i am sylar connections

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i am sylar connections

Postby Roughneck on Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:59 pm

picking up after the first season with the whole 5 years in the future

we know sylar has to kill you to take your power
he is the guy who has to understand how things work
so i dont think he kills peter to get the flying ability
cause peter kind of just steals your ability
borrows them now
but peter is alive in the future 5 years from now
looking good minus the scar hiro left
i can't wait for that story
but nathan is not
that we know of
from what we saw (future wise)
but micah's mom was if i'm not mistaken
which i believe is still alive
micah mention's his mom being a shape shifter
got off track
but sylar is president in the future
acting as nathan
there for i do not think nathan is hiding out, laying low or what have you
he is dead

plus micah believes sylar can save them all
maybe micah is the gamechanger in sylars life
makes him turn to the good
instead of him going bad
plus i believe micah is charles (i believe that was his name)
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Re: i am sylar connections

Postby Zachton on Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:46 pm

But, just because someone was in one of the episodes that showed the future, does not mean they will live. Those futures are gone, there may still be one that is similar to the futures we have seen, but not one exactly like it.

Daphnie alone shows that... (which I'm sorry I LIKED her. Irritates me they killed her. Bet they did it specifically to avoid any more possible time traveling.)
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Re: i am sylar connections

Postby Brookie on Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:42 pm

The future has now been changed (see this past season's episode "The Butterfly Effect" Angela Petrelli gives a great explanation of this) so none of what happened in that possible future is necissarily going to happen now.

For example, in that future Peter still had his original empathic mimicry ability, Nikki was alive, and Ando had died the night of the events in Kirby Plaza.

While the next possible future might be similar in some ways to what was shown then, things have changed and there's no way of knowing how much worse/better things will/can be.
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Re: i am sylar connections

Postby jgarrett on Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:22 pm

I think the 'worse' part of your statement is pretty astute...

I actually really wish they had planned it so that the 5th season (or year, rather. whichever coincides with the 5 year mark of the show) would actually have been the future seen in the first season.
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