Episode 7.15 - Golden Hour - Spoilers

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Episode 7.15 - Golden Hour - Spoilers

Postby Humbugged on Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:38 pm

from Bridget1990 @ TWoP

casting call

1.) MALE (early 40s; any ethnicity) - OLIVER. Businessman, patient in the hospital. He is a loving and caring dad that wants to spend time with his son. GUEST STAR;

2.) MALE (late 20s-early 30s; any ethnicity) - JOSH. Disheveled father of his son NATHAN, who is a patient in the hospital. GUEST STAR;

3.) MALE (late 20s-early 30s; Caucasian) - MITCH. An average guy that is a bit nerdy, patient in the hospital. GUEST STAR;

4.) FEMALE (late 20s-early 30s; Caucasian) - GIA. Attractive but not Hollywood attractive, self-centered, well put together, girlfriend of MITCH. GUEST STAR;

5.) MALE (30s; Caucasian) - STEWART. A sports meathead who likes to drink and is a big college basketball fan, patient in the hospital. GUEST STAR;

6.) MALE (late 30s-early 40s; Caucasian) - WILLIAM. Very handsome, fancies himself to be fancy. ONE-DAY GUEST STAR, possible Guest Star;

7.) MALE (30s; Caucasian) - DAVE. Friend of STEWART's who likes to drink and is a big college basketball fan. CO-STAR;

8.) FEMALE (late 20s-early 30s; any ethnicity) - WHITNEY. Wife of JOSH, sympathetic and scared mother of NATHAN. CO-STAR;

9.) MALE (4-6; any ethnicity) - NATHAN. Patient in the hospital. CO-STAR

from lovlylizzy @ TWoP


Josh, Whitney and Nathan:

Scene 1 - Nathan is a 4 year old with a broken leg. His parents and him have been waiting for hours in the ER for someone to set his leg. Dr. Smith tells Josh Nathan needs to have surgery, and the reason why they've been waiting for so long is because there aren't enough ORs for non-emergent surgeries. Josh is surprised that Nathan needs surgery, and Dr. Smith explains it's because Nathan needs full casts on both his injured leg and his other leg to prevent him from hurting himself. And since he's so young, he needs to be put under.
Scene 2 - Nathan is crying in pain and Dr. Smith is still trying to get him an OR.
Scene 3 - Josh, frustrated, tells a nurse that Nathan has been injured since yesterday, was misdiagnosed and sent home without any painkillers, and then was sent to SGMW by their pediatrician where they've been waiting all day. He begs for someone to get to his son.
Scene 4 - Dr. Smith arrives back in the ER and apologizes to Josh and Whitney as she was pulled into emergency surgery. She asks about Nathan, and Josh says another doctor just came for him and is putting the casts on him now.
Scene 5 - Dr. Smith is in the OR with Nathan. She tells him he is getting 2 casts on his legs, but they will make him feel better. He then asks Nathan for his favorite color, to which he replies "Blue".


described as a handsome, handsome man, waiting for Dr. Smith who is his date. There is definite chemistry between the 2, though it's obvious they haven't known each other long. Dr. Smith then notices Frank, an old patient of hers. Dr. Smith introduces them to each other, and leaves. When Dr. Smith comes back, dressed for her date, William tells her he's been talking to Frank, and found out Frank used to play pro baseball, which Dr. Smith didn't know about. She tells William she's going to be longer, and asks him if he wants to reschedule. William's genine and charming, and tells her he's happy to wait while she saves lives. Dr. Smith is grateful. William and Dr. Smith are finally about to leave for their date. He offers her his arm, asks if she is ready. Dr Smith pauses, but just for a moment, says "Ready", and walks away with handsome handsome William.

Stewart and Dave - very drunk frat guys who wandered into the ER. Stewart has a knife sticking out of his leg, and he doesn't even realize it until he sees it. Doctors then move to scan his leg to determine the best way to remove the knife. Impatient to get to a game, Dave and Stewart decide to pull the knife out themselves.

Mitch and Gia

Mitch comes in for a headache and is discharged. Gia is angry at him for making them miss their anniversary dinner. As they were leaving and reached their car, Dr. Smith runs up fast to them, and starts checking Mitch's response. He fails and Dr. Smith tells them Mitch is having a stroke. Back in the hospital, Dr. Smith says he needs to keep Mitch overnight, but the prognosis is good. Gia is only concerned with whether they'll miss their Aspen trip too, which is non-refundable. Mitch finally has enough, and tells her to leave, but not before removing one of the keys from her key chain


in his 40s, has chest pains but is trying to downplay it because he want to make it to a basketball game with his son, who has been looking forward to it for weeks. Dr. Smith orders several tests in order to rule out anything serious, and it's almost certain that Oliver will miss the game.
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Re: Episode 7.15 - Golden Hour - Spoilers

Postby WEIRDMIND on Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:06 pm

:w00t: cool spoiler thank's :D
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