MAKE YOUR OWN STORY :D!!! ( jacks story )

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MAKE YOUR OWN STORY :D!!! ( jacks story )

Postby Desmond Hume on Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:21 pm

Since we all know I am oh so original which got me thinking ! " original ? " thats what this fan fic needs!!! so i thought instead of me write you the hole silly one way story ( my way ) How about I write a hole story with lots of diffrent ways so you can choose your own :O!!! Unfortunately this one is about jack :D!! from lost but if people like this i might make a Desmond one :D!!!


i will have diffrent parts and in thoughts parts you make up how it will go . ie: part one could have 4 parapraph but you would only read the one the way you want the story to go :P!!! Then between each their will be a flash back :O!!!
or forward:
part 1
flashback 1
part 2
flashback 2
part three
flashback three
part 4


Sitting on the beach eating a dharma bar jack was 10000 mile away when a fight broke out snaping him back to that hot day he ran to brake it up and relised it was between two unlickly people....
: for rose and vincent read on
: for miles and a undead charlie go to paragraph 2
: for kate and daniel faraday go to paragraph 3
Jack quickly got the leish on vvincint whos paws were up ready to fight and he say that sawyer was holding back rose . Jack then snapped a rose " why are you fighting and how the hell does a dog know how to fight " rose was quick to answer with " Because this thefing dog ate my peanuts!! and o think damn jin has been teaching it ro-sham bo !!! jin replyed with " well he was wondering how to fight and i just though .... uhhhh i mean KOREAN!! KOREAN!!!! " JAck- " oh god " - GO TO FLASH BACK PART 1

Jack relised it was not a fight atoll but more of a dance off :O!!! then took off his top screaming " ohh beeach! its on!!!!! f yeah " then starting to dance he then got hit on the head with a banana because ben was all like " ohhhh hel no yo cheap little hoore " and it was like ohhh punked up and what not and punk !PUNK! then jack was like take this biach!!! and legged kicked himself giving himself concution
go to flash back three p3 only! ( do not pass part 2 do not collect flash back 2 )

Jack trys to stop kate but then danial pulls a gun on him and kills him then kate then everyone else and calls in a sas team :O go to flash back 2 p1 ONLY FOR NOW!!

Jack is sitting in a korean tent listing to his good ol` mama class when he relises the time is 8:15 :O HE IS LATE FOR HIS IMPORTANT DATE With none other than mr.whoflungdung! Upon arriving at cafe due he saw mr who flung dung sitting their . He sat down and said " you got the stuff "

part 2
jin then showed him some moves and hit dog leash by accident letting it go at which point it jamp and hit rosed in the face braking her neck !!! Bernard ran like action man to her but it was too late she was gone and Vincent had the peanuts. Everyone was crying at roses funeral but then suddenly before they dropped her in john locke jumped out off the forest saying something about bringing her back using the force of jacob which jack replied to by shooting locke in the head then the leg then the arm,chest,pancreas,kidney,eye,chocolate bar. Screaming " take that locke now lets see jacob bring you back " jack weeped
cut to flash back part 2 p2

Flash back part 2
Jack is speaking to his father about being a secret swat member
" I just cant!! "
" yes you can jack > . < YOU GOD DAMN CAN!!! "
" now you must kill that sas team controlled by daniel , not take this bullet proof vest and get on that plane "
go to part 3 p1

Opening a suite case filled with tost that has jesus printed on it mr.whoflungdung was careful to see that jack also had 200000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 yen ! and when he knew he did they both extanched them and mr.whoflungdung left leaving jack alone with as suitcase full of jesus toast
" come hear jesus , my little french fancy " said jack
go to part 3 p2

Part three

Jack gets up and is spotted by another sas member , he is shot and dies for real this time then charles takes over the island

Locke gets up and shoots back through the brain screaming " ha!!! he did! bring me back :O na na nana na! "


jack takes a brain hemorrhage and dies ;(

Desmond : " penny is that really you ! :

Penny " nah " *hangs up*

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Re: MAKE YOUR OWN STORY :D!!! ( jacks story )

Postby Adam on Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:58 am

That was the strangest thing I've ever read! You've got a really good concept going, but it's totally stupid! If I were you, I'd try and make it serious, so people will properly understand what's going on. Also, writing down stuff which has obviously been made up on the spot like "mr.whoflungdung" generally isn't funny to most people, but putting down something like "Mr. Bean" would be funnier (although, still not funny in it's own right ;)) because people know who Mr. Bean is, so they already have a character in their mind - they know he is stupid, and thinks in a very unusual way, which would make the situation pretty funny ;)
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Re: MAKE YOUR OWN STORY :D!!! ( jacks story )

Postby isabelle on Mon Jun 16, 2008 7:36 pm

well i definately loved the ending. (ya know, the bit where he dies). :D
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Re: MAKE YOUR OWN STORY :D!!! ( jacks story )

Postby Hail! Hail! Desmond on Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:00 pm

I was going to say, I can't believe I wasted my time reading this.

But it did make me laugh. :lol:
So thanks. :D
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Re: MAKE YOUR OWN STORY :D!!! ( jacks story )

Postby jazzfreak11 on Thu Jul 31, 2008 2:55 am




not really lost related, but still kinda funny.

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