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Episode 8.14 - All You Need Is Love - Spoilers

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:31 pm
by Humbugged

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Meredith and Derek try to have a night to themselves when Lexie offers to watch Zola; Callie hands babysitting duties over to Mark so that she can surprise Arizona with a romantic evening; and Ben proves to Bailey that he knows her better than she thinks. Meanwhile, the ER fills with romantics, including a 10-year-old girl who has an allergic reaction to chocolates from her valentine and a man who is hit by a car while chasing down his frustrated girlfriend, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. ... 12_14.html

Re: Episode 8.14 - All You Need Is Love - Spoilers

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:04 am
by Humbugged
Sides from WindSprints @ TWoP

Anna - young female, confident, driven doctor.

Day - Anna being scolded by her boss Dr. Berman. Dr. Berman tells her it was dangerous, not to mention illegal, for her to perform a procedure without a superior present.

Anna understands but doesn't agree with him. Anna tells him that the patient was complaining of chest pain. She paged Dr. Garvin, administered the medication and found out Dr. Garvin was tied up in surgery. Patient deteriorated, she made the call.

Dr. Berman scolds her for opening the man's chest with his wife and kids standing 5 feet away. Anna apologizes and says she should have asked the nurse to send them out of the room. Talks about how in med school they were taught to focus solely on the task at hand, etc. She was the only person in the room that could save the man's life and she can't apologize for that.

Dr. Berman tells her she is excused. She turns and says she heard the patient survived, is that true? Dr. Berman says yes, Anna says good, thank you. The way Anna smiles you can tell she already knew the patient would survive, she just wanted to prove her point.

Clementine and Nico - two 10 year old kids. Clementine is in the ER having an allergic reaction and she is getting a shot from Dr Smith. Nico is there with her and his mother, who doesn't like Clementine's mother and Clementine's motehr doesn't like him. He offers to let Clementine hold his hand while she gets the shot. In the next scene Nico comes up to Dr Smith with a balloon and tells Dr Smith (Dr Jones in Nico's sides) he doesn't care if their mothers don't like each other they need to be together, if he could just make sure she has the balloon when she wakes up. Dr Jones takes it, Nico thanks him and he responds "anytime Romeo."

Terri - Clementine's mother and Karla - Nico's mother

Karla is in the ER with Nico. She tell the doctor Clem's mother is at work. Karla is the moron that bought peanut clusters because her son wanted to give Clementine a Valentine's day gift. Terri arrives. Karla tells Terri the doctors are on top of it. Terri says she's glad someone is. The school sends home note, its in every newsletter, she can't even be near peanut butter. Karla says she has a job and 3 kids, excuse me if I don't read everything the school sends home.

Night, by nurse's station - Terri/Karla are whisper arguing. Terri tells her she can go home now, Karla says she'd love to but Nico won't until he knows Clem is ok. Terri says he's 10, he doesn't have a say and take him out before he does any more damage. Karla tells her not to talk about her son like that. He's generous and wanted to buy her spoiled daughter a box of chocolates. Terri says his gift almost killed her, nice follow up to the lice he gave her. Karla says no way to know who gave head lice. Terri doesn't want her daughter hanging out with Nico, Karla says they agree on that.

Wife - Bryan is scraping wax of the chest of a 50 something man, his wife stands nearby. Tells them the burns aren't quite third degree, the wife says don't judge us, Bryan says not judging just saying if you're going to get freaky get a better brand of candle. Wife says the brand of candle wasn't first thing on their minds, Bryan shakes his head, wife says he's definitely judging.

Sharon - A paramedic unloads Charlie, 32, in a neck brace with a dirt and blood soaked shirt. His angry girlfriend Sharon comes out behind him with a few scratches. Charlie says it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't made him chase her down, she says he shouldn't have bothered because this? Its over. Charlie asks what happened, one second they were having breakfast in bed and she was happy. Sharon says she thought he was going to propose. Its been 8 years of tiny jewelry boxes that taunt her, she'd rather a book instead of a velvet box every Valentine's Day that gives her hope. Charlie says she didn't even look at the necklace, she says she didn't have to. It wasn't a ring.

