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[Official] Dexter Ep. 6.01 Discussion

Postby PandaVamp on Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:05 am

"Those Kinds of Things"


Discuss Dexter's Premiere Episode here.

Dexter Morgan attends his 20th high school reunion to hunt a former Prom King; Homicide's investigation into a gruesome, faith-based murder causes Dexter to ask some spiritual questions and consider his son's legacy; solid in her relationship with Quinn and her role as detective, Debra becomes an unexpected hero.

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Check STV.com/Dexter for Spoilers.

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Re: [Official] Dexter Ep. 6.01 Discussion

Postby DarthLocke on Mon Oct 03, 2011 4:20 pm

Really enjoyed the episode! (This is the first time I watched it when it aired!)

What I like about the episode was the way we get into everything. The writers have been pretty hands off with allowing Dexter to more fully explore his identity via really thinking about his own beliefs. We have had brief swipes with "Harry" in which so far "Harry" has been accepting and forgiving of Dexter, but this is what keeps Dexter from having to ask himself, "why?"

I think it will be an interesting season to see both the good and the bad of spirituality and how Dexter may try to grapple with his own existential viewpoint, as he realizes that it never has really surficed, because he has longed himself for some sense of normalcy and his son is the meal ticket to finding out whom he, himself is.

Season 5's ending with Harrison's birthday tied back to season one with Aster's birthday party and it is this LIE Dexter tells himself, "Wishes are only for kids" is going to be the thing he comes to realize, because he does...this is why he was with Rita and why Deb was with Lundy --they were the 'perfect' parents that both Dexter and Deb needed, but never had, in order to move on from their childhoods..So to now start the episode off with Quinn trying to purpose (which thinking about the Ice truck Killer and what Deb knows now might not go so well--especially since TIME doesn't seem to be on their side) and that Dexter's first victim was a person he knew in high school kind of puts Dexter at a point in time where he might have emotionally never evolved and now he can...

They writers keep having the characters use the phrase, "Tic-Toc" and it just makes me think that somewhere down the road "time" (or reality might change --alternate reality) might become something really important...we might get to see another sanario, especially thinking about the name of the first book the series is based, "Darkly DREAMING Dexter" (dreams like wishes are sometimes reflective not only to our struggles, but our HOPES)

"Red Moon", for instance, is one part of a continues text game called "Time and Magik"...some other parts of the game, like "Time Lords" has the modern hero time travel to different eras...

(Wishes are hopes to be able to change)

Red moons are said to sometimes to be seen when there is an eclipse. The moon itself has established much mythology in many cultures through out history in which "change of behavior" or "change in time" is usually associated and thus is a symbol of hidden identities and secret truths...which plays nicely on Dexter himself.

I think this is the season to "test" everything Dexter has been through and explore faith in it's most basic meaning, "belief" ---As Batista said, "It's a feeling." --what we feel is belief--and I am sure this season is going present the controversy in that...the idea that life might be about fighting for it, especially when there are others who believe in taking life away.

I also think Batista's sis hit the nail on the head too. It seems like Dexter has moved on from every thing, but she notices that this isn't the case.

IMO he is over compinsating for his loss by immersing himself in his work...in other words, I think there is some denial....he is trying to go back to square one, but if anyone noticed he was pretty upset when he decided to challenge the beliefs of his class mate!

also some other viewers feel that Olomos character's student, may be like "Harry" (not physically there!) I think that would be a great idea, especially if the boy is his son! --simultamiously the viewers would be forced to ask themselves more specifically about Harry (a delusion, the spirit of, ect ---any way you slice it though --Harry is still an extension of Dexter---and "life extension" and/or immortality and transformation is the hallmark of most Theologies and/or some philosophies - father, son, and holy ghost = eternal time)

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