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[Official] Supernatural Episode 6.01 Discussion

Postby Dreyesbo on Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:30 pm

“Exile on Main Street”


Please discuss the latest episode here:

MITCH PILEGGI (“X-Files,” “Sons of Anarchy”) RETURNS AS DEAN AND SAM’S GRANDFATHER — It’s a year later and Dean (Jensen Ackles) has given up hunting and is living with Lisa (guest star Cindy Sampson) and her son Ben (guest star Nicholas Elia). Mysteriously freed from his cage in hell, Sam (Jared Padalecki) finds Dean and tells him he needs to rejoin the fight and introduces Dean to a world—a family—he never even knew existed.... the Campbells, his mother’s family, lead by none other than their Grandfather Samuel (Pileggi). Phil Sgrricia directed the episode written by Sera Gamble (#601).

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Re: [Official] Supernatural Episode 6.01 Discussion

Postby spngirl89 on Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:55 pm

I really loved the episode. I know there are a lot of changes from how the show usually is, but I think this is what makes it so good. Don't get me wrong, I loved the past few seasons, Swan Song being one of my favorite episodes so far, but I do feel it was time for a change in order for it to not become a repetition of what we've seen before which often happens on shows when they go past a certain number of seasons.

I was expecting Dean to be very changed after a year away from the old life, but in a way I feel he is the same, he's just adapted to his new situation which is as a family guy. I did miss his sarcasm but I don't think it's so much gone, but that the setting of the episode it didn't really come naturally.
I think Sam has changed a lot more than Dean. It's almost like he's completely cold. When he talked to Dean about not letting him know he was back he more or less just uttered a lot of facts, no regret or sadness present. I do think he feels he did the right thing, but the old Sam would have been more torn about that decision.

I loved Bobby in this ep, he really won my heart in his conversation about getting Dean out of the life he's been living. I think in a way he gave me what I was hoping to get from Sam in this episode.

Last I would like to say that even tho I'm all for getting back to the brothers, the road and the classic rock, I feel this ending fitted the episode. Dean staying behind with Lisa and Ben is the only way to stay true to Dean's character. Family means a lot to him, and I think in a year they've become his family. Him leaving them instantly would be un-Dean like. I'm looking forward to seeing the transition and to see how the Campbells play into that process.
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Re: [Official] Supernatural Episode 6.01 Discussion

Postby ARIS3 on Sat Sep 25, 2010 10:24 pm

This is the first time I'm writing sth like this for a SN episode, but I hated it... I loved the beginning where we see how Dean lives now and the flashback when he was hunting with Sammy, but after that...
Sammy... Where the hell did Sammy go??? I want the sweet old Sammy back... ASAP!
The Cambells? Hated them... Especially this Gwen chick... And of course I don't trust them at all... Right now i don't even know what to feel about grandpa and I really loved him in ITB.
The Lisa-Ben s/l was delivered pretty good. And Dean even though he is changed, he is still Dean.But Sam... Sammy... he broke my heart... (I have to say here that Jared did a phenomenal job, portraying this new Sam)
I know that the real Sam is hiding somewhere in there and I'm dying to find out what happened to him down in the pit that was so horrible (in such a short time) to cause all this emotional damage...
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Re: [Official] Supernatural Episode 6.01 Discussion

Postby hmbb on Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:05 pm

I likedthe episode but wasn't overwhelmed by it. like in previous seasons. I liked seeing how domestic and fatherly Dean has become but could sense from the start of the episode that he wasnt entirely happy or comfortable in his new life.
Sam was cold and unemotional which left me wondering if he was the true Sam or if some demon was left in him. The way he was with Dean and their reunion left me wanting more brotherly love instead of anger and hostility.

I felt bad for Dean when he was talking about the hurt he felt over Sam's death and the fact that Sam was alive and letting him feel this guilt and sadness. It made me hate Sam for a minute (but just a minute). Bobby was great this episode when he explained to Dean about why he didn't want to tell him about Sam.

I don't trust Grandpa or the Campbell's at all. I question their motives and their plans for Sam. I wonder if they are in fact who they say they are or if they are demons in disguise.

I hope that we find out why Sam is so cold and that the brothers patch things up quickly. I was disappointed that yellow eyes was a hallucination and hope he coms back for real. Looking forward to next week.
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Re: [Official] Supernatural Episode 6.01 Discussion

Postby Infinity83 on Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:35 pm

I think, like most people, watching the episode the first time left me feeling a bit like WTF? I guess I expected them to be the same old Sam and Dean and at first I thought the Sam and Dean I saw in 6.01 were really OOC. Then I made myself sit and really think about the episode before I watched it for a second time and that really helped.

I think that if we had gotten to see the same Sam and Dean that we're used to seeing then they wouldn't have fit into the episode at all, the old Sam and Dean would have been OOC in this season.

Dean, for as much as it may have seemed like he changed, he really didn't change much at all. Dean's focus has always been about family and for nearly a year he thought the only family he had left was dead. So he found a new family in Lisa and Ben. His top priority never changed, with Sam gone he was now looking out for Lisa and Ben. For that reason I think Dean staying behind to protect them was true to his character. It would have been OOC for Dean to just pack up and leave Lisa and Ben defenseless and run off with Sam.

As much as I think Lisa is the perfect type of woman for Dean, I in no way at all like her. I feel as if she was an addition to the end of season 5 because they needed someplace for Dean to go after Sam jumped in the cage and she was all they could come up with. Ben, I like Ben. If something happens to Lisa and Ben, I think Dean would be more torn up by the fact that he couldn't save Ben. I think Dean loves Lisa but he's not in love with her and despite what Lisa said in season 3, I think Ben really is Dean's son.

The Campbells = Do Not Like! That Gwen chick creeps me out, that one guy is a d-bag and the quiet one... okay well, him I kinda liked. Grandpa Sam, I liked him better when he was a demon possessed corpse. He's way too smarmy and I just don't trust him.

Now lastly, Sam. I think Sam is exactly how he is supposed to be, being all emo right now like he used to be would just be way off-putting. I kinda feel sorry for him. I think his time, however long it was, was way more difficult than Dean's time in hell. Think about it. He wasn't in the hell Dean was in, Sam was trapped with both Lucifer and Michael and they no doubt took out some frustration on him. Sam also didn't have the option of hopping off the rack and start torturing others; he was stuck. We have no idea what Sam was like when he first came back, we're only seeing him after a year so maybe shutting down emotionally is his way of dealing with whatever happened to him. But we all know that that way is only gonna lead to an explosion and when Sam explodes I think it'll be huge. I also think Sam is extremely jaded now. He's like: "I used to try and find the bright side to everything; used to try to find the gray areas or the silver lining but look what doing that got me. Addicted to demon blood, releasing Lucifer and starting the Apocalypse and then trapped in a cage in hell with two archangels. I had the best intentions and it literally led me right into hell. Before all this I never would have admitted it but now I understand. Dad was right; monsters are monsters, plain and simple and it's our job to kill them."

And to address the people who are suspicious of Sam because he was not emotional enough when Dean and he reunited, I'll ask you this. If your brother thought you were dead but you came back and didn't tell him but you knew where he was, that he was safe and possibly enjoying his new life; would you feel good about dragging him back into things? No. Also Sam has known Dean was alive and well for a year and Dean thought Sam was dead, so it's only fitting that Dean's reaction was a bit more emotional than Sam's and I think Sam's reaction was all the emotion he's capable of feeling right now.

I seriously can't wait for this season to unfold, I think it's going to be amazing and once things are explained a bit more, we'll see why it was necessary for the characters to have changed the way they did.
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