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Favorite Season? (So far)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 5:58 am
by Smiley Face
What is your favorite season of
Desperate Housewives so far?

We've had seven seasons of Desperate Housewives so far. Each one has it's own style and identity. From those seven seasons, which is your favorite? Which is your least? Why do you like a particular season? Favorite characters, storylines, lines? Anything! Here are the season summaries:

Season One
Everyone has a little dirty laundry.
Wisteria Lane is not as quiet as any other suburban neighborhood. Meet the women of the Lane, who all live in quiet desperation; Susan Mayer,a clumsy single mother looking for true love; Lynette Scavo, a tired mother of four children; Bree Van De Kamp, the "perfect" mother and wife; Gabrielle Solis, the glamourous and wealthy ex-model who begins an adulterous affair with her teenage gardner; Edie Britt, the neighborhood trouble-maker; and Mary Alice Young, the desperate housewife who kills herself, leading to a mystery being born on the street. Who sent her the blackmailing note that drove her to death? What was she hiding? And what is her husband Paul covering up? After all, Wisteria Lane is not very quiet.

Season Two: The Extra Juicy Edition
Tempting, isn't it?
In season two, Lynette deals with going back to work after years of being a stay-at-home mom; Bree becomes an alcoholic because of the loss of her husband, a battle with her angry son, and a relationship with her crazy pharmacist; Susan continues to search for her true love as her and Mike continue having problems; Gabrielle deals with getting her husband out of jail, a nun who tires to sabotage her marriage, and a baby quest; Edie continues to cause trouble as her friendship with the other housewives grows; and the Applewhite family, consisting of a mother and son move to Wisteria Lane, they're a family with a secret. What are they hiding in their basement? And why did they move in the middle of the night?

Season Three: The Dirty Laundry Edition
Not everything comes out in the wash.
Six months after the events of the second season finale, things are still juicy on Wisteria Lane. Gabrielle is divorcing her husband; Tom's one time lover and love child are stirring up things in Lynette's life; Susan is caught in yet another love-triangle; Edie continues to stir up things on the Lane; and and Bree agrees to marry Orson Hodge, a man with a dark secret. Why did her run over Mike? And what is he keeping from Bree?

Season Four: Sizzling Secrets Edition
It's a hell of a day in the neighborhood.
In the fourth season, Lynette deals with cancer and Tom's evil love child; Bree fakes her pregnancy to protect her daughter; Gabrielle and Carlos begin an affair; Susan's new marriage with Mike doesn't seem as perfect as she thought it would be; Edie continues to force her relationship with Carlos; and new neighbor Katherine Mayfair and her family move back to Wisteria Lane after she mysteriously leaving years ago. She obviously has a dark secret and she's trying to protect it. What could Katherine be hiding?

Season Five: Red Hot Edition
Even juicer.
Five years after the events of the fourth season finale, and boy have things changed. Gabrielle finds life hards with two children and a blind husband; Lynette's children are still as trouble-making as before; Bree becomes a successful cookbook writer and her and Katherine own a catering company; Susan - who begins an affair with her painter - and Katherine - who's still living on the Lane - are caught in a nasty love-triangle with Mike; and Edie moves back with a new husband, who seems to have an ulterior motive for moving to the Lane. Who is he after?

Season Six: The All Mighty Edition
Never Underestimate a Housewife.
In the sixth season, Bree and Karl, Susan's ex-husband, begin an adulterous affair; Lynette struggles with her newly-discovered pregnancy; Gabrielle finds it hard to care for Carlos' trouble-making niece - as well as her two children; the Susan/Mike/Katherine love-triangle continues as Katherine begins having a nervous breakdown; Julie returns to the Lane, which leads to a shocking accident; and Angie Bolen and her husband and son are the new neighbors. What is Angie's secret? Why does she have a scar on her back? And who is she running away from?

Season Seven: The Wild, Wild Wisteria Edition
There's a new housewife in town.
In the seventh season, Bree begins the process of rebuilding her life, and begins a relationship with her contractor; Lynette and Tom face a rough patch as their family continues to grow; Susan tries to get her and her family back to Wisteria Lane when their financial trouble forced them to move to an apartment; Renee, Lynette's college frenemy, is the new housewife in town who stirs up things on the Lane; and Paul Young returns to the Lane with a new wife, and a plan of revenge on his neighbors, and an old enemy.

Re: Favorite Season? (So far)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:34 pm
by Joshua
Undoubtedly Season 1!!

I consider Season 1 one of the best seasons of a TV show ever. I love LOST and think every season is fantastic, but I rank DH Season 1 about LOST's fifth season.

When I originally saw the trailer, I thought "Oh that looks like such rubbish", but one night I wasn't tired and was flicking through the TV, and the only thing that was on was the first 3 episodes. And I fell in love right there!

Season 1 is just a perfect season, with few (if any) bad episodes, amazing characters and storylines, and a jawdropping finale. It was the first DVD boxset I bought, in fact, thus starting a very costly obsession :PP

Season 2 was a bit weaker, but still brilliant. The finale was awesome. I still love seeing Bree trying to break out of the mental institute, then when she confronts Caleb who is holding a gun to her... so epic! That really made me love Bree so much.

