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Season 7 - Episode 18 - Party On Garth - Official Discussion

Postby CLDeangrl on Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:15 am

Oh man...I was ambivalent on this one up until the last five minutes...and they just did me in!

I started out being annoyed by how they seemed to brush over Sam's hallucinations being gone. I get that they were setting this up as a stand alone episode but it was a pretty major development, I think it required SOME kind of acknowledgement.

As for the case itself...that I liked, classic Supernatural. Loved the having to be drunk to see the monster twist. And some great lines.

I am SO glad that DJ Qualls was brought back...he deserved more air time after being lost in Time For A Wedding. And he delivered, as usual..."You've been Garthed". Loved that.

The sock puppet was stretching things a tad, but overall I loved DJ and like the character of Garth.

Speaking of stretching things...they really want us to believe that little girl was drunk after one sip of vodka? Um...think not!

Loved drunk Sam...he always was a cute drunk. "National Security!"...that may have been my favorite moment of the night.

And go figure...the one moment he NEEDS to be drunk, Dean's the only one who isn't!

And finally we have confirmation on what we'd suspected about Bobby. I was worried that they were going to have Dean be **** at Sam after his revelation about the talking board but fortunately they avoided that.

I loved the moment in the brewery...Dean so wanted to believe that was Bobby...but really, as much as I love the emo stuff, it's been so overdone with Dean lately that that moment kind of lost some of its impact.

Then we get the last five minutes. Oh man...I'm still tearing up. Bobby!! I knew he'd stuck around. I find it odd that he, off all people, can't figure out how to communicate as a ghost, but I like that he's still there watching over his boys...sigh.

Oh and I have to say...a freakin' PACER?! Ok, I think we've reached the limit on POS cars of the week...could we PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Baby?!!

All in all, I have to give this one an 8 out of 10. It had it's good moments but overall left me less than completely satisfied.
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