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Re: Episode 5.17 - I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Spoiler Dis

Postby ozumablank on Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:46 pm

I hope the bad stuff with Owen and Christina dosent last too long, there so good for each other. I dont think he'll injure her that badly it will probably be more shocking than painful. I'd say that because we're nearing the end of the season Owen and Christina will go to a bad place where a happy reunion for the two them can be set up in the season finale.
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Re: Episode 5.17 - I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Spoiler Dis

Postby Taylijane on Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:53 am

Humbugged wrote:
Oh...sorry I must have misunderstood...What does Mark say really? :hmm: I don't remember now... :blush:

Callie says his hand is still swollen .Mark complains its been 3 days since he operated .Callie says he shouldnt hit people with his scalpel hand and asks if hes spoken to Derek yet .

Mark "he threw the first punch "
Callie "well you did catch him at a bad time "
Mark "so he lost a patient BooHoo .Were surgeons were men we lose patients .It doesnt give him the right to
go around behaving like a drunk frat boy .Now I'm supposed to go crawling for his forgivness"

I take it Derek has not been seen for the 3 days and this is before Derek comes . Neither Callie nor Mark seem really worried about him .If he had seen Dark & Twisty Derek I don't think he would have said that .
They have probably had fights growing up coz Mark sounds as if hes 15 and they've been fighting about something like football

Morning/evening all :cool:

You know, I do have a soft spot for Mark ( :wub: ) and maybe that is why I am inclined to agree with him. I do think he picked a bad moment to break the news to Derek about Lexie but I don't think it would have mattered what he said, Derek would have still lashed out at him. I am wondering even if it was Richard or Alex who had approached him and said something that he did not like, if he had of done the same thing to them. :hmm: I think Mark is being very harsh in not giving Derek a little bit of sympathy but I do agree with Mark, Derek is being a bit of a tantrum thrower over this. It is a bit extreme. I think that sr wanted to get Derek to a dark and twisty place. She has already shown many times that she has no clue as to the level of maturity and emotional intelligence needed by medical professionals and found in almost all of them. I say almost all because I have run into a few adolescent prima donnas in my day but almost all would not react the same way as the characters on GA. It is definitely not like any real hospital and staff for those thinking of going into the medical profession. Scrubs is probably more accurate than GA.

I do wish that sr could have taken Derek to a dark and twisty place without turning him into "drunk frat boy". It is so out of character for him suddenly to have this type of reaction. I guess it is embarrassing to watch a doctor with his experience and his level of responsibility react so immaturely. I can see someone have a crisis of faith in their ability when faced with the basic statistics of win/lose but being unable to look at the big picture and comparing one's self to a serial killer and storming off is tantrumish. Have a crisis of faith, have a question of one's self and chosen profession - request a sabbatical - get dark and twisty over that but to suddenly compare one's self to a serial killer - no! sr's treatment of this is so OTT it makes Derek look like a drunk frat boy and that is sad. :( But, I should not be surprised - sr does treat the medical profession with very little respect. :x

Just wanted to add - if Mark is living with or even just seeing Lexie and it has been three days since Derek left, Mark would have to know how Derek is - unless sr chooses to ignore this little fact as she more than sometimes has the want to do. :mad:

From the front page:
Question: Got any clues as to what's ailing Izzie on Grey's Anatomy? --George
Ausiello: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Izzie will learn in this week's episode that she has ***** * ********** ******** that has spread to her ***** and *****.

Question: I need some Mer-Der proposal scoop, please! --Dee
Ausiello: Der's second attempt goes haywire, but the third time's the charm -- Patrick Dempsey (sort of) said so himself on The View yesterday! In totally unrelated news, you can now follow me and my scoops on Twitter!

Source: EW

I gather the words that are now an asterisk are that Izzie has cancer - a malignant melanoma that has spread to her brain and liver. :yawn:

And I am getting the feeling that towards the end of this episode - Derek may "throw" the ring at Mere with a half-hearted proposal and moves back to the trailer. Whatever method it is not going to be pretty. :cry:

Gee, Ausiello takes liberties with what is said and what he reports. It is no wonder I never buy the tabloids or the gossip mags. I would hate to be a celebrity. :( You would never know what they would print about you next with minimal or no truth to what was actually said. Some media persons must be desperate. :sneaky:

At least PD showed how it can be used for good with his huge sponsorship of the cancer centre at his old local hospital.

And welcome, ozumablank. You are obviously a Cristina/Owen supporter - I wish them better luck than Meredith and Derek have had. :)
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