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Need Faith

Postby HowAboutBeth on Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:51 am

I started a new thread because I want someone to make me feel better or give me hope about what used to be one of my favourite shows.

I quote from the "Is It Me?" thread.

spoil_me wrote:I find nothing really interesting about the Carnival gang. Just soe other lame villians to fill scene time Sylar isnt in. Heroes writer have blown it time and time again this is no exception. In fact some of things happening this season make season 1 and others impossible.

I don't think it makes Season 1 impossible, It makes Season 1 a dream and every Season after that an asinine hell. I watched The Wall, and Zachary Quinto could barely carry that terrible writing.

Forget resolving timelines...they can't even keep a hold of characters! Are we so stupid that were supposed to be satisfied by lesbian cheerleader scenes or brand new equally rubbish super-heroes?!?!? :cursing:

Is anyone else still extremely frustrated that with each season Peter Pitrelli understands himself less and less? Each season begins with him asking
"Who Am I?
and by the end of every season Peter is put in box, or has his memory erased, or he has his powers taken away...he get's progressively dumber. He was the most special of them all...

When Samuel Sullivan was revealed, I was like great! because Heroes hasn't had any evil patriarch types with mummy and daddy issues!? No wait, every villain in heroes has been this way. :sneaky:

It's such reductive writing. I really don't understand it at all. These characters are supposed to be highly evolved but I think my 5 year old sis would survive a "survival of the fittest" battle with all them. What is going on?

I never thought I'd say this but Ugly Betty is beating heroes in every depth character development, storyline, writing competition there is.
Heroes!? More like groundhog day where the humans turn into monkeys and so on, and so on, and so on....until the sun reverses.

Please Tim Kring, please fix this.
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Re: Need Faith

Postby Flost Forward on Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:06 am

I'll quote your last line: "Please Tim Kring. Please fix this!".

See, there's the problem. Don't expect him to fix it because he's the weak spot for the show.
In case some people haven't taken the time to look up what makes heroes the way it is, it's TIM KRING!!

I won't ruin my mood because of him as I could talk about his negative sides and his negative influence on the show for 7 hours (if not for the fact that my school class starts in 7 hours, I don't want to be late).

Why was season 1 great? Two things: Bryan Fuller. Freshness :D

It hadn't been done before. Sure, people affiliate Heroes with The 4400 but thats not my point. My point is everything, this whole built-up of the show was new and people were exited because it was a new show. Season 2 however wasnt successful, eventhough they tried to do the exact same story as in season 1. reason for the failiure of s2 - people want new angles, new twists and turns, new problems for their new favorite characters, they want to see the people in the show as they've never seen them before.

I think Kring's original idea of changing the cast every season would've turned it into 24: The Supernatural.
He wanted the show to have a season long plot every season making the show open ended.
the characters were supposed to change and to be honest, that's actually kinda cool to see how it'd play out. Yes, we would miss our old favorite characters that we had connection with, every time and every season we would have the risk of not liking the new faces, ergo, we might only like the show with certain characters. So it probably wouldn't have turned out if he would've put new people to save the world every season over and over again. The show wouldn't have seen season 3 daylight.

Enough with the freshness, now lets move off to Mr. Fuller.

Bryan Fuller was the brains behind Heroes in season 1 but he didn't get the credit he deserved. Kring stole the show.

Damon Lindelof (Lost creator) helped him to put his ideas together in a suitable form so that the network would get hooked and the viewers as well. He pushed the cart and Kring was riding in it.

Then, Bryan Fuller was upgraded from consultant to writer.
And why was it that as soon as Bryan Fuller left the show after season 1, it became a total ****?
Think of it as if Tim Kring was the president and Bryan Fuller was the guy who made him his wonderful speeches that people love so much.
I cant say Kring didnt do anything and was sitting on easy street because I wasnt there and cant judge the situation without having the full picture. But from reading the facts, thats pretty much what this was.

Kring was afraid of changes. He was surprised and joyful with the success of season 1, going as far that critics called the show 'a possible lost of 2006'.
But then Bryan Fuller left to start his own show, Pushing Daisies.
Kring didnt know what to do from there on out. It was obvious that he was confused.
He was afraid to change anything, afraid of damaging the successful built-up for the show.
So, instead of changing anything, he kept going with the same story in the sophomore season aswell, keeping all the characters and even creating some new pointless ones.

The critisism almost destroyed him. His new-born baby that every wanted to play with was turning into a monster.
(Note that he's snapped more than once after season 1, hating on the loyal viewers and even going as far as firing the writers that actually helped heroes get the start in the first place - Jesse Alexander / Jeph Loeb)

So not only was the season disasterous, it was made worse by the strike, leaving the second season a bad mark and not giving it a chance to quickly redeem itself with the second half of the season.

So season 3 came out, it wasnt any better. People were beginning to lose hope. The same characters doing the same things with the same people in the same city almost with the same clothes and the same haircuts.
Nothing changed...exept the number of fans.

Then, they gave us season 4 - the most pointless season of all (well..cant say that actually, I think they all suck equally).
Story is getting worse and worse, even though the show was SUPPOSED to get back to it's original roots and be more like season 1 (was it ever any different?????).

So sorry if I answered your one sentence with a whole book but the point is that asking Tim Kring to fix Heroes is like asking a destroyer to heal something.

I lost faith after season 3 for good and it's too late for redemption.
The only way is to wait until people forget this show like a bad piece of pussy and then give the show to somebody who knows what they're doing, has a vision and a plan for the show and have him rebuild the empire in like 5-10 years.
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