My DW Series 6 theory

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My DW Series 6 theory

Postby CJ Sonic on Sun Dec 26, 2010 10:28 pm

Hey guys,

Just thought id share some of my thoughts on what I think series 6 could hold bases on series 5, xmas ep and the new trailer

Lets start with some hints in the xmas episode:

Bedroom monsters
When the doctor first went into the past there was a lot of talk about things that can be found in the bedroom (also a nice hint to girl in fireplace - no looking under the bed.

In the trailer for season 6 we see the dolls (usually found in bedroom) and mention of monsters being real. Looks like they will be playing on our fears once again. I think the whole bedtime and monsters will play a big part (see below)

"Halfway out of the dark"
I just thought this was an interesting quote. and i think it was mentioned a few times. Could this be referencing finished season 5 and the second half bing season 6.

What is the silence
I have a theory on what the silence could be. The silence could be due to "time being rewritten" but not by the doctor. But by the tardis from series 5 (seen in the new trailer image here )

I think the new evil tardis is being controlled by a monster from the Doctors nightmares as a child. A manifestation brought on from the dreamlord. This new tardis is going back and changing time and causing everything to change and being rewritten hence a silence because it never existed.

People that escape still have the memory of it being there because they have witnessed both time lines, just like in the Xmas episode, his memories were rewritten but he never changed.

I may expand on this later, but thoughts are accepted and built upon. Love hearing other people theories

I know the rani is a popular one

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