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Episode 8.21 - ????????????? - Spoliers

Postby Humbugged on Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:23 am

From WindSprints @ TWoP


Proctor: Goes into the hall and calls for David Sullivan. Looks up, turns around, calls David again. David isn't there so the proctor turns around and goes back into the room.

Debbi - Ricky's mother, 40s. She's freaking out asking why he was even in the car. He was supposed to be at basketball practice. The doctor and Debbi talk with Dr. Kelly asking all the usual questions about allergies, etc. She asking if he was drinking. Then asks if he was texting. The monitors blare and Dr. Kelly gently pushes Debbi back and out of the way. Later in the waiting room Debbi is sitting with Ricky's belongings. Dr. Kelly says he's ok. Debbi says he was probably texting. She cries that its her fault because she texted him thinking he was at practice and was checking in and that she made him crash. Dr. Kelly tells her it doesn't matter, knows that she thinks it will help to know what happened but it won't. It won't help Ricky and it won't help her.

Kevin: Hotel Lobby

A guy wearing a Baylor cap plows into Sarah and says sorry. Sarah says "Baylor!" and asks if he knows Ted Stevenson. Kevin says yes and that he just offered her an attending job. She goes to shake his hand. Kevin introduces himself and says he's the guy who's job she just took. He was waiting to hear and now guesses he just did. Thanks a lot, walks away.


Kevin approaches Sarah's table with his friend. Kevin is a little drunk. Says he wants to apologize for being a tool this afternoon. She says no problem at all. He says best man wins and all that, right? Kevin's friend tells her Kevin is a little drunk and got some bad news that day. Kevin says he's just saying obviously she can offer something he can't. Then he says that Ted Stevenson does like redheads or maybe she already found that out, is that how she got the job?

Sarah punches Kevin hard in the face, he calls her a bitch and is ready to fight but not with her. So instead he punches Frank who is sitting at the table next to Sarah. Sarah stands facing Kevin tells him to bring it. Kevin's Baylor friends hold him back, Sarah asking if he wants more. Kevin tells her to shut her big mouth, she says it goes with her big brain and that's why dumbass she has his job next year. They lunge towards each other and the bartender intervenes and says enough.
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