Official Episode 17: No Escape

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Official Episode 17: No Escape

Postby The Strog on Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:08 am

Discuss tonight's episode.

Five more to go after tonight!
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Re: Official Episode 17: No Escape

Postby Freek on Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:10 pm

Lots to take in

Unless I'm mistaken, this is the timeline, right?

1) Humans live on Kobol with their Gods
2) Humans on Kobol decide to defy their Gods and create (Mechanical) life themselves = Cylons = 13th tribe
3) The Cylons evolve into human form, there is a conflict of sorts on Kobol. The 13th, Cylon, tribe leaves for earth. The Humans form the 12 colonies
4) on Earth, the Cylons abandon ressurection technology and instead procreate.
5) The 13th Tribe, now basically Human since they procreate, create mechanical life.
6) About 2000 years ago, five 13th tribe Cylon researchers aim to restore resurrection technology.
7) Earth is destroyed in (probably) a conflict between the 13th Tribe Cylons and their Mechanical servants
8) The final 5 download into a ship above Earth. They set off in an epic sublight journey to warn the 12 colonies not to enslave mechanical life
9) The final 5 arrive at the Colonies, but find that the first Cylon war has already started
10) They offer a deal to the Colonial Centurions. They create the eight models.
11) Cavil kills the final 5, when they ressurect he blocks their memories and plants them in the Colonies.
12) Cavil and the other six cylons decide to wipe out the Colonies
13) Miniseries start
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Re: Official Episode 17: No Escape

Postby SnaKKer on Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:00 pm

That seems like a timeline that makes sense, I was getting confused last night with two sets of memories being explained back and forth.

Overall a good episode... only 5 left? That's sad, but it's been an amazing show.
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Re: Official Episode 17: No Escape

Postby Simply Kimberly on Sun Feb 15, 2009 4:01 am

Oh my brain hurts. It hurts so bad. My mind is splattered all over the wall in grey, gloopy bits.

There are 13 Cylon models. Who is Daniel? Is he even male anymore? If he isn't, then could he be Kara? It would certainly explain how Kara is walking around alive after finding her own dead body. If Cavil messed with Daniel's amniotic fluid and caused a genetic mutation, then it could have turned Daniel into a female. Cavil could have made the same switcheroo with her as he made with the final 5 - plant them on Earth to punish them. And being especially jealous of Daniel being the object of Ellen's affections, he could have chosen Kara's mom knowing the abuse Kara would go through. Cavil is an evil, sadistic, petulant child. It kind of fits.

Sam. Oh My Gawd! They brain killed Sam! What the Frakkity, Frak, Frak was that? I am even more ticked off at this than I was at the choice to kill the best Cylon of them all - the Natalie Six. But before he went flatline in the brain department he was certainly delivering on the answers. There was so much stuff flying out of his mouth I almost couldn't keep up. The Final 5 stopped the first Cylon war. They built the 8 models for the Centurions. Cavil is the reason that none of them knew they were Cylon. Did the evil "PC" brain doctor do this intentionally? Microsoft just cannot be trusted.

Ellen. It finally happened. Ellen added to the mythology of the series instead of being a really bad caricature. I LOVED Ellen in this episode. When she was revealed as the last member of the Final 5, I was completely underwhelmed. But now? Oh boy, I can't wait to see more from her. I would imagine she is going to show up on Galactica with Boomer in tow pretty darned quickly. I wouldn't want to be in Tigh's shoes when he is in the middle of Ellen and Caprica Six.

Boomer. I knew Boomer was going to rebel and save Ellen. Now she can reunite with the one she loves - The Chief. It was no coincidence that just as she and Ellen were discussing love that the next scene went straight to Tyrol. Season 1 references in these final days are just incredible. And my guess is that Cavil was the reason Boomer just up and shot Adama. He tinkered with her memories/programming too.

The Chief. Adama gave Tyrol his job back! After his heroic actions during the coup, he darn well deserved it.

Galactica. Wow! The old girl is certainly about to crack up without a major overhaul that involves Cylon technology. The Chief's X-Ray was frightening. There is no way she is going to stand up to Cavil's imminent attack without it.

The Plan. After seeing No Exit I am even more excited for the pre-miniseries movie that is coming in June about the Cylon plan.
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