11 8 09 Episode Thoughts

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11 8 09 Episode Thoughts

Postby Elegiamore on Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:20 am

This epi was superb. Lithgow is amazing.

Looking at the Jennifer Carpenter spoiler that "somebody's trailer will be missing next year," I think I vote that Dexter has to kill Quinn this season.

Quinn knows that Dex sent the chick over to hound him at the bar. He knows Dex was casing the joint while the fashion photographer was there; now the man is missing.

Killing Quinn would be very shocking as it would be against Harry's code. But now that Dexter has murdered a relatively innocent person, maybe he will be shucking off his code so that anybody is fair game.

Then again, Julie Benz has suggested that Rita's first ex-husband is the catalyst for a blow out finale. So I may be wrong in that the ex may kill Rita, thus doing away with a trailer.

Low point of this episode - Dexter would never contemplate killing Trinity in a forest but only kill him via his regular M.O., unlike what the Harry alter ego suggested.

My problem with Season 4: Dexter is making WAY too many mistakes, which is not justifiable because he was under pressure to perform like a normal husband or dad. Leaving his mom's mug shot in his desk drawer may also help Quinn peg Dexter for what is is. This does not jive with how this genius sociopath character has been meticulously drawn over the last four years.

Dear TV God - please don't let Dexter and LOST screw up by presenting irrational finales.
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