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Episode 8.03 - ?????????? - Spoilers

Postby Humbugged on Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:15 am

from milenapais @ TWoP


Sam and Jamie - Father (55) and son (24) who are very close with each other. They banter with each other about how Jamie should have stayed in school instead of taking care of Sam in the hospital. In the next scene, Jamie asks Dr. Smith about Sam's bathroom situation during his recovery, as even though he'll be happy to take care of Sam, they'll both be embarrassed about it. Jamie then asks about Dr. Johnson, who seems a little douchey to him. Dr. Smith says Dr. Johnson can be a little douchey, but he is a good guy and surgeon.

Rob (40) and Lori - Dr. Johnson is drawing on a white board, explaining a surgical procedure to Rob. Rob asks about his success rate, and finds out it's Dr. Smith's first such surgery. Another scene has Dr. Smith and Rob waiting while Lori, Rob's wife, talks on the phone, arranging for someone to pick up their son from school. She then asks Dr. Smith if he has kids.

Ruth (50) - Dr. Johnson prods Ruth, who winces. It hurts her more when he takes his hand away.

Mara - Baby's mum, who is relieved her baby is ok and hugs Dr. Johnson.

Intern 2 - Dr. Johnson rounds up with 3 interns and they are eager to present the patient's case. Intern 2 gets picked and states that the patient complained of migraines. Dr. Johnson asked what he did and he answered with the tests they ran. Dr. Johnson then asks if anyone talked to the patient, and none of them did. Another scene has Dr. Johnson pointing and calling on interns, firing questions at Intern 2 as he answers.

Intern 3 - Dr. Johnson is pointing and calling on interns, firing questions at Intern 3. Intern 3 falters through the questioning and Dr. Johnson keeps up the pressure by saying the patient is dying. Finally, Dr. Johnson called Intern 3 a moron and to call the morgue as the patient's dead. Intern 3 stares at her and bursts into tears.

Chandra is directing this ,and the 5th years are all doing solo surgeries
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