Through the Earth (R due to violence, language and drug use)

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Through the Earth (R due to violence, language and drug use)

Postby Andy Spark on Tue May 20, 2008 10:19 pm

Hey guys. My name is Andrew Sparkes and I am undertaking a degree in Scriptwriting for Film and Television at Bournemouth University. I am now a long-time commenter on DarkUFO and plan to carry this over to these here forums.

I have conceived a written web series of chapters (comparable to episodes) divided into volumes (seasons) - in a novelistic style, not screenwritten - for a long time now. However, due to other university work, I could not concentrate on this project too much. This series, while not quite "fan-fiction" in terms of using familiar characters and locations from actual television shows and movies, are definitely inspired by shows such as Lost and Heroes. I hope that it can be posted here under the "fan-fiction" banner for this reason. It will maybe even kickstart other people posting their original work after being inspired by the media they watch and listen to on a daily basis.

The series is called Through the Earth and has heavy inspiration from classic 'weird fiction', steam-punk, non-linear narrative, the Hollow Earth theory as well as comic book heroes.

Here is my brief synopsis for Volume 1: Journey Through the Earth:

Eight strangers and various companions are rounded up, invited by eight individually addressed letters, and taken to a large shining crater in the middle of the Sahara. Large Smolans, in strange military uniform, bundle them into a wood-and-cloth helicopter and they slowly descend through the Earth.

When they reach Inner Earth, they are told that the Mystel - the shining orb in the middle of the Earth - is dying and that they are Earth’s only hope of salvation. Despite being told no more of their part in Earth’s near-apocalypse, they are dragged on a journey to Triasio, the newly-founded, united, last country in Inner Earth.

Humans and Smolans (distantly related to but evolutionary superior to man) have fought a long war against each other, yet have seemingly put their issues behind them to battle a common enemy; the end of life on both sides of the Earth. Troubles bubble beneath the surface, however, and these will not be solved by simply saving the planet.

Each chapter is told via a single character’s point of view, with flashbacks detailing their past lives and how they influence new decisions which must be made as well as revealing hidden information which could have seismic repercussions on the present day. Each volume also will follow a specific leg of their present-day journey, from their entrance to Inner Earth to their exit and beyond.

I have set up another blog on my regular domain ( to post the full chapters on (as well as 'notes' for particular chapters, comparable to DVD commentaries in bullet point form, and blog posts noting the progression of the writing in general), though I will of course post the URLs to these posts in this thread as soon as they are up on my site.

Hope to see you soon. The first chapter is nearly finished!
Andy Spark
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Re: Through the Earth (R due to violence, language and drug use)

Postby lost-day-out on Wed May 21, 2008 1:35 am

looks good, im looking forward to reading it
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