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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.01/4.02 Discussion

Postby Devil's Arcade on Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:16 pm

Hmm, very surprised, I really liked it!

First time since season 1 I liked everything non-claire!
Still hate the hole Claire thing, the same every damn season tbh!

Nick, the way I see Parkman reacting that way is I believe Sylar is actually in his head, and he knows he is not there, but sometimes he 'forgets' (not actually forgets, duh, just Sylar being in him make shim think it is real at times) and he starts going crazy, he is literally going crazy, he is not in control of what he is doing, Sylar is doing it.

Btw, Knepper is a legend.
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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.01/4.02 Discussion

Postby Lord Brad III on Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:57 am

It was a very entertaining premier, but it might not have been for the right reasons.

We know now that Tracy is a ******* badasss and Peter seems to have gotten his empathic abilities back in full. Finally!
Which brings me to the fight with the knife guy, with both Tracy AND Peter. When the dude stabbed at her face, it slo-motioned it to show how wonderfully bizarre her ability is. When Peter acquired the super-speed/knife mastery and then fought the dude, I was pleasantly surprised at how cool that whole scene was.

**** Claire. Please writers, kill her off. NOW. Also it seemed that the girl with long black hair has an ability, like learning very quickly or having perfect memory. Dunno.

Like I said it was entertaining, but reviewing it I ALWAYS came back around to the question: Why is this seemingly all over the place? It doesn't seem to be leading anywhere solidly, with a cohesive narrative.
The jury is still out for me regarding the Matt/Sylar/Nathan trio, although I am glad to see they are showing Nathan (who is actually Sylar) becoming aware of his changed nature very quickly.

I am downloading the first 19 or so minutes since I didn't even realize to turn the DVR on until then.

Edit: I love the character of Samuel...but what exactly IS his power anyway????
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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.01/4.02 Discussion

Postby Dreyesbo on Fri Sep 25, 2009 2:17 pm

Lord Brad III wrote:Edit: I love the character of Samuel...but what exactly IS his power anyway????

He moves earth. And my suspicion is that his special ink has some kind of earth he can control.

What bothered me most at the premiere was that after changing an event 14 years ago, a butterfly effect didn't happen (Hell, it was the name of an episode last season!). Kimiko and Ando became boyfriend and girlfriend? Okay, it could've happened. It didn't affect anything else? I don't buy it.
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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.01/4.02 Discussion

Postby spoil_me on Fri Sep 25, 2009 2:32 pm

Ok we have barely met Sam and his gang so I will reserve judgment
Give me the "OMG WTF" spoilers!
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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.01/4.02 Discussion

Postby chr1s on Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:05 am

Nick wrote:Parkman and Sylar. Crappy storyline in my opinion. And Parkman is an idiot. It's not that hard to abstain from reacting to your hallucinaton. I mean, he has to know he looks like a complete nutjob. Boo hoo, Sylar is bothering you. Suck it up and quit making yourself look stupid to everyone around you. Parkman's jealousy of waterboy was kind of annoying too.

I thought that storyline was genius, Parkman's insecure because his wife had cheated on him before and it was brilliant how Sylar was able to manlipulate this in order to manlipulate Parkman. Parkman is very much the everyday man in Heroes and like all of us, peoples weaknesses are often used to manlipulate good people to do bad things!
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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.01/4.02 Discussion

Postby brentoid on Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:33 pm

Peter seems to have gotten his empathic abilities back in full.

i didnt get that at all... it just seems like it has the same power he had after he took to serum... takes one power by touch at a time...he got the leaping about like an eejit from mohinder...and super speed from knife boy... which when you consider that after sylar got the shanti virus he got to keep tk...so the show gets to keep uber ultra powered sylar while everybody else gets neutered.. sigh..

claire bored me in this ep... dont really care that her albeit mental roomate jumped...

peter was actually pretty smart.. for a change...

hiro...time travelling & only changing one thing ?? hmmm i'll reserve judgement on that... sorta saw the "im gonna die" thing coming

the carneys... me likey... bit weird about the compass... why was it in danko's stomach ?? again i'll reserve judgement...

sylar / nathan / parkman... hmmm.... i was trying to rationalise the immense **** storm that was parkman making sylar belive he's nathan... in the x-men comics... prof x mind wipes magneto... in turn part of magneto's subconciousness gets lodged in xaviers brain... this leads to onslaught being created... so the idea isnt new... at least heroes is being consistant in ripping off better comics... ie season one & watchmen...

overall i'd give the premier a 6 outta 10... imho it was nowhere near as bad as i though it would be... samuel & the carneys redeemed it...ish...
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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.01/4.02 Discussion

Postby Gill on Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:14 pm

Who was the girl/woman along with Sylar and Peter inked on the girl's back right at the end? I didnt really think it looked much like Claire, seemed too old
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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.01/4.02 Discussion

Postby beresford on Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:54 pm

Ok, so the premiere clearly was better than I expected it to be. Maybe it was my expectations that were just very very low or maybe the show is redeeming himself.
First of all, I didn’t find Claire’s storyline annoying. At all. I think she got plenty of boring storylines in the past two years, namely weird and forced relationships, but college was something I enjoyed seeing her going through. Maybe it’s because I am going through it as well, I can relate a bit more. And I like seeing the Heroes dealing with “normal” situations, I think that should be the main focus of the show the entire time.
Then, glad they’re giving Tracy more screen-time, I’ve always liked her, and yes, I’m aware I’m a minority here. I was expecting them to keeping her as bad-guy for a bit longer, but maybe it’s better this way, with less flip-flops, kind of more defined since the begging. From the promo to the next episode, it looks like she’ll be returning to her environment as well, which is very nice.
I don’t like and I don’t buy, at all, her relationship with HRG. HRG was cool on this episode as well, exploring him without his family is way better then keeping exploring him trying to keep his family, because we’ve seen that way too much. But him and Tracy? They wanted to kill each others, now they’re all in love? That part is bad, very bad. Besides, I can’t see any sort of chemistry there.
Peter Petrelli… He reminded me so much of the Peter from the first season I used to love. I’m so glad he is a hero with powers again, I hope they keep him this way. Also, I hope they keep him working as a paramedic for a bit longer, it suits his character so much, and I could really see his motivations and what he meant by saying that he finally found peace with himself. Unlike the others, Peter is a character that never really wanted the normal life without the powers, it wouldn’t make sense to try to force it. It’s perfect as it is.
I don’t like the whole Nathan/Sylar thing but… I must say that A) I love Angela Petrelli but she is being way too ridiculous with all this, B) I’m glad they didn’t gave us a bunch of I-Am-Nathan-But-I-Am-Sylar Scenes, C) Really enjoyed the scenes of Parkman and Sylar, even though I think they’ll probably get way too tiring if they use them too much, which is usually the problem of Heroes.
Hiro and Ando storyline is usually the one that annoys me the most. It wasn’t that bad this one. Especially because they got Hiro envolved with Samuel’s storyline. I think there’s a lot of potential there, something entirely new to the show, if they don’t get lost on it (cough Arthur Petrelli cough), they may be able to create a great thing. And Robert Kneper rocks.
Yeah, big review for a big premiere. I would give it 4/5. I had a good time watching it.
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