Dr. Smith is finishing Sharon's stitches. Sharon looks in the trauma room and asks if he's really bad. Dr. Smith says they are checking for organ damage. Sharon says they must think she's such a bitch. Dr. Smith thinks yes but says no. Sharon explains its been 8 years, etc. Dr. Smith says maybe he doesn't know how much she wants it, Sharon says they go to several wedding a year and she sobs, he knows. Alarms go off in Charlie's trauma room and Charlie's gurney is pushed from the room. Sharon asks what is happening.

Later - ICU, Charlie is unconscious, on a vent and hooked to tubes. Dr. Smith comes in to adjust the medical, Sharon sits motionless and numb. Dr. Smith says the vitals are stable, can I get you anything? Sharon talks about how she had the ring picked out, how she thought it was so freaking important and now here is Charlie - fragile, vulnerable, lifeless. She is crying and telling Charlie how she doesn't care about the ring, to please just wake up.

ICU waiting room, night. Sharon is pacing. Dr. Smith approaches and she knows. Dr. Smith says they tried, Charlie didn't make it, he died. Dr. Smith asks if there's anyone they can call, Sharon says she called his parents and how is she going to tell them he died? Sharon is sobbing, Dr. Smith wishes she could comfort her but Sharon is beyond that right now and says she'll bring her Charlie's things.

ER - Day Janell (32) sits staring into space while her husband Randy (32) talks to Dr. Moore. Randy explains Janell has had 6 weeks of blinding headaches. Last week a brain scan was done and didn't find anything. Gave pills for a migraine that don't help, the pain just gets worse, she can't even talk due to the pain. This is not a migraine, his dad had migraines and they didn't turn him into a zombie.

Dr. Moore asks Janell if she can hear him/her. Asks Randy if it happens a lot. Randy says yes, she shuts down like the pain is too much. Randy says its not a migraine is it? Dr. Moore says no, its a seizure.

Janell's room - being monitored. Dr. Moore shows Randy his wife's seizure pattern and tells him she isn't responding to seizure medication and is in danger of suffering brain damage. Wants to put her in a medically induced coma to prevent seizure from damaging the brain, to give them time to figure out what is causing them. Randy is overwhelmed, eyes fill with tears. Says she just turned 32 and they never talked about medical decision things, he needs to think. Dr. Moore says every seizure hurts a little more, they need to do this now, Randy says ok, do it.

Janell's ICU Room - Dr. Moore has a scan of Janell's lungs on the screen and explains the labs indicate she has a teratoma on her lung that's creating antibodies which are attacking her brain. Dr. M says they have to remove it to make sure its what is causing the seizures. Randy asks if the headaches will then stop, she'll wake from the coma and they can go on to live their lives. Dr. M says that's the plan.

Janell's room day - Dr. M just finished explaining the diagnosis to Randy. Randy says they took the tumor from her lungs and it wasn't what you thought and now you want to remove her ovaries? Dr. Moore says the antibodies are commonly associated with ovaries, chances are its the ovaries. Randy says chances are? She's young, she wants kids, you're doctors and are going to have to do better than chances are.

Dr. Russell - Pathology lab, night. Alice is standing over a young and slightly aggravated pathologist who is looking under a microscope. Dr. Russell says standing over me isn't going to make me read it any faster. Alice doesn't move, he signs. Says the specimen is a little abnormal but until I look at a more slide...... That's enough for Alice. Says move over, Dr. Russell says no, Alice says move over again and stares him down. Dr. Russell says fine, steps aside, Alice looks. She says its a mix of different cell types which is compatible with cancer, is that what he sees? Dr. Russell says he hasn't confirmed but says its likely.

Re: Episode 8.14 - All You Need Is Love - Spoilers

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