mandylor
Tyler Goodman Timothy Lee DePriest
Madeline Briggs Amanda MacDonald
Nick Cooper Tim Meinelschmidt
Vince McCallister Japeth Gordon
Nathan Cole Amaury Nolasco
Molly Jaime Taite
Vanessa Michelle Belegrin
Uniformed Petty Officer Eltony Williams
Desk Sergeant Garrett Davis

Source: CBS

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Re: [Official] CSI Miami Ep. 8.07 Discussion

Postby cheggie on Wed Nov 11, 2009 7:45 am

I don't know about the rest of us, but for the moment I have the feeling this crossover will be , quoting Shakespeare "much ado about nothing". I find a bit silly the way they introduced Langston in the case. I hope the rest of the story gets interesting. This first episode was pretty boring.
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Re: [Official] CSI Miami Ep. 8.07 Discussion

Postby dutchie on Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:12 am

Thanks for the warning. I only watch the original CSI but I feel if I skip the other two episodes I will have no clue whats going on in this weeks CSI ep, so I will be watching the other two also.

Im watching the ep right now and its even worse than when I stopped watching. I dont know if Im watching a tv show or soem lame video clip.
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Re: [Official] CSI Miami Ep. 8.07 Discussion

Postby mayra1990 on Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:50 am

Thanks :)
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