Dexter and the voices in his head

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Dexter and the voices in his head

Postby Dexter on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:31 pm

Dexter mentions voices in season 2 and in season 5.

He starts seeing Harry in season 3.

I'm thinking Harry isn't some projections for us viewers or Dexter's imagination. He really talks to him. And the voices he would like to shut but can't... I think those are the proof that Dexter is a crazy person. You know, talking to someone who isn't there, talking to himself...

Directors made it look like it's nothing wrong but when you think about it and other movies... every psychopath is talking to themselves and are seeing things, having hallucinations.

So, if someone were to record him secretly and saw him talking to Harry (himself)... anyone would seen that Dexter is a sick person.

What do you think?
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Re: Dexter and the voices in his head

Postby DarthLocke on Fri Aug 12, 2011 4:09 pm

I think there is a good argument that viewers can take 'Harry' as either the spirit of, or an extension of Harry through Dexter's own subconscience in which Harry represents aspects of 'The Dark Passenger".

Either way, the manifestation of Harry is not a perfect being. He tries to help Dexter in most cases and is usually right in terms of following 'The Code' to attempt to keep Dexter out of trouble with the law, but beautifully, when we get to season 5, we see Harry say he was wrong about Dexter---Dexter is capable of change, growth, compassion, and love--and is not "a monster". (a revelation)

Recently I listened to a report on NPR about how we are considered more "sane" if we actually argue with ourselves in our heads---that's it the over confidence of not debating that makes a person dangerous and harmful towards others.

I have always felt that Dexter was not truly pathological, because of the need to talk it out with himself and how he tries to tell the truth to the people he really cares about, and that often he tries to make himself believe he is an emotionless human being, because simply that's how he is capable of killing others, but slowly, as someone who is initially recovering from a traumatic experience, is not feelingless...instead he suddenly realizes that he does feel and what he feels is deep and so he makes mistakes in trying to connect with his victims, in which, at the heart of it, Dexter isn't like.

The series itself plays on this idea that tries to invite the extistentialism the table of truth, where just like Dexter, they realize that even though they might not believe in God in theological terms, that they can't deny themselves their own awareness to feelings towards others, and the fact that they get up and do things everyday for the simplest of beliefs---but these are beliefs none of the less...and therefor no matter how we slice it, humanity is connected and is in this life together, as philosophy and theology prove to be the human workings of trying to figure this need to live, and want a live, and find purpose out...and that it's an on going transformation, because there is good and bad to everything and what we feel and how we react is what beliefs are...

IMO I can't speculate much further, except that season five gives us a hint that even if the show never answers 'a god in the universe' question, they do believe in hope, justification, and change. ---Therefor I can only speculate that Dexter may go places beyond himself because he believes he can--and that no matter what name we want to give to the natural and unnantural order of universe (science)---it's still up to us to make our decisions about it--if we want to live, it means we want to understand and connect with something, or someone--and therefor we ultimately exist to attempt to become our own gods for the sake of feeling and understanding ourselves and try to find a way to survive.

IMO this is what Harry is a vessel to these realizations---(however it's also interesting on a few occations he also sees his mother with Harry...)

I walked away from the computer and thought of something Deb had said in an earlier season...she said when he didn't show up to honor Harry, if he was going through one of those things where he had to "kill his father'

In one respect we know that in a way that Dexter feels he did do that, because Harry committed suicide---but really, I could see the writers playing on Dexter's delayed response---like in film/novella Secret Window, if Harry is in some way 'the dark passenger' of Dexter, and if that persona can't change with Dexter, then there may be some kind of show down, down the road...but I think it all depends on "Harry" and then in addition, Harrison---the values Dexter will have to provide, verses whom Harrison is going to be, verses, who Dexter wants Harrison to be....

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