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Postby brentoid on Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:56 am

i didn't see a thread for this...if there is one there, apologies...

Anyone watching this? great great show...season 3 was a doozy...Quarles is one of the best "bad guys" i've seen...i highly recommend it to anyone who hasnt seen it...

so so many good lines...

Raylan: Woah woah ok. I'm just gonna ask you one question. Do you know how a fire arm works?
Jimmy: What?
Raylan: The key word in fire arm is fire. When the pin hits the cap makes the charge explode meaning there's a spark, which should be of some concern to a man soaked in gasoline. Now look, normally I would have just shot you myself the second you pulled, but I am doing my level best to avoid the paper work and the self-recrimination that comes with it, though lord knows that you are the kind that makes it worth it more. Come on Jimmy, can't we just try to end this without you turning yourself into the human torch?

Raylan: [after dropping a bullet on a helpless Duffy] Look here. Next one's comin' faster.
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