How bring back Lisa Edelstein on House!

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How bring back Lisa Edelstein on House!

Postby Angeliiiiique on Fri May 27, 2011 10:18 pm

Lisa Cuddy is your fav character? Huddy is your favorite couple? You love Lisa Edelstein? You love Huli? So this post is for you. We‘ve known for a few days Lisa Edelstein has not signed for season 8, but there is still hope: Look what happened with the two actresses of Criminal Minds last summer? CBS fired two letters and actresses huge fan backlash There Was, as one of Today has a new contract for 2 years and the Other has a contract waiting for Her If She Wants to Return, All Because of fans. So more we will fight for her and maybe Lisa change her mind. SO LET’S DO IT:


You can send a card (given on the site
and send it to the following addresses:

- Mr. Kevin Reilly, President
Fox Broadcasting Co.
10201 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035

- Curt King
Senior Vice President, Publicity
Universal Media Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

All instructions will be given on the site

Sign these petitions:

On Twittition: (By @Huddyinmyheart)===> already 1332 signatures.

On petition Online: (By Chrystal Ayers) ===> already 3680 signatures


Participate in the project to bring Lisa on House :

Here ===> ... nformation

(All instructions will be given on the site)


Another site with all actions and campaign reunite here ===>


Send messages of support to: @LisaEdelstein but also said her that you want her back in House.

Then On Twitter you can send tweets to: @gregyaitanes @HouseonFox @pkbhouse @NBCUdirect @FoxBroadcasting

But also to: @KristinDSantos @MichaelAusiello @EONLINE @TVGuide @tvsquad @RyanSeacrest @adam_bryant @NatalieAbrams they can always help us create a buzz.


And always on Twitter you can tweet this: #WeSupportLisaE or #WeWantLisaEBack


You can also send an email to Fox:


We‘re fighting for Lisa Edelstein back in Season 8 of House. We can still beat until August because the shooting is pushing…

DONT FORGET... Never lose hope for her back
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Re: How bring back Lisa Edelstein on House!

Postby DarkUFO on Fri May 27, 2011 10:19 pm

Welcome to the Forums :)

Good luck with your campaign
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Re: How bring back Lisa Edelstein on House!

Postby Angeliiiiique on Fri May 27, 2011 10:28 pm

Thank you =) I hope it will work

-- Merged Double Post --


Viewers, we need to KEEP FIGHTING to get Lisa Edelstein back - #WeSupportLisaE -

The finale has aired; reviews and feedback will be pouring in. Soon David Shore & company will know that MANY viewers, critics and columnists are not pleased with the ending (ex. ... use_GD.htm & ... md-moving/ ). This helps our cause (along with poor ratings) and we need to continue forward with plans.

We need to EMAIL and COMPLAIN to the Fox Broadcasting & NBC Universal executives (addresses listed below); these are the people making decisions about Lisa Edelstein’s contract.
We need to let them know the finale did not do justice to Lisa Edelstein’s character (among many things) and that we need her back for a proper conclusion.
Given that RATINGS WERE DOWN, and the finale is widely being regarded as a disappointment (to say the least), TPTB can’t claim House is excelling. This provides viewers with some leverage and ammunition to protest that the show needs LE for success.

Lisa Edelstein may have walked away but if circumstances are favorable, if she has some bargaining power, then she could return. She said she was disappointed to leave, had said she was looking forward to season 8. However, Fox/NBCU are SHORTCHANGING HER ON HER SALARY, they need to feel the BLAME AND PRESSURE FROM VIEWERS TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT. RSL did not have to accept a pay cut and LE is just as integral to the show as he is. They need to resolve whatever contract dispute exists and re-sign LE.

I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH: FOX/NBCU are the ones who need to be pressured into making concessions.

We CANNOT get complacent about this, we need to KEEP THE PROTEST GOING. Season 8 doesn’t start filming until August. Contact addresses for complaints:

Fox Broadcasting Company

Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment
(310) 369-3066

Peter Rice, Chairman of Entertainment

Marcy Ross, Executive VP of Current Programming


NBC Universal

Kristy Chan, Director of Publicity
(818) 777-0545

Curt King, Senior VP Marketing Publicity (818) 777-3655

Kathy Kelly-Brown, Senior VP Media Relations

Additionally, the petition above needs more signatures. Right now we are at nearly 3,000 sigs—we can do better than that!! It is important we keep gaining signatures to have some QUANTIFIABLE EVIDENCE to back us up. To bolster our position in arguing that Fox/NBCU needs to work something out with LE.
David Shore told Ausiello at that Lisa Edelstein could return on a guest basis ( ... -spoilers/ ). So our obstacle is to get Fox/NBCU and Lisa Edelstein renegotiating. If circumstances are MORE FAVORABLE FOR HER then it’s likely an AGREEMENT CAN BE REACHED AND SHE’LL RETURN.
PEOPLE, WE CANNOT STOP NOW. Lisa Edelstein’s “last” episode was truly tragic and unsatisfying beyond belief. We CANNOT let her story end this way, so:




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