The Office ff, Part 1

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The Office ff, Part 1

Postby Fivebretz on Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:21 am

Here's the first part of what I hope will be a fully finished story of The Office. For the efforts of preserving my already shaky descriptive abilities, I will be calling Jim's trademark mugging at the camera "Jimming" e.g. "he Jim's to the camera"


Most of the workers are at their desks, typing away, or performing whatever other mundane tasks they've been assigned. Only Dwight's chair is empty. Jim looks at his watch, then his gaze snaps up to Pam. Holding up her hand, Pam starts mouthing the numbers from 5 to 1, while counting down with her fingers. As soon as she finishes the door flies open and Dwight comes blustering in.

DWIGHT: Attention underlings! Whichever JOKER (he looks pointedly at Jim) thought it would be hilarious to remove every space in the parking lot should know that your efforts have been in vain! I have here the security tapes for this morning (Jim looks secretly at the camera, and holds up the video that he is holding in his hand) and with the help of the security forces I will soon apprehend whichever of you is responsible, Jim Halpert!

JIM, TALKING HEAD: You think that I would really go to the effort of manually removing all of Dwight's parking areas and paying the security guys to give him a blank video? He Jim's to the camera for a good five seconds. Best 50 dollars I've ever spent.

Dwight gives the office one last disparaging look before going for his seat. Avoiding his eyes, Jim starts to rummage in his bag. He looks up at Pam, who gives him the A-OK signal. Jim removes a small box from his bag and places it on his desk. It is tied up with a pretty purple ribbon. With a big sigh he pushes it across the tables to Dwight.

DWIGHT: (Suddenly 100% suspicious) What's this?

JIM: (Appearing penitent) Ahhhhhhh, I've got a confession to make Dwight.

DWIGHT: (Leaping to his feet) I knew it! You're the perp!

JIM: Yes, Dwight, I played this prank on you, but I think I've gone too far this time, so I want to make it up to you...There's 1000 dollars in this box, I want you to take it as my way of apologising for all the wrong I've done to you

Dwight sits suspiciously back down in his chair and inspects the box.

JIM, TALKING HEAD: I...actually do not know what's in there, Pam made it. There's no way he'd pass up 1000 dollars....a THOUSAND dollars

DWIGHT: How was...the weather in...Athens Jim?

Despite a quick glance at the camera, Jim manages to maintain his apologetic air.

JIM: W...What do you...?

DWIGHT: Are you familiar with the concept of 'Greeks Bearing Gifts', Jim?

JIM: (Turning to look at Pam, whose expression is unreadable) Sure, but I don't...

DWIGHT: It means, Jim, that I wouldn't take this box from you if you were the King of ALL of Greece!

He throws the box back at Jim and storms into Michael's office.

Jim and Pam are sitting for their talking head. Jim has the box, and he opens it up, pulling out a small sheet of paper, which he reads, before bursting out laughing. Pam takes it from him and holds it up for the camera to read. It says "He'll turn it down" in Pam's writing.

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Re: The Office ff, Part 1

Postby Joshjb on Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:46 pm

Woah!! LOVED IT! :w00t:

You're extremely creative. I could actually see this happening on the show. :D Amazing job. Wow. Just, wow.
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Re: The Office ff, Part 1

Postby Elize34 on Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:25 am

Wonderful post, this could actually be a real opening of an episode of the Office :D
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Re: The Office ff, Part 1

Postby HelloBrian on Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:26 pm

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Re: The Office ff, Part 1

Postby DestinyFound on Sun Sep 13, 2009 10:35 pm

I love this!!! keep up the good work :w00t:

You have an amazing talent, this could actually be something they use in the Office

btw. . . I love "Jimming"
love it :PP
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