Season 3 was also pretty great (Bang - possibly the best DH episode ever?), and I think it's from Season 4 it started getting weaker.

The new housewives for the most part have been rather annoying, the ladies' characters have changed so much (some not in a good way, like Bree) and storylines have begun to repeat. Not to mention none of the seasons have had a very good overall mystery - DH reveals too much too early so by the finale reveal it's not shocking at all.

So in summary lol, definitely Season One :) And writing this has just made me want to start another rewatch lol...

Re: Favorite Season? (So far)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:50 am
by Smiley Face
I actually do not know for sure what my favorite season. I loved every season, with all honesty. My favorite would have to be between seasons 1, 4 and 6.

I loved season one so much. I'm not one of the fans who prefer it to any other season, but I thought it was excellent. Mary Alice's storyline was amazing. The acting was top notch. I loved the filler storylines, as well. I loved how they introduced the housewives to us. And whenever I watch season one, I think "damn have these women changed or what?!" and not in a bad way. The season finale was amazing, and there are a lot of amazing ordinary episodes, too! So season one would be one of my favorites for sure.

I also loved season two. It wasn't as good as season one, but it was still great. I enjoyed the Applewhites a lot. Betty remains one of my favorite characters on the show. I do hope they bring her back someday, she was awesome. The mystery was intriguing for me, too.

Season three is one of my least favorite seasons. It was a good season, but something just wasn't right for me. I don't know why. Lyentte's storylines in this season were definitely my favorite. The Susan/Ian/Mike triangle was dragged too long for me. "Bang" was brilliant, of course.

Season four was amazing. I enjoyed the Katherine mystery very much. And the storylines were top notch. I loved the fillers, as well. It was an excellent season, much like season one. Lynette's cancer was very interesting, but I wish it lasted longer. The tornado episode was exciting, too! The season finale was incredible. I think the mystery season was so much better than season three's. ;)

Season five was a good season, but it had a lot of weak episodes. Orson was beginning to annoy me this season. The Dave storyline had its moments (like the season finale ones for example) but they lost their mystery touch this season. I did not like it much. It wasn't a very dark season either, which I'm used to. I don't know, something felt off about this season. I did love the idea about the 5-year forward, but they could've handled it much better.

I also loved season six. After the fifth season, we needed something darker, and that's exactly what we got. I loved the season premiere and finale of this season. The Bolens - mostly Angie was an awesome addition to the show. Angie will always be a memorable character for me. The mystery itself started out amazing, but they lost it mid-season, made it exciting near the end of the season, but had NO shocking revelations! (I did love the shocking explosion scene though. gotta love Angie :D) Ana's storyline with Gabrielle could've been so much better. I liked Ana but the writers handled that storyline very poorly. She was highly underused. I liked Susan and Katherine this season too. Lynette had her awesome moments as well. Bree's sotrylines were my least favorite. Julie's return was a great idea, as she's one of my favorite characters on the show. The strangler storyline was excellent, dark and twisted, but again was handled poorly. It had so much potential. I also loved that Gaby was involved in the mystery. :)

Finally, the seventh season. It started out great, went downhill mid-season, picked up in the last episodes. I enjoyed the Paul/Beth/Felicia storyline. Not really a mystery, but it was dark for me. I liked the riot episode a lot. Better than the plane crash episode, or the fire one. Renee was a great addition, but once again underused. Bree/Keith was a very good storyline, because they had chemistry. But they need to come up with something new. Susan's storylines this season, from the internet one to the kidney one were kinda gimmicky for me, but definitely juicy. Lynette's storyline with Tom was very interesting, and I look forward to see where it goes. Gaby was awesome this season. Baby-switch storyline was strong; doll storyline was creepy; Mama Solis storyline strong again; and stepfather's return was a great twist. Finally, the very last part in the finale was definitely one of my favorite moments in DH history - ever!

Season 4
Season 1
Season 6
Season 7 tie Season 2
Season 5
Season 3


Re: Favorite Season? (So far)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:50 am
by Joshua
I think the problem with Season 3 was that it DID have a good mystery (i.e. Alma/Orson/Gloria). However, because Marcia was pregnant they had to resolve that mystery mid-way through the season, and you can really tell the final half is slightly lacking because there was no overall mystery.

But I agree though, the Susan/Ian stuff was horrible. I really didn't like that storyline.

I also hated Dave so didn't enjoy S5 as much because of him.

Re: Favorite Season? (So far)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:34 pm
by Smiley Face
I'm looking forward to see how the writers handle season 8. It should be interesting. I loved the season 7 finale, and I can't wait for Lynette and Tom's divorce and the murder. I think the murder is very juicy, and definitely what DH is all about. So I hope the writers have a good mystery and keep it smooth and shocking. I also hope they handle Bree better. I think it could be one of my favorite seasons, but I'm not sure at all. We'll see by the end of next Spring ;)