Welcome to "All The Other Stuff"

Sig testing, code testing, birthday threads, spam - Don't go too wild!

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Welcome to "All The Other Stuff"

Postby Dharmageddon on Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:39 am

Welcome to the "All The Other Stuff" section of the forum - the place for, well... all the other stuff! Quite simply put, this section is for anything that doesn't belong anywhere else. It is essentially a spam section and a testing section rolled into one.

Here you can test out a signature, test out some codes, or, if you're feeling especially random, you might want to post a random image of a lolcat. We also ask that all 'Happy Birthday' threads be kept to this section.

Although posts in this section do not contribute to your post-count, and although this section is defined as the spam section, we do ask that forum members not be overeager in spamming excessively. Excessive spam not only makes the forum look messy, but it can also impede upon the 'View New Posts' lists. Spam is tasty, in moderation.

We also ask that chit-chat conversations between forum friends be kept to IRC or off-site messengers. Thank you.
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