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HBO GO Next Week Episode Description - Season 4

Postby Miss Ford on Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:19 am

HBO has the next week episode online for some lucky ones with HBO GO. I could watch it.... and I decided to share a sumary of the episode here. This is a BIG spoiler so make sure you really want to read my description ;)
I'm not giving every single detail and its more like a sumary of the episode. Enjoy :)


Spoiler (Click to reveal/hide)
*Jason is tied to a bed in one of the panthers' house, in Hotshot. He tries to convince some kids to release him but Felton (Crystal half-brother and fiance) comes in and stop it.

*Eric and Sookie argue about he house and the fact the Sookie needs protection now. Eric says that he cares about her and hecan provide her this protection that she need to survive.

*Bill talks to a girls who was in the witches circle during their meeting. They talk about the fact a bird was brought back to life.

*Hoyt, Jessica and Pam are outside Fangtasia and people are making a manifestation against the vampires. Hoyt starts a fight.

*Sam talks to another shifter, Luna. He tries to flirts with her but she pushes him away.

*Sookie goes to Bill's house. She gets intercepted by guards and Bill, who is having sex with the girl from the previous scene, feels her presence. The guards let her in the house and she is very much suprised by the fact Bill now is the king. She goes straight to his room just in time to find Billl and the girl putting the last pieces of cloths. There is some awkwardness between them.

*Jesus and Lafayette talk about good and black magic.

*Sookie ask Bill to help her to get her house back from Eric. He says that there isnt a lot he can do but he will think of something. She is about to leave and she ask how he became king. But she take the question back.

*Bill has then a flashback. It's 1982 in London, he meets Nan and she tells him about this group of vampires that are making a synthetic blood so they be part of the human society one day. She ask if he want to be part of it and to infiltrate in the monarchy and cause discord between them. To be a "vampire spy".

*Funny scenes with Arlenne and the baby at Merlotte's.

* Andy Bellefleur goes to Hotshot, where the panthers are to talk about V dealers. Crystal goes to Jason and doesnt let him scream to Andy for help. Felton notices that Andy seems to have the same V withdrawal symptoms as him, so he manages to give him V and Andy leaves and Jason stays behind.

*Luna goes after Sam at the bar and they make out. Tommy notices she is a shifter

*Tara is back and goes to see Sookie. Sookies has a fast vision of the faries and gets scared. Tara tells she was in New Orleans.

* Jessica and Hoyt fight and she goes to Fangtasia to look to the boy the met the other night.

*Tara meets Lafayette and Jesus and they all go to the witches meeting

*Eric goes talk to Bill. Bill tries to convince Eric to give up on Sookie house. He order Eric to go check on the witches saying they are involved with necromancy so they can control the dead and they can control them. So he has to stop their meetings.

*Bill has another flashback. This time we see him challenging Sophie-Anne. She was surprised by the authority
guards who came into Bill's house and fired silver and wood bullets into her heart, giving her the true death. Nan came in and proclamed Bill King of Louisianna. She asked him why Sookie was so especial but he denied she had anything that was worth.

*Sookie goes to Fangtasia looking for Eric. She finds Pam and tries to talk to her, asking for help. She also finds Jessica in the restroom with the guy, feeding from him. Sookie tries talk to her but Jessica is pretty rude. Sookie leaves Fangtasia.

* The shifters talk about their weird experiences being shifters. They smell Tommy and Sam goes after him.

*The witches are talking about what they are going to do in the next section. Marnie says they are using a dead body (inside note here: Fiona Shaw is just amazing...). Everybody freaks out. So Eric comes into the room. He says that the circle cannot happened anymore. He grabs Marnie and bites her. The people start saying their magic words. Tara takes a wooden cross, Eric sees it and let go of Marnie to get Tara. Marnie then act like she is possessed. She speaks like someone else and her face even changes sometimes. Eric looks scared. After a time Eric looks lost and runs away. Marnie is herself again and ask what happened. (GREAT SCENE)

*Back to Jason. Felton explain to Jason that him and Crystal can't have a baby. She says that she then want to have the baby with him. (???) So before that, they have to make Jason one of them. Felton and Crystal and shifter to panthers and start to bite a screaming and desperate Jason.

*Sookie is driving her car home. She sees a shirtless man in the side of the road. It's Eric. She stops and call for him. He doesn't recognizes her. He ask her why she smell so good.

THE END :) hope this was okay, I'm sorry for any bad spelling, english is not my first language. :)
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