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[Official] Heroes Ep. 4.12 Discussion

Postby Joshua on Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:25 pm


Please discuss this episode here.

11/30/2009 (08:00PM - 09:00PM) (Monday) : SAMUEL STARTS TO SEE HIS VISION TAKE SHAPE - H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) is greeted by some unexpected visitors and Samuel's (Robert Knepper) grand plan begins to come to fruition. Meanwhile, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) struggles to accept the truth and takes extreme measures to get what he wants. Elsewhere, Claire's (Hayden Panettiere) journey leads her to an unexpected destination. Adrian Pasdar, Zachary Quinto and Cristine Rose also star. Jimmy Jean-Louis, David H. Lawrence XVII, Madeline Zima, Dawn Olivieri, Todd Stashwick and Elisabeth Rohm guest star.

Read more: http://www.spoilertv.com/search/label/H ... z0YLRu1kdI

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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.12 Discussion

Postby Nick on Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:25 am

Pretty blahh episode I think.

Some of the Claire/Samuel stuff wasn't too bad but I was still pretty bored half the time. And rolled my eyes most of the other half, like Claire telling her story. What does he mean he's not after her?

I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh my ass off as Nathan was falling in epic slow motion to his death...I mean, jeez, could they slow it down any more or make it any cheesier looking? And also, Nathan, remember those kids? You know, the ones you used to have in Season 1 but have disappeared to wherever Lyle, Caitlin gone off to? Think about giving them a shoutout in your little death speech? :P

The HRG and Whatshername stuff was alright, but there wasn't much of it in there.

Well, I wish they would focus on the storylines I've actually been liking this season. This was Claire and Peter/Nylar galore. They showed small clips of all the stuff I actually wanted to see at the end over Samuel's speech.
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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.12 Discussion

Postby Spleen on Tue Dec 01, 2009 9:28 am

First time i've not really enjoyed the Carnival side of the story, cos it was overrun by Claire.

I enjoyed seeing Peter and Sylar go head to head on equal grounds again, but I wish it had gone on longer. Nathans death scene was ridiculous.

Poor episode overall, bring back Hiro, he's been the best this season.
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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.12 Discussion

Postby C.A.B1992 on Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:41 pm

Really good episode. Finally we got see Peter and Sylar throwdown and it was damn good! Peter using the Haitians power against Sylar genius. We saw that darkness come out of Peter during torture scene with the nail gun. Nathan's was pretty death emotional until they showed him falling it was kinda lame but still gotta give it up to Milo and Adrian really great performances. Well it was bound to happen, Claire finally joined the Carinval but what threw me off was Samuel's " She's not the one i'm after" then who is he after Noah maybe? I'm really liking the Noah/Lauren team up hope it contiunes. I also enjoyed this new character Eli who has a power we haven't seen on the show yet. Finally I enjoyed the return of Doyle he really seemed happy at the Carnival and appears to have found Redemption.


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Re: [Official] Heroes Ep. 4.12 Discussion

Postby SmokeyD on Wed Dec 02, 2009 2:48 pm

C.A.B1992 wrote:Finally I enjoyed the return of Doyle he really seemed happy at the Carnival and appears to have found Redemption.

I had to re-re-watch to figure out who the guy in the truck was... For some convaluded reason I though it WAS Doyle... :blush: ...

But, who is Samuel actually after if not Claire? I agree that she really can't help their cause other than by adding to his power.

Although there was no Tracey, there is something about Lydia that makes me feel funny... :wub:
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