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Episode 7.20 - ??????? - Spoilers

Postby Humbugged on Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:17 pm


from Callie_Arizona Live Journal

Makena is the guardian of 6 month old Sally, a PICU patient. Dr. Smith comes in to check on Sally. Makena is trying to pay attention but Sally keeps crying. Dr. Smith adjusts Sally’s position, she quiets, he hands her back. Makena says its the first time Sally has stopped crying. Dr. Smith then does a quick neuro exam as Makena watches.

Asha – Dr. Smith rushes into Asha’s room. Asha is bent over, shaking, curled into a ball and scared. Dr. Smith says “I’m right here”. Asha says “Saidia” “…Help” then doubles over and vomits.

Lucia – Callie’s mother. They’re in Calzona’s apartment in the middle of a dinner party. Everyone’s eating, Callie notices Lucia’s silence, and says they forgot to say grace and asks Lucia to lead. Lucia starts, and Mark’s interrupting with something crunchy he’s eating. Halfway through, baby Sofia cries from inside her nursery. Callie goes to get her, and as she emerges, everyone but Lucia awws. Callie tries to hand Sofia over to Lucia, but she politely declines and goes back to eating. Callie is surprised and hurt.

Next scene – Callie is holding Sofia and Arizona wrangles the grandparents into some makeshift wedding rehearsal, using objects as stand-ins for the absentees. Sofia is acting as Callie’s bouquet. The lamp represents Father Brooks, who’s a Minister and not a Catholic priest. Callie knows Lucia disapproves and tries to make it alright by saying he preaches at a very big church, and Lucia will like it. “It’s very churchy”. Carlos tells Lucia that they’re doing Bible verses readings. Callie then says she’ll hand Lucia her bouquet, and offers Sofia to Lucia. Lucia stiffens, and makes up an excuse to go to the powder room.

Next scene - Lucia sits on the couch, waiting. Callie comes out of her bedroom wearing her hoodie, but her hair is all done gorgeously and she is also wearing a wedding veil. She had the veil made to look like Lucia’s. She’s also holding a photo of Lucia’s wedding portrait, and tells Lucia she had wanted to surprise her. Lucia just sits there looking at the picture, and says it’s lovely. Callie knows Lucia’s being patronizing and says she’s been trying very hard to make Lucia comfortable, and Lucia says she wished she didn’t. Callie says she’s getting married in a church for her, and Lucia tells her to not imply that a wedding to a woman and a baby out of wedlock is for her. Callie asks what bothers her more, her bastard baby or her lesbian fiancee, and that Lucia’s a lawyer who knows gay people, including her secretary. Lucia replies her God doesn’t approve of this. Callie says she’s her daughter, and Lucia says although she loves her, the wedding isn’t right and she can’t be there. As Lucia gathers her things to leave, Callie calls out to her not to leave. But Lucia walks out the door anyway.

Judge – (Derek’s name is mentioned at the end) Meredith and Derek are at the City Hall. They hand the judge some papers. At the end of the very short, business-like and impersonal ceremony (they didn’t even have time to get rings), the judge stamps some papers, shoves a page forward for Meredith and Derek to sign, staples it to something else and pronounces them husband and wife. Then he hands Derek a certificate, shakes his hand, and calls for the next applicants.

Drunk guy – He’s treated by Dr Smith in the ER, and keeps getting out of bed. Dr Jones arrives, jabs drunk guy in the arm with a syringe to calm him down. Dr Smith says Dr Jones should apologize, he refuses and says he’s right and is the better surgeon.

DJ - At the garden reception area, dance floor. He addresses the crowd and says it’s time to clear the dance floor for the father daughter dance.

Sefu is 18 and is with his brother Kondo, 8, who has a heart problem. Sefu acts as a translator for Kondo.

Dr Smith enters Kondo’s room and Sefu says it’s good to see her again. Dr. Smith asks if his mother and sisters are well, Sefu says they are worried.

Kondo asks (and Sefu translates) if he really gets to stay in the room without sharing it. Dr Smith says yes, and asks if he has any other questions. Kondo then asks if the medical machines can talk, how fast you can go in a wheelchair. Dr Smith asks if he has any questions about the surgery, and Sefu does. He says everyone keeps telling them what happens if the surgery works, but what if it doesn’t and if Kondo could die. (Kinda reminds me of Wallace). Dr Smith tells him not to worry and he’ll take care of his brother as though he’s her own.

Next scene – Dr. Smith bursts into Kondo’s room to see him out of bed and balancing on the chair to see something out the window. Dr. Smith asks what the hell he’s doing, and Sefu says he wanted to see the spaceship. Dr Smith corrects him that it’s the space needle and asks Kondo to get back in bed. She then tries to force him down but he keeps squirming out of reach, balancing even more precariously. She finally orders him to get down and he does, knowing he’s in trouble. Dr Smith then orders Sefu to step out into the hallway. She’s livid and reprimands him for putting Kondo in danger. Sefu is apologetic, and Dr Smith says it’s important for Kondo to stay safely in bed until his surgery tomorrow. Suddenly, Kondo whizzes past in a wheelchair and is clearly having the time of his life. Dr Smith and Sefu hurry after him.

Next scene – It’s late and Dr.Smith stops by Kondo’s room and sees Sefu and Kondo sleeping in the corner on the floor. Sefu stirs and apologizes for not keeping Kondo in bed. Dr Smith says it’s okay and tells him to go back to sleep. They have a big day tomorrow. Then she covers them with a blanket.

Next scene – Dr Smith arrives at Kondo’s room, who’s in bed and watching TV. Dr Smith says Kondo was asking quesions earlier, and asks Sefu to translate for her that she’s here now, and he can ask her anything he likes. She settles into a seat next to Kondo’s bed, and instantly Kondo starts asking questions, like is his new chest made out of steel, why the medical machine make noises, what the thing in the ceiling is (fire detector). He keeps asking, and she keeps on answering.

After the foiler sides for the shooting episode I'm slightly dubious that these are the finished sides but thats what they released
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Re: Episode 7.20 - ??????? - Spoilers

Postby McSunny on Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:53 am

I'm doubtful, too, Fin. After all that sr has said & so many times that she has said that MerDer will never legally marry, it's just hard to believe this. Guess, we'll just have to wait & see.
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Re: Episode 7.20 - ??????? - Spoilers

Postby Taylijane on Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:13 am

McSunny wrote:I'm doubtful, too, Fin. After all that sr has said & so many times that she has said that MerDer will never legally marry, it's just hard to believe this. Guess, we'll just have to wait & see.

See my post on the General Discussion and Speculation thread. It could happen and believably. :hmm:
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