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Re: A Supernatural Characters’ Study

PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 5:27 am
by max47
"And if you want to be technical about his dreams and fantasy...when he went to his ideal "fantasy" life in "What Is And Never Should Be", it was Carmen he was with...a woman whose face he saw in a magazine...not LIsa or Cassie. So I really don't think he was only dreaming about Lisa.
yeah that s what i meant he never dreamed about c. but about someone who wasn´t real until he met lisa again, and then we see him dreaming about her and he says whenever he does it s her(from then on). so she s the only one that stuck.but then well still go in circles because you see it as it was because she had a son and he wanteed him to be his, and i see it as-she was a different person and it became deeper, and if he wanted a kid with someone it was her, so her and b are the family he pictures.and again that was before the year he spent with them, after that they definitely seem connected as much as other couples on spnl to me. just agree to disagree okay? :)