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Is it me

Postby kinggenesis on Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:51 pm

yes heroes did improve in a major way this season . but my only wish is that they bring adam/kensi back have him pull a wolverine and say it took three years do fully regenerate from one tiny blood cell. because he has a lot of answers and would pull in ratings because a man thats 400 years old has to no a thing or two about a thing or there redemption pulled off . know was it good enough to get a fifth season . maybe? what do you guys think?. seeing as how all the other shows nbc has and how there ina jam about there late night shows . dose heroes have a spot for next year will they get more than 18 episodes maybe another 24 will be good . but do we care about the charactors enough to bring them back. and if they do return and there ina jam of how to kill sylar or dampin someone who is to strong instead of rape him of his powers poor pete. make a charactor who can controll atoms and distort them or have some one with telekinesis with unlimted potentiall and have him out do sylar on every level have him pose as a copy cat and then progressivly **** sylar off. thats a good story line two villians kind of competing .cause sylar cant kill him . and the new guy dosent wanna kill he just wants to have fun. somehting like that.(oh and if you (nbc) or anyone else for that matter use these powers ill know and i want something for my contrabution. maybe playing that charactor or what ever. but dont use it unless you ask. haha :D but know :sneaky: seriously that last part isnt a joke ? but still should they come back do they deserve it. feed back please
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Re: Is it me

Postby brentoid on Fri Oct 09, 2009 11:18 am isnt just you...

heroes was never to my mind unpredictable... not when you factor in the huge boner they have for sylar...
in so you can predict, that if he's in an apparent life or death scenario - he will survive... if he loses he powers - he will get them back...or tk at least...

contrast that last point to peter or hiro... both either lost powers or got neutered in using them...

even in season one...any of the revelations at ther end of the episodes were not really plot related... eg sylar starting to cut peters head at mohinders KNEW peter would survive...the revelation that nathan was claires dad...well that was not a surprise for me at least...

the only time heroes surprised me was lindermans death... i didnt think that would happen...dl's death in season 2 was surprising , but for the wrong reasons... a guy who can phase through matter gets shot ?? really ?? wtf... ¬¬

but that said... five years gone was a fantastic just started to go downhill from there...sorta like the high tide mark...
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Re: Is it me

Postby Space Lizard on Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:18 pm

Yeah, this season is much improved on last year, and this can mainly be attributed to all the interesting new characters at the carnival in my view.
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Re: Is it me

Postby spoil_me on Fri Nov 13, 2009 12:24 am

I find nothing really interesting about the Carnival gang. Just soe other lame villians to fill scene time Sylar isnt in. Heroes writer have blown it time and time again this is no exception. In fact some of things happening this season make season 1 and others impossible. How insulting. Some examples

If Hiro dies then there is no future Hiro. This means no sword and seaon 1 end is impossible.

If company does exist any longer who does Claire join with as we saw last season

How has Charlie living effected what happens after?

If Nathan is dead or presumed dead. How does he become President? If he doesnt then Sylar doesnt take his body. This throws several things and deaths in turmoil

Its like Dallas all over with Pam's dream. The writers have blown it over and over and thats why we see rating decline and this season possibly the last
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Re: Is it me

Postby MrsAdamLambert on Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:00 pm

...I will save A for effort, they've improved over last volume and they're trying but the execution is very uneven.

On the one hand I like the idea of the carnival. Sort of the opposing school of thought to the companys bag a tag, a rag tag group of outcasts that society casts as villains and objects of fear. But they seem so centered on Samuel that we have yet to actually get to know any of them as characters. Even Lydia who somehow sucks up a lot of screen time is virtually a mystery, including her ability. I just wish they would work on the idea of what the carnival is instead of using it as an extension of Samuel.

Sylar/Sylathan is thix mixed bag of bad choices and understandable ones. On the one hand I get why they did it. With Sylar struggling with his identity last volume it made sense to sort of add another level to that. They had me worried though, I mean erasing a person and "painting" over him with another is extreme sci-fi a place Heroes has never been able to go to well. And as predicted they don't totally seem to know what they're doing. Sylar killed Nathan, Matt attempted to erase Sylar (though why anyone thought that would actually work is beyond me) and "paint" over him with Nathan but no part of Nathan was actually transferred. So...(if you've seen Thanksgiving these aren't spoilers)
Spoiler (Click to reveal/hide) I to believe that the construct of memories is what actually controlled Sylar's body in Thanksgiving. That makes no sense seeing as the memories of Nathan's life, though a part of Nathan while living weren't actually removed from Nathan and put into Sylar they were just put into Sylar. Either way you look at I get a throbbing pain in my head.

Or to see it another way is it all Sylar, resisting being a killer again. Latching onto those parts of Nathan that he wants to keep. Beloved brother, innocent, etc. That would make sense for sure, in fact it would be amazing but could we really hope from that much? Could the show really be that insightful?

They handled Sylathan better then I expected, making it a little more who am I rather then Nathan v Sylar which I was very relieved about but it was all so confusing and trippy during the last few episodes that I almost couldn't take it. I mean there was no Nathan since the end volume 4 but that would just make to much sense to actually attempt.

Beyond those two complaints though, small as they aren't, this volume is more interesting then the last but by no means something that I would call "a greak comeback". It's an okay start.
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Re: Is it me

Postby Lord Brad III on Fri Dec 18, 2009 3:18 am

I do think that this season is an improvement over most of last season. Five Years Gone is one of the best episodes ever, but I am now okay with the notion that the writers have abandoned all Timeline correction, and simply moved on with what the future holds. We should not take what we saw in the First Season's predicted future as being able to come to pass, I think we need to put that aside. So for instance as spoil_me asks; I think we should accept that any future/past questions we have are irrelevant unless they are directly addressed on the show. Assuming something is still to come to fruition, IMO, is fairly pointless. That said, I don't think that makes it a negative aspect of the show and it's time-traveling scenarios.

Obviously the carnival and Samuel are the basis of this season, with Samuel being the main villain. His attempt to gather as many people with abilities as possible, in order for him to feed off of their energy, gaining enough power to move cities, mountains, countries, and destroy the world, is a half-cheesy but half-expected line of plot for me. It kind of goes without saying that at this point nothing short of total destruction of the planet would be less enthralling end game material than anything else.

The Sylar/Nathan storyline was interesting. Last season I thought it was totally stupid. This season, with all the twists about who is who in their mind, Nathan giving up fighting with Sylar on the inside, and now Nathan's "death" and Sylar being back, I am happy with the direction this season is going. Hiro's story hasn't been too bad either, although I have given up on giving any thought whatsoever about what future and what past is true or not. Thus I just watch and enjoy.

Has anyone else thought that Sylar's TK is kind It's an awesome power and all, but it seems all he seems to be able to do is A) whip objects/people across the air, or move things with quick motions, or B) hold things/people stock still. He does not seem to be able to slowly and smoothly use telekinesis, which would make for a better dynamic when we see the more typical "Sylar attitudes." Oh well.

But a good comeback? Yes, I agree. Here's also hoping to a Season 5. In fact, the show never really has to end, given its comic-book-style premise.
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Re: Is it me

Postby jsalexandra on Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:36 am

This season was a lot better than the previous ones and now i am expecting a lot more from the next season.
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Re: Is it me

Postby rojd on Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:58 pm

Its improved alot :D
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Re: Is it me

Postby Devil's Arcade on Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:07 pm

jsalexandra wrote:This season was a lot better than the previous ones and now i am expecting a lot more from the next season.

If there is one. :(
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