Favorite Housewife and Supporting Housewife?

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Favorite Housewife and Supporting Housewife?

Postby Smiley Face on Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:11 am

Who's your favorite hosuewife out of the four main ones on the show?
Susan Delfino - Lynette Scavo - Bree Van De Kamp - Gabrielle Solis

As we all DH fans know that there are four main Housewives on the show? From all four of them, who would you say is your favorite and why? What do you like about your favorite housewife? What don't you like? Favorite moments/lines/storlyines, etc. Also, who's your least favorite housewife?

Who's your favorite supporting housewife?
Renee Perry - Edie Britt - Katherine Mayfair - Angie Bolen - Betty Applewhite

But not only does we have those four main desperate Housewives. Over it's seven seasons, the show has had supporting housewives. Some of them were the mystery of a particular season, thus only staying for that season. Two played very big roles for multiple seasons, but aren't on the show anymore. And one was introduced in the recent seventh season, and remains on the show. So pretty much same as above, share your thoughts about the supporting housewives of the show.

Let the discussion begin! :D
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Re: Favorite Housewife and Supporting Housewife?

Postby Joshua on Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:26 am

From Season 1 and 2 I'd say Bree... I really loved her and thought she was awesome in the Season 2 finale. Since then? Still great in S3-5 but I haven't been as fond in S6+7.

Lynette's always been a favourite of mine too. However, even though she used to be my least favourite, I'd say Gabby is my favourite in later seasons. She just hits the comedy perfectly, but she can still do the serious bits too. Susan's always been good too, but not my personal favourite.

Oof, well I'd HAVE to say Edie because she was brilliant. I'm really loving Renee too though, especially having watched Ugly Betty and seen her as Wilhelmina. I also really liked Angie, I wish she was in it longer but without Nick or Danny. I'd have loved to see more of her working for Bree.

Never been a big fan of Katherine or Betty.
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