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Re: [Official] Heroes Episode 4.19 Discussion

Postby Brookie on Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:54 am

C.A.B1992 wrote:The preview of Volume 6 gives me some hope the next season will explore some new ground with specials being exposed and Syalr becoming a hero.

This would not be new. TPTB have already explored BOTH of those storylines.

Not that I watch the show anymore anyways, just saying. :P The writing team have royally screwed up just about every promising storyline they've utilized in the past, and just keep recycling them over and over again. It's just too frustrating for me to watch, which is why I gave up on the show this past year. :thumbsdown:
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Re: [Official] Heroes Episode 4.19 Discussion

Postby brentoid on Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:23 pm

why cant heroes do season finales? seriously - they have all sucked to a greater or lesser degree ( and yes i include season 1 in that...) but this was total pants

to quote "the thick of it"

that was the worst thing i've ever seen, and i was in 'nam

and the annoying thing was they dealt with hiro's arc really well...proving that you CAN write for time travelling characters without neutering their powers...

and sylar as a good guy is just WRONG WRONG WRONG... imho they should have kept him slashing heads open...all this empathy bullcrap... :cursing:

the only thing keeping me relatively interested in the show is the small chance they do something good with this new arc...the show has so much that could be done with it, yet they bring out the old crap again and again...

maybe parkman has locked the writers into their own worst nightmare??